Free Doctoral Programs In Bible/Theology

We offer several Doctoral level programs in Bible, theology, ministry, apologetics, etc. The following programs are available at present:

Please click on the program of your choice for more information. Remember, all the above programs are offered without any tuition fees. All textbooks needed for the above programs are given free via net-based downloads.

Take some time to study all the free programs mentioned on this Seminary School and make a decision only after you have fully understood everything. Remember, it is better to weigh all courses and then choose what suits you most instead of hastily join just because these seminary courses are free.

All our programs from bachelors up doctoral programs are free of tuition. No tuition fees is ever demanded. There is no hidden fee. However, there is a small entry-fees (registration-fees) that everyone from Developed Countries need to pay. This would be less than the tuition fees that they might have to pay for a single credit hour of course in other institutions.

Students from Developing Countries do not have to pay any entry fees because they come from the poorest among the poor countries.

All students (irrespective of the country of their origin) will have to pay a small Graduation-fees. This amount takes care of final exams, printing and packing of transcripts and diplomas. This amount also takes care of the special international courier which we use for the delivery of the documents. Graduation fees, however, has to be paid only at the time of graduation.


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  1. B. Feke says:

    How much is the graduation fee for people in Africa?

  2. B.Feke says:

    Thank you for the response.Do you accept equivalent non dollar currencies by postage? It is difficult to get dollars. I live in east africa

    • ISDET_Admin_2014 says:

      Such currencies are not usable here, thus we do not accept them. However, banks in your country will allow you to buy bank drafts that can be sent to us.

      I suggest that instead of worrying about such things now, you go ahead with your studies. It will take two years to complete your studies, and by that time new methods to send funds might become available.

    • Rev.Anwar ul Azad says:

      I want to study in ThD program.How much money I need to pay for Registration. I am writing you from Bangladesh.

  3. Jeff says:

    I’m interested in the D.R.E. but no link is available for it and it’s the same for some of the others as well.

  4. Rudny Subigca says:

    I want to enroll in Doctor of Christian Apologetics. I send my application but until now I haven’t receive any reply. What will I do?

    • ISDET_Admin_2014 says:

      We promptly respond to all applications for admission to ISDET. Our free theology programs are very much in demand.

      Kindly resend an application and do not use a yahoo address as yahoo finds it difficult to send feedback forms to us.

  5. Billy Sichone says:

    Greetings in the Lord’s name,

    Just to express my gratitude for the high quality DrApol materials. I am steadily making my way through this rich program.

    I sent in my thesis proposal but yet to receive feed back.

    The Lord watch over us as we labour away!

  6. Biju says:

    Praise the Lord.
    I consider it a blessing to come across ISDET. I had been waiting for an opportunity to study The Bible and the Lord took me directly to your prestigious college.
    Kindly inform me regarding the progress of my application.
    Yours sincerely
    BIJU V V

  7. LRB says:

    Have sent in a request for Sample course material for the MBS.
    What time frame am I looking at waiting before this information is to be provided?

  8. asem says:

    Dear Sir, my application is delayed after going some way, it may be because the courses i requested does not have an active link in the website. When will the course list be updated and receive response? Thanks

    • ISDET_Admin_2014 says:

      If there was no link on our website, then the course is undergoing revision and it will be available in another 4 weeks.

  9. I need to have doctorate fegree in theology.its possiblr?
    Psstor me

  10. royal says:

    When will the DD program be active? Thanks

  11. Jashmer Miranda says:

    I have only a MDiv in Missions from Asian theological Seminary. Can I apply for Doctor in biblical studies or Bible?

  12. Alfred Famayo says:

    i want to start the programme as soon as possible. am from nigeria. i will be expecting to hear from you soon.

  13. Please, what are the amounts of the entry fees, graduation fees, and anything I may have missed. My 19 month old had stage 4 cancer. God has healed my little girl. However, we are still waiting on him to heal our finances. To date, we have lost everything but one another.

    I need very much to know the exact cost.

    Thank you so much!

    Ps I have a BA in psychology and a masters in social work.

  14. how i register my name for the study, and how long the study time

  15. dear sir, please inform me when the course will start,and how to apply,and course duration time and other web side information

  16. Lawi says:

    Greetings. I’m waiting for your response for my application.
    God bless you.
    Lawi Mshana

  17. Sir, I want to know whether you still DRE or not. Do you? This is because I applied several times for the same course but to know avail. Why sir?

  18. David says:

    Is there a PhD available in your curriculum?


    Just to express my sincere gratitude for the high quality B. Th. materials that I received in this rich program.
    My study is progressing earnestly!
    But, how would I get my “student number?”

  20. George says:

    am interested in da christian ministry but da linknis not active. When will it be activated

  21. Christoph Mohr says:


    there isn’t a link for the S.T.D., when does it come?

  22. Iwan says:

    How much is the graduation fee for people in indonesia ?


    Greetings in the Name of our Lord Jesus.

    I wish to enroll in the DBS (Doctor Of Biblical Studies). I am a Cameroonian and the national coordinator of leadership training program in Cameroon.

    I would like to know the procedure

    Be blessed!


  24. Loke chee shong says:

    I like do the Dr.Apol.I have an MBA and BTh.

  25. Nana O Boakye says:

    Have applied and filled out the initial application but still waiting to hear from you. its been almost 3 months now. Please check for me.

  26. seed sowers bible institute write to apply affiliation to your college.

    seed sowers bible institute is a Christian college which seeks to affiliate itself with you for assistance.

    we hope our request sill be given a favorable response.



  27. Thomasena says:

    How long is the doctorate program in biblical studies?

  28. hugo says:

    Applicants are not returned more 3 months, is this site functioning?

  29. Dear Sir

    I have filled the initial application form on 15th Jan but I have still not received any reply. Please help

    Mandar Farande

  30. Kindly admit me for Doctoral degree in theology. Am a teacher of CRE but would like to study for PhD.
    I have a secular masters degree in Disaster management and a diploma In management.
    I would like to start immediately.

  31. Sampson says:

    Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.I wish to know if i can be enrolled in both Masters and Doctorate degree for free

  32. John Mossbacher says:

    Interested in the Sacred Theology dree. Please inform me when I become available.

  33. Celso Deloso Uba, Jr. says:

    Pastor Celso Deloso Uba, Jr.
    I have my Master of Arts in Christian Leadership and Master of Arts in Religious Education

    I’m interested to study the DRE program, may it will find favor to you sir/ma’am to admit me in this program as my interest projected in this course.
    My country is Philippines I’m active Pastor here in Toledo City, Cebu. Philippines.
    My email add :
    God bless your ministry in equipping God’s servant

  34. yolam teddy lungu says:

    By God,s grace l came across ISDET,l can’t wait to start my studies,you are a blessing to the world.
    Yolam Teddy Lungu

  35. Jackson Andrew says:

    I have completed my Masters of Divinity through Asian Theological Association. I would further like to do a Doctor of Biblical Studies. kindly you send me the Registration or application methods to my email.

  36. IKORO JOHN says:

    Kindly email the details on how to enroll.

    thank you

  37. Bokang Wantle says:

    Greetings in Jesus name

    I need to enroll for Doctor of Biblical Studies where do I find the application forms.

    Please advise

  38. Is there no doctor of divinity or ministry program?

  39. Tricia-Anne Morris says:

    Is there information on Doctor of Christian Ministry? Thank you.

  40. Do you no longer offer Doctor of Biblical Archaeology?

  41. Rosalia says:

    I am from Africa ( Namibia ) and I am interested in Doctor of Bible theology. What is the requirements and how do I register.

  42. Dear Sir, I Rev.Paul Mathivanan basically a south Indian has been a cross cultural Missionary for over twenty FIVE years in the NORTH and in the NORTH EAST OF INDIA. And I had done a BACHELOR DEGREE in THEOLOGY during 85-87.I am so much eager to do Doctorate in the Christian Ministry but due to my poverty although I am trying my best I am not getting any such college, will you please help me in this case’ and if so, what I need to do…please help me.
    Thanking you.
    Anticipating your positive response.

  43. All of my heart’s desire is obey God and to study evrything about God and His Son Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior divine!!!

  44. By the grace of God i came across ISDET, now i can’ t wait to start my studies journey , you are a blessing to the whole wide world God bless you in Jesus Name. Evens Odera

  45. Gobezu Gotoro says:

    I would like to study ThD so how could I start it?

  46. Aaron Sathuluri says:

    Sir, I have completed M. Th in 2005 and have been in teaching and training ministry for over 15 years in India. I train people for ministry and help them plant churches in India. Also I am pastoring a church in Delhi, India presently. I would like to pursue an online Th. D program. Please let me know course requirements, fee structure and duration in which to complete.

    Thank you

    Aaron Sathuluri

  47. H.A.TAMREINGAM says:

    I am happy to learned thatISDET offering special Course in regards the highest degree in Theological study. I am looking forward.

  48. Kham Lian Suum says:

    I am a pastor in Myanmar. I am very interested in the Th.D program of the ISDET. Please let me know how I can apply and start studying in the program.

  49. H.A.TAMREINGAM says:

    I Rev.H.A TAMREINGAM senior pastor of phone yo Baptist Church. Mother church manipur, being a senior pastor would like to complete the topmost theological studies from your college. May your institution kindly accept my humble request.

  50. Alfred says:

    I need the the form to run a doctoral programming thanks

  51. Johnd234 says:

    I have to agree with your statement with this issue and aeggfgeddgad

  52. Dr Wesley Rose says:

    I am interested in the Doctorate in Biblical Archeology. Only a year or so ago this degree wasn’t offered that I am aware of. I would truly love the opportunity to get into this discipline of study and research. Help me get registered, please. I’m disabled and have some difficulties with forms and stuff. I currently have a Masters in Biblical Archeology…

  53. Sushil Masih says:

    Dear Sir I am willing to do phd residential but for that I have no opportunity and financial support from any where if there is possible with any bound or condition please pray for me.Thanking you

  54. Emmanuel Ebune says:

    Net know how to subscribe in ISDET. I am interested in DBS (Doctor of Biblical Studies)

  55. Rajan Babu says:

    Dear sir/ Madam,

    Greetings to you in the Most Holy Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

    I have completed my Bachelor of Theology, Master of Divinity and also Master of theology in the department of Christian Theology….. I am very much interested to study in your college, so I humbly request you kindly guide me to join in your college and equip myself in Christian Theology and train others in christian ministries.

    Thank you

    In His Service
    South India

  56. Jee Dee Karunakar says:

    Respected Sir/Madam, Greetings! I am a volunteer doctor and a preacher. I have done M.Div through distance education. I would like to do T.hD program of ISDET. kindly send me an application.

    With best regards,

    Faithfully in Christ,


  57. Mandla says:


  58. Chakraborthy P says:

    Doctorate in sacred theology

  59. REY LUGO says:

    Net know how to subscribe in ISDET. I am interested in DBS (Doctor of Biblical Studies)

  60. Solomon Sunder raj says:

    Dear brother in Christ GOD bless you for ISDET for people like us to study the word of deeply it was my long time prayer I thank GOD for this opportunity I have basic education diploma in technical field I am doing GOD’S ministry and teaching people and joining them in GOD’S vineyard I need a bachelor degree please help

  61. 86Jana says:

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    you’ve got hi quality content. If you want to know how to make extra $$$,
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  62. Humphrey Mathalo says:

    Hie, how about Phd in Biblical studies or in Theology? Any way, I’m from Malawi but residing in South Africa. I hold Bachelor’s degree in Christian Evangelism and Master’s degree in Theology.

    I’m really interested to learn the nature and doctrine of God deeply by studying Doctor of Biblical Study (DBS) with ISDET. Any advice?

  63. Marcellus says:

    I have a MBA from Ashford University, Can I enroll in A Doctoral Program?

  64. Sonny says:

    Just want more information pathways in a Master in theology degree program as I don’t have any qualification but have alot of experience and study the Bible with local church minister for over 20 years. Just want to gain recognition and be able to teach the WORD and give back to the community.

  65. Saovry Sok says:

    My name is Saovry Sok from Cambodia and I finished bachelor of IT. Could I enroll to study Buble theology.
    Could you keep in touch with me saovrysok@hotmail.con
    God bless you.

  66. Ramesh Vetale says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Would like to do Doctorate in Theology correspondence course in Hindi.


  67. Toniho Kiho says:

    Dear sir, I am interested in D min. Therefore may I the details of course and how to apply. I am serving as pastor from Nagaland India

  68. Robert heath says:

    Please send bible course 2335 crooks st Ashland ky 41101

  69. Good afternoon!
    Please I want to apply for D.Min but the link is not highlighted. can you please help me out may be, by sending the link to the application to me.


    Stanley Atueyi from Nigeria

  70. ROBERT HEATH says:

    Please send material about jesus 2335 crooks st Ashland ky 41101

  71. John Phyo Pai says:

    Sir, I want to study DST. I am form Myanmar.

  72. I want to do doctorate in Biblical studies at your institution through distance learning. I’m a holder of the bachelors of arts degree in biblical studies under lsom. Please help me.

  73. David Keeling says:

    As a current student on the TGSAT ThD course, I am pleased to say that the module literature is informative, enriching and suitable to prepare you for engagement within the academy, for communication from the pulpit and more besides.

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