library2_pixabayInternational Seminary for Distance Education in Theology is here because of a number of reasons and these reasons together make it unique. Here are the different areas:

About Fees:

  • We will never charge any tuition fees
  • Students from developed countries will have to pay a notional registration fees
  • Students from the developing and poorest of poor countries will be totally exempt from registration fees
  • A notional graduation fees will have to be paid by all

About Autonomy:

  • We will not seek any kind of accreditation
  • We will remain without accreditation so as to maintain our conservative and orthodox spiritual and theological autonomy
  • All educational programs shall be monitored by a body of graduates and faculty members to ensure the highest quality

About Quality:

  • We will strive for the best possible quality
  • No honorary degrees would ever be granted

About Our Stand:

  • We are theological conservatives
  • We will oppose all forms of compromise
  • We will emphasize both academic quality as well as spiritual excellence

About Our Instruction:

  • Every student will be assigned a Personal Mentor
  • Students will have the opportunity of interaction with fellow-students as well as senior and Faculty Members via a forum

About Our Faculty:

  • All Faculty members are theologically conservative
  • Faculty members interact with students as frequently as needed
  • Faculty members post articles regularly on ISDET site as part of their instruction (Ideas have consequences) to student

All the above put together makes ISDET one of the best Distance Seminaries.

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  1. Shayna Morell says:

    I would like to know more about your program and about the entry fee. I am primarily interested in apologetics but I have plans to go into theology as well. What does “theologically conservative faculty” mean? What theology do you ascribe to exactly and is there a particular denomination that you are involved in? My last question is would you be able to waive the entry fee because of financial hardship? I just returned from a Christian recovery program and I have almost nothing to my name.

    I appreciate your time and consideration, have a great weekend!


  2. Pissamai Kotphan says:

    I can not enter your programs.

  3. Does the bachelors program require a set timeframe to complete each segment or can I study and submit papers at my own pace ?

    • ISDET_Admin_2014 says:

      You can study at your pace, but have only 2 years to complete the total program. Of course, you can renew for up to 3 years after that.

  4. seik pitoi says:

    assuming you are dedicated to your studies and you complete your units before time, will that be allowed as well or will you have to wait for the 2 years?

  5. IL WON says:

    I would like to know REGISTRATION?

  6. Alvin Louis Jones, Sr. says:

    I have a BBA and a MA degree. I would like to apply for the Doctorate Degree in Religious Education. Before I apply, I would like to get a good estimate on total fees such as (1) Registration Fees (2) Extension Fees for 3 additional years and (3) Graduation fees.

    Presently, I am a slow 75 year old disabled veteran on a very limited fixed income. I would like have an estimate before I fill out the Application.


    Alvin Louis Jones, Sr.

  7. Samuel Nana Amoako Opoku says:

    Hello to all and sundry, as children we need to upgrade our knowledge in the things of God and the only institution that can aid you accomplish this purpose is to enroll at TGSAT and toy will never regret you did thank you.

  8. Samuel Nana Amoako Opoku says:

    Hello to all and sundry, as children of God we need to upgrade our knowledge in the things of God and the only institution that can aid you accomplish this purpose is to enroll at TGSAT start the process today and get yourself enrolled and you will never regret you did thank you

  9. David Opoki says:

    Thank you so much for accepting to bear God’s vision of training His servants. I am very grateful to ISDET for offering me this great opportunity to study online.

  10. I thank God for ISDET. For the free course, for the fundamental faith and teaching material. For standing fo the truth and enabling us and many others to get a theological study. God bless you. iam enjoying the studies with TGSAT

  11. Maxwell Unamba says:

    I am proud to study here. The course material truly emphasizes academic quality and spiritual excellence.

  12. Ben says:

    Hi, I am interested in Master’s of Biblical Studies and I would like to know if the school holds the graduation ceremonies for the handing over of certificates, it’s very symbolic for my wife and our 3 kids.
    Thank you for you time and I am waiting for your reply.
    Many regards

    • ISDET_Admin_2014 says:

      This is a distance school. So we encourage each student to have a ceremony in his own church

  13. William Ombewa says:

    Can I get application form to enrol in bachelor in Christian ministry

  14. Anne Songa says:


    Do you have a french version of the bachelor degree?

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