Application Procedure

start-198902_640Application and admission into the free theology programs of ISDET is a two-step procedure.

1. You need to fill and send an ‘Initial Admissions Form’ that is available at the link labelled ‘Initial Application’ in the Menu item labelled ‘Application’.

2. If the Initial Application is approved then the Office will get in touch with you the same day and will give you the link for the Final Application. (The maximum that this initial approval takes is 3 days, usually during weekends. Thus if you do not get a response within a maximum of 3 days, you can send the same info directly via email to us to ensure that we get it via another route).

3. Your Final Application will be carefully scrutinized that same day that we receive it. Once the scrutiny is over we will send you the Final Admission Notice.

4. If you are from a Developed Country, then on receiving the Final Admission Notice, you need to send your Registration fees. Full payment information is sent to you at that time.

5. Complete download instruction, study guides, etc are sent to you as soon as we receive your registration amount.

6. If you are from a developing or from the poorest among poor countries, then we will send you the Final Admission Notice plus complete download information.

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  1. Basil Neil Hicks says:

    Hi. I am from the island of Fiji. I am very interested in learning and look forward to receiving further information from you.
    I am not sure whether I had applied previously, but if I did,I had lost everything due to my previous account crashing.

    • ISDET_Admin_2014 says:

      No, you did not send any application. Please visit the ‘application’ section on the website and send an initial application.

      The Administrative Coordinator, ISDET

      International Seminary for Distance Education in Theology

      Give Us Two Hours Per Day And Will Will Make You
      A Professionally Trained, Spiritually Mature, Theological Graduate
      Of Unusual Competence In Your Field Of Study With ISDET!

  2. Sir,help me to fill to confirm my initial application form-the letters to put in confirmation box are not seen.

  3. Hello,

    I’m from Haiti and I’m interested to fill an application form for a DMin,But I don’t see it available for now. Would I be able to fill the application anyway?


  4. Bolaji Ibidapo says:

    Apologetic and Archeology programs. Thanks God bless you

  5. Sir, I applied for the Doctor of Religious Education and up till now no response from you.

  6. Josh says:

    I applied for the Master of Apologetics Degree but no response up till now.

  7. ebenezer says:

    please am from ghana i need you to help me download modules for bachelor in christian ministry

  8. Nicholas Lewis says:

    Dear Sir,
    I have sent in two different applications but so far have heard nothing. .Does this mean I will not be accepted as a student?
    Please let me know.
    Nicholas Lewis

  9. Katrina West says:

    Have heard nothing regarding the status of my application.

  10. Katrina West says:

    Have not heard anything from the school. Is this for real or am I doing something wrong? It’s been a while now. What do I do! No one will answer me. Thank you !!!

  11. Johan du Preez says:

    I have applied, using the initial application form on your website, on 27 May 2015, but have not heard anything yet.- The initial application was confirmed as received via an automated response, so it was received by ISDET. I tried twice to follow up via e-mail but received no response.
    In the interim, I have also requested the sample work as I have now successfully completed my CCM studies at Birmingham Theological Seminary.
    Unfortunately, this have not been received either.

    I have checked the alternative e-mail address as supplied, my spam and filtered e-mails, but still no reply.

    Please be so kind as to look into this matter as I look forward to commencing with further studies.

    Your kind assistance would be appreciated as I have also left message in the message forum, but even this is ignored.

    Kind regards and may God bless you

    Johan du Preez

  12. Johan du Preez says:

    Good morning sir,

    I too have applied (and received automated reply that it was received and will be answered in 4 working days), but that was on the 27th of May already and up to date I have received no answer. I have checked all the possibilities (both e-mail addresses supplied with their Spam boxes). I also requested the sample material, but nothing was received. There seems to be some miscommunication here as the number verification on the initial application also only worked on the third attempt.

    I re-applied this morning and hope to hear from you soon, but I am not holding my breath as I posted on the forum (after registration on it) and there was no reply either. It truly is a pity as I really would have preferred to study through ISDET. I am aware of the fact that this service is offered by people in their spare time without being paid mostly, but this does not bode well for interested parties.

    Kind regards

    Johan du Preez

    • ISDET_Admin_2014 says:


      • Johan du Preez says:

        Please indicate where you have responded to, as I have not received any reply from ISDET.

        Trinity has responded and indicated that a $200 registration fee is to be paid, but I am from a developing country.

        ISDET indicated that the registration fee will be waived for people from developing countries.

        Is this correct?

        Kind regards

        Johan du Preez

  13. Subin Babu says:

    I have sent an email for enrolling into bachelor of theology.. I am yet to get a reply.. Can you please help

    • ISDET_Admin_2014 says:

      This is not the appropriate forum for asking such question. Send it to the email that you received from ISDET

  14. Paul Owolabi says:

    Morning. In relation to your reply that the Masters in Christian Apologetics is still under moderation/development.

    That was the course I filled during application. How then do I change to another after I have done the two applications though the final application is yet to be replied.

    Please help out here.

  15. Paul Owolabi says:

    I appreciate your quick reply. Having gone through the available masters programme, I am changing to Master of Biblical Archeology.

    Please effect this for me. Thank you very much.

  16. Paul Owolabi says:

    RE: I wouldnt know if you have changed my course from Master of Christian Apologetics to Master of Biblical Archeology as requested.

    Also, I am yet to get any reply on my second application.

    Thanks for your cooperation.

  17. Gideon Adeku Mawuli says:

    i have been offered MTH in your school but l want to change to Master of Religious Education. can you please effect that change for me? If not please help me with the procedure i must follow to do it. thanks

    Yours Faithfully
    Gideon Adeku

  18. Juan Cleves says:


    Thank you for such a wonderful ministry, I have never heard of any other organization like yours before. I sent my final application for the Master of Biblical Theology about 3 weeks ago and still haven’t received any information back. Please help me with this matter.

    God bless you.

  19. kokou kounakou says:

    Dear Men of God,
    God richly bless you for the great works you are dedicatedly doing. May the good Lord continue to grant you more grace and divine wisdom to even do it more and better. May He continue to surprise you daily as you touch and shape many lives on the face of the earth.

    Dear Administrator, i applied to the following programs as shown bellow.

    BTh (Bachelor of Bible Theology) and BMin (Bachelor of Christian Ministry)
    Date Of Application
    Place Of Application
    ACCRA – GHANA ( West Africa)
    Code I entered 4723

    But till now, i haven’t received any information whether disqualified or approved of it. I would be so happy if i can receive a feedback from you so that i know what went on wrong.

    God so blessed you men of the Most High God.

    kokou kounakou

  20. Katrina West says:

    I’m curious. Is there a reason why there are so many comments. I’m beginning to feel like this is too good to be true. Please reply.

  21. Donn Bunt says:

    Hi there, I was wondering how much the application fee is if I live in Taiwan? Secondly, is the program accredited? Thanks

  22. Odulaja B Olusegun Snr. says:

    It is very difficult to open initial application page.Please I want to apply for a course

  23. Instead of pursuing the bachelor’s degree I would like to take apologetics.

  24. Felsiya says:

    I have applied for DBS almost 2 weeks back. I waiting for the response from you..


  25. We’re a fully independent apostolic,Pentecostal ministers for Bihar(India) or Nepal.We want to your’s help on this matters;Example for-We want a Bible-Correspondence-Cource(, & Alls Matterial in PDF for Starting in ours ministries -Name.we can not send a any money for alls material;ours finecial-condition are a very poor-sound.and we want a Affiliation for ours -small-Bible-school.can you help on this matters?we’re only give a Independent platform form Missionary works by ours ministries.plze,help on this matters by your’s grace.Thanks.Apostle Dr.Wongwa P.R.M.Chhetri,Indo-Nepal Ministries,Bihar,India.

  26. Pierre Celestin NTOKO says:

    Hi dear brothers of ISDET,
    Greetings the Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Happy New to all of you. My name is Pierre Celestin NTOKO, I am a Cameroonian by birth and by nationality. My country in bilingual and I amd from the French speaking part of it. I am a Rev-Pastor, married with 3 kids. I am a baptist minister, currently working with Junta de Missoes Mundiais (JMM), the World Mission Board of the Brazilian Baptist Convention. I am actually a JMM missionary in Maroua Cameroon. I worked in Senegal for many years (a little bit more than 20). FIve years ago, I started (while pastoring the Dakar Baptist Church in Dakar-Senegal)a distance Masters Program (M.Div) with Masters International School of Divinity (MISD) in Kimber Lane Indiana, USA. I am done with the first part. But because of the expensiveness of the studies I am still the way. I have not finish and I do not like that. I am looking forward of seeing how God will provide for me to continue. Nevertheless as I saw tonight your free of charge Master’s Program I said to myself why not keep studying while searching for ways to finish my studies with MISD. What is important for me is to keep reading, studying, researching and implementing what I study in the mission field, the Church and Bible Schools. My email address is In fact I could have applied directly, your free of charge program seems so unbelievable to me that I decided to write to you first. I read your statement of faith in generally it fits what I believe. Please would accept me for a M.Div? If you accept me then I would apply directly and start. I do not bother if your school is accredited or not, just want to continue learning. Blessings to you.

  27. Chris says:


    I have always had a fascination with religious studies and saw this site. I meet the requirements for the masters level programs here. I understand and appreciate that the application and graduation fees are affordable – but for an applicant in the USA how much would they be?

  28. Lynda Cordova says:

    I sent my initial application off over a week ago and have gotten no response. None. Nil. Zip. I’m wondering if your people are still really there. Please respond to my email if you are.

  29. Lynda Cordova says:

    I am still waiting for a response to my initial application. It has been well over a week. Much longer than 4 days since I applied.

    Lynda Cordova

  30. Ahimsa Gedla says:

    please help me to study online in doctorate program from your seminary thank you. Ahimsa

  31. Daniel John says:

    Many thanks for this great serving to ministers of the Gospel around the world. I am very interested in your ThD programme, and would appreciate it if you can send me the application form. Daniel John, Principal, Christian Leadership College, Sierra Leone.

  32. Leonard Austin says:

    I would like to doctor of theology what’s your Bible Institution I would be grateful if someone could give me some more information my telephone number is 718-790-3540 looking forward to speak with someone God bless you

  33. Melaku says:

    I am from Ethiopia .I am interested to join your seminary .I need detail information .I tried to send initial application but I cannot access it i don’t no the reason why.

  34. Teresa says:

    Please send initial application link for Doctoral program Religious Education. Thanks

  35. I am interested in a doctoral program. What is the amount of the Admission fee and are there any additional fees?

  36. Rajeswar Ranjitkar says:

    I sent my initial application over a week ago and have gotten no response.Please respond to my email. thanks

  37. i completed high school in 2015 and my call is apologetics. is it possible for me to apply for an undergraduate in christian apologetics? am a ugandan, and cant afford to go for a seminary. pliz help.

  38. REY LUGO says:

    Please send initial application link
    DBS (Doctor of Biblical Studies)
    DMin (Doctor of Christian Ministry)
    DDiv (Doctor of Christian Divinity)
    ThD (Doctor of Bible Theology)
    DRE (Doctor of Biblical Religious Education)
    DrBibArch (Doctor of Biblical Archaeology)
    DrApol (Doctor of Christian Apologetics)
    STD (Doctor of Sacred Theology)
    Education. Thanks

  39. Rev. Joh says:

    I run A Free Bible School with graduates from bible college s in Ghana but want to partner with ISDET to offer accredited programs, is it possible to affiliate with ISDET ?

  40. Kingsley Anaele says:

    Please what is the duration for the bachelor degree in theology.


  41. what is the duration for a doctrate says:

    you program is good and flexible

  42. golden kaunda says:

    please send me your link

  43. Pastor Madieu Sesay says:

    I sent my initial application for a Doctorate Degree in Divinity, but I have not heard from you.

  44. Devanir says:

    First of all, comgratulation for the iniciative and excelent work you have done equipping God’s Church.
    I have sent the form for application on master course but haven’t received any aswer yet. Blessings”

  45. Criswell says:

    I have applied twice but no response. Kindly help

  46. James Monykong Mijak says:

    I tried to follow the procedure as sent to me, but it refuses to respond. Would you please guide on how to go about this?

  47. I just sent my initial application form. I remain here eargerly waiting to hear from you soonest. Am indeed desperate in doing Doctorate in Biblical Studies. I’m a holder of Bachelors degree in biblical studies as I stated in my first email I sent you. God bless you

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