Fees-related Questions

16Question: Is It True That All Your Programs Are Free?

Answer: All our programs from bachelors up doctoral programs are free of tuition. No tuition fees is ever demanded. There is no hidden fee. However, there is a small entry-fees (registration-fees) that everyone from Developed Countries need to pay. This would be less than the tuition fees that they might have to pay for a single credit hour of course in other institutions.

Students from Developing Countries do not have to pay any entry fees because they come from the poorest among the poor countries.

All students (irrespective of the country of their origin) will have to pay a small Graduation-fees. This amount takes care of final exams, printing and packing of transcripts and diplomas. This amount also takes care of the special international courier which we use for the delivery of the documents. Graduation fees, however, has to be paid only at the time of graduation.

Question: Do You Ever Waive Registration Fees For Students From Developed Countries?

Answer: Our entry/registration fees is very low and almost everyone can afford it. Most people can pay it in one go. Some will need instalment, and we do allow that. In rarest of rare cases we do consider waving off part or full of the registration fees even for applicants from Developed Countries. This would include, for example, single moms, people who are on a very small disability pension, and others with serious financial handicaps.

Question: If you are a free Bible school or a free Theological Seminary, then why do you charge even a registration fees.

Answer: We do not claim that we are a ‘free Bible School’. Rather, we are a no-tuition-fees Bible Seminary. Bible schools and seminaries worldwide charge a good amount of admission fees and then charge a good amount of tuition fees per semester hour. This tuition fees amounts to about 95 to 98% of the total fees the student pays. We, however, have completely written off that amount and operate solely on the meagre 2% that is paid by some students. That is a token of love and commitment to ISDET to students who join from developed countries where they can easily afford the small, one-time, registration fees.

Remember, only less than 5% of our students are from developed countries, and therefore you can imagine the very small amount that comes in from those 5% of students not sufficient to manage ISDET utility, internet, and other fixed expenses. Thus ISDET has become possible only because numerous volunteers worldwide give their time and energy freely to ISDET students without any remuneration whatsoever. They believe in the principle of ‘Freely you have received, freely you must give’.

Question: Why can’t you make it absolutely free with no registration fees and no graduation fees?

Answer: That is a good question. We have been able to write off tuition fees completely because all faculty members give of their time and energy voluntarily and without any financial demands. They consider it a ministry to teach Bible and Theology to students worldwide.

We wish we could write off the registration and graduation fees also. However, you need to keep in mind that nobody volunteers to give us electricity, internet, and office supplies free of cost. We need to pay for all of these, and many more items, and an office cannot function without these. That is the reason we charge a bare minimum registration fees from students who hail from a developed country. Please remember that 95% of students come from the poorest of poor countries and they cannot afford to pay anything whatsoever.

Similarly, we need to print, pack, and send the graduation documents by Special International Courier (for the sake of safety of documents). None of these comes free and therefore a nominal charge has to be levied to meet (just) the minimum costs of preparing and sending these documents.


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  1. Gad says:

    I live in Eritrea. I am a pastor and I need theological training but even the small graduation fee you ask , I cannot get because dollar is not our currency and the government will not convert Eritrean money to dollars.If I apply and finish my program,can you email(electronic copy) of my degree? That is my only option. Please understand that you are helping millions and God bless you for that but my circumstance made it so. I hope to receive this answer.

    • ISDET_Admin_2014 says:

      We would be happy to send you a PDF copy of your documents without any graduation fees. You can then get a colour printout in your own city.

  2. Olagunju Ayobami Joel says:

    Thank GOD for this wonderful opportunity giving to Students from Developing Countries a free Theological education God bless you.

  3. Emeka Anaka says:

    Dear Sir/madame,

    Nigeria is it among the countries that are from

    Developing Countries?



  4. Jimmy D Holland says:

    I am looking into the Dr. of Apologetics degree. I have a bachelors degree in Pastoral Ministry from Williams Baptist college in Walnut Ridge, Arkansas. A Masters (MDiv with Biblical languages) degree from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort worth, Texas, as well as a Doctor of Ministry degree (with Church Growth emphasis) also from Southwestern. I have pastored Southern Baptist Churches for over 30 years in Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas. I love the area of apologetics. Would I meet the requirements for such degree and what fees would I need to pay for the duration of the 3 years allotted time.


    Jimmy D Holland

    • D.D. Tesso says:

      I have studied Bible personally at home, I am elder of a small church. I have not any legal documents of bible education. But I have studied economics holding masters degree from Ukrenean State University.
      Please, can I study doctor of Ministry degree at your University.
      God bless you .
      D.D. Tesso

      • D.D. Tesso says:

        I have studied Bible personally at home, I am elder of a small church. I have not any legal documents of bible education. But I have studied economics holding masters degree from Ukrenean State University.
        Please, can I study doctor of Ministry degree at your University?
        God bless you .
        D.D. Tesso

  5. Pissamai Kotphan says:

    I will pass from any problems if I think to God.

  6. Lynda Cordova says:

    I have gone ahead and submitted my initial application. I am sorry if my first comment sounded in any way harsh or unforgiving. I have been praying about continuing my studies for quite some time and hope that I will indeed be able to do so through this forum. It is simply difficult for me to see such an opportunity snatched away or nearly snatched away due to financial problems.

  7. Hugh says:

    so what are the registration fee and any other fees for a student wishing to receive a ThD in the USA?

  8. Agustin Tanangonan says:


    I just wonder if you give a certificate of completion for any graduate program finished by a student together with a transcript of records of subjects with corresponding grades.

    Thank you for considering my inquiry.

  9. Damien says:

    Is South Africa among the developing countries?

  10. please! I want to enrol for doctorate of biblical studies how do I start.

  11. bob says:

    what is the cost of that small registration fee? I did not see the cost listed anywhere.

  12. Henry says:

    what would be the fees if any for someone from the USA? need to know

  13. lam a pastor, saved and called to serve fulltime in God’s vineyard.the Lord is leading me to join free online bachelor degree in biblical studies in lsdet to prepare me much more better to reach the unreached with the Saviours message of salvation. l wait joyfuly for your admission process.

  14. evelyn says:

    How much is the registration and the graduation fee? Thank you

    • ISDET_Admin_2014 says:

      Please send a no-obligation initial application registration fees based upon your country will be sent to you

  15. Jack Gregory says:

    So what exactly are the registration fees for each course. If working towards a doctoral degree are fees then paid for each class? Thanks

    • ISDET_Admin_2014 says:

      There is NO fees for each class. Only an initial registration and final graduation.

      Please send an initial application and all these details shall be sent to you

  16. Glenn Cunningham says:

    I need a PhD in Theology. Please help me. I am from India

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