DBS: Doctor Of Biblical Studies

Academic Program: DBS (Doctor Of Biblical Studies)

Purpose: This program is for those who wish to opt for a doctoral program in Bible/theology after completing their MBS. This program is the lightest in workload among all our doctoral programs. The purpose is doctoral level orientation in Bible and Theology.

Qualification For Admission: MBS from any theological seminary, or any secular masters degree.

Subjects: The subjects you need to study are listed below. Each subject shown below is a ‘module’ and each module is 1 credit hour. Text material is supplied free by us via downloads.

Essential Apologetics
01    M01A1    Introduction

02    M02A1    Presuppositions
03    M03A1    History
04    M04A1    Canon
05    M05A1    Revelation
06    Readings (3 Documents, for reading only)
07    M10A1    Introduction to tools of Apologetics
08    M10A2    Preparation to become an apologist
09    M10P1    What is proof
10    M11A1    Errors of Interpretation
11    M12A1    Bible Difficulties
12    M13A1    Science difficulties
13    M14A1    Propaganda Analysis
14    M15A1    Manipulation analysis
15    M16A1    Manipulation resisting
16    M17A1    Logic and Errors
17    M18A1    Debating Techniques
18    M19A1    Resisting debate
19    M20A1    Leading Questions
20    M20U1    Using Apologetics
General Apologetics
21    DBS01    Human Escapism
22    DBS02    Science and Christian faith
23    DBS03    Faith and reason
24    DBS04    Christianity and Science
25    DBS05    Open Theism 2
26    DBS06    Evolution/Creation
27    DBS07    Resurrection
28    DBS20    Bible Survey
29    DBS21    Study/Teaching Bible
30    DBS22    Psalms
31    DBS25    Isaiah
32    DBS28    Minor Prophets
33    DBS30    Revelation
Biblical Backgrounds
34    DBS040    Bible customs and manners
35    DBS045    Canonicity issues
36    DBS046    Origin/History of the Bible
37    DBS51    God and Evil
39    DBS52     Christian Ethics
40    DBS55    Western Monasticism
Practical Life
41    DBS60    Christian Life
42    DBS62    Family life
43    DBS63    Equipping Children and Pre-teens
44    DBS64    Child Discipline
45    DBS70    Theology Proper
46    DBS71    Major Doctrines
47    DBS72    Rapture and Revelation
48    DBS73    Tribulation
49    DBS74    Satanic Rebellion



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  1. Barnabas Bamm says:

    This is very good free studies,
    Thank you.

    • Álvaro Orozco says:

      Estimados hnos.

      Quisiera saber si el doctorado en biblia es en inglés.
      Escribo desde Costa Rica y creo tener, gracias a Dios, los requisitos.
      Soy abogado y máster en Ciencias biblicas

  2. Mildred Bigelow says:


    My name is Mildred Bigelow. I would like to study Doctor of Biblical Studies, but I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Spanish obtained at Western Connecticut State University in 2003 and a Master’s Degree in Spanish at Southern Connecticut State University in 2009. I can register in this Doctor Degree Program. Also, I want to know if this program and books offers in Spanish Language. In addition, How many I have to finish this program.

  3. Sir, plz tell me the registration cost, graduation cost, and anything else I’ve missed. My youngest, age 19 mo.s was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive cancer. While my husband and sister showed unwaverable faith, my mind was filled with intrusive thoughts of tiny white caskets. This was my life, every single day. After two years, my daughter survived! She is currently 7:)
    Unfortunately, with me having no choice but to close my practice and learning that I had lupus just a few weeks after my sister died of it (chronic kidney failure) just a year ago, I was advices to stay home awhile. Unfortunately, that doesn’t pay the bills. Plz let me hear back on the prices soon. I’m very interested in this course!

  4. I hope to hear from u soon!

  5. Lawi E. Mshana says:

    I would like to pursue Doctoral degree in Biblical studies. what are procedures?
    God bless you for your sacrifice for developing countries.
    Rev Lawi E. Mshana
    Tanga, Tanzania, East Africa

  6. A Pamei says:

    Are ISDET and Trinity Theology run by the same administrative body? I would like to pursue a Master in Biblical Studies (MBS). I have also submitted the initial application. Waiting for an early response. Thanks.

  7. Henk Du Plooy says:

    I submitted my application for the ( Dr degree in Biblical studies). I have already written 9 Bible courses, will I get credit points for that? I have a Masters in Biblical Curriculum Development. Some of my courses are books like, Revelation, Polemics, Evangelism 1 and 2, Pastoral Theology, and many more. My courses are used by Bible Collages, will this give me some credit points? I am in South Africa. Please help me in achieving my calling in training new pastors and leaders. God Bless.

  8. Henk Du Plooy says:

    Hi I would like to fill in an application to enter the program of Doctor in Biblical Studies? Plea

  9. DAN Yitbarek says:

    I was applied to study in doctor of ministry program, but still know u couldn’t gave an answer.

  10. DAN Yitbarek says:

    How can I transfer the next app process? I’m waiting your response.

  11. DAN YITBAREK says:

    I would like to join a Doctor of Biblical Studies program. I have also submitted the initial application, however,u didn’t gave an answer.why sir? I’m Waiting ur positive response gladly. Thanks.

  12. Mick Chidester says:

    Upon completion of the program, will I receive a hard copy diploma

  13. Pissamai Kotphan says:

    I am a teacher.

  14. eric says:

    I am almost through with pgde in education. had no theology certificate b⁴ my call into ministry but want to switch to theology for my masters and phd so I can have deep understanding of christian faith

  15. Thomasena says:

    How long is the Doctorate program for Biblical Studies?

  16. Joseph Kamanga says:

    Thank you for this golden chance I would like to utilize it very responsibly, God bless you for your vision.
    Joseph Kamanga, Malawi.

  17. For more than three times I have applied for PhD in Biblical Studies and never got any response. What could be problem?
    Please assist me to start my studies soonest. I have PhD in Theology

  18. I have applied for a PhD in Biblical studies but up to now have not received any response. Kindly advise.

  19. Kindly assist me to get response on my application for PhD in Biblical studies. It has taken a long time. +27787813716.

  20. Takesure Mahohoma says:

    Please assist me to get the response on my application. Nothing has reached me up to now.
    Thank you

  21. Tamara says:

    Good Day,

    I wanted to know is this program accredited and is a dissertation required?

  22. Takesure Mahohoma says:

    I appreciate the programme and its use in the contemporary era. However, I wish to be assisted on how to apply because I have been waiting for the response to my application since last year. The last time I wrote was told the message was sent but I never saw anything at all up to now. Please tell me what is exactly happening because I want to do these studies seriously . May the Holy Name of Jesus be Glorified!

  23. Darren Redmond says:

    How do I get more

  24. Darren Redmond says:

    How do I get more information

  25. SAMUEL T .CHACKO(Saji) says:

    i want to study this program. pls give guidance

  26. Kindly re-send the response that I may undertake the studies. Thank you

  27. vijaya kumar dasari says:

    I am a postgraduate in Law (LL M) from Andhra University, Andhra Pradesh, India and would like to pursue DBS. Can I be guided.

  28. Joseph Movate Kamanga says:

    Am applying for Doctor of Biblical Studies, am the holder of Master Ministry.
    Your quick response will surely be of great importance.
    Yours in Christ,

  29. Jonathan kelly says:

    Dear Sirs

    I am interested and keen to commence this programme.

    Can you please get in touch and tel me how to proceed.

    God Bless


  30. I am pastor Gezahegn from Ethiopia. I graduated MA in leadership from vision international seminary. Now I want to start my PhD in your college. So I asking you to help me in Jesus name.

  31. Ali says:

    I have a bachelor’s degree in English language
    And I likethe study of other religions, because Iam Muslims
    Can I get a doctorate in this study?

  32. Phoebe Santos says:

    I’m from the Philippines.
    I would like to pursue this program.
    But both my Bachelor and Masteral degree is Christian Education. Also I had a second degree in AB Psychology…Would that be possible for me to be admitted? How would I process application?would you send a link to my email add?
    What are other responsibilities if its for free?

  33. Kim Nyberg says:

    Where is the link for admissions or application?


    I am a Born again Pentecostal ordained minister with bachelors in law, Masters in peace and conflict and diploma in theology. I am interested in the Doctoral studies course. Please help and guide so that I begin it immediately.

    thanks and hope go hear from you

    Rev. ponsiano

  35. H.A.TAMREINGAM says:

    I would to study Doctor of Biblical study. I am from India, one of the most backward place in India. By His grace I am involving full time ministry. 8 do not have time to go out full time study. May you kindly grant my request.Rev.H.A.Tamreingam

  36. wamanya Nkabazi Frank Geofrey says:

    I would like to study Doctor of Biblical Studies. I am from Uganda,one of the most backward places in Uganda.By his grace I am involved infulltime ministry.I also double as a secondary school teacher.May you kindly grant my request.pastor Rwimi Revival Chrstian Church.

  37. Sam says:

    I have a Bachelors degree in Engineering and 69 graduate level credits in Engineering and Business Management.

    Can I join the DBS program directly?

    Thank You

  38. Reuben says:

    How can I apply and what is the modality of receiving the lectures

  39. Ramtahung says:

    I m from India. I work in Christian NGO just after my Secular Studies MBA in 2007 and also i have done Ph D in Church Management from Faith Theological College and Seminary Bangalore India. But i still want to studies more deeper in Bible knowledge.
    If you could allow me please mail me the details
    Thanking you

  40. Roy Unumuemu says:

    please i want to enrol for doctorate of biblical studies how do i start. +2348030691049

  41. James Young says:

    I have been approved for formal application to your Doctor of Religious Education Degree Program but would like to pursue the Doctor of Biblical Studies Degree instead. I hold the Master of Religious Education Degree. Will you approve my request to pursue the D.B.S. Degree rather than the D.R.E. Degree? If so, please forward the link for the D.B.S. formal application. Otherwise, please advise. Thank you! I am a United States resident/citizen.


    James L. Young

  42. Frsncis says:

    Interested in your program. How to join?

  43. Francis says:

    I am a pastor from Malaysia. Interested in your program. How to Join? Thank you and God Bless!

  44. please i want to enrol for doctorate of biblical studies how do I start.

  45. Johnson Emmanuel Igba. says:

    Am an holder of the bachelor of theology from the Mountain-Top International Bible College, Lagos I graduated in 2011 with second class upper division. Presently, am a minister based in Lagos, Nigeria. I want to undergo the masters of theology program online. How can I apply. Thank you very much

  46. Johnson Emmanuel Igba. says:

    Am holder of the bachelor of enginnering from the university of Ilorin, Ilorin, Nigeria and Bachelor of Theology from other Mountain Top International Bible College, Lagos, Nigeria. Am a pastor, teacher, counselor based here in Nigeria. I want to undergo yogurt Masters in Theology online program. How can I apply? Thanks.

  47. Carlton Russell says:

    I want to try the doctorate of bible studies how do I get enrolled

  48. P Haripersad says:

    I recently completed my Masters in the Management Sciences (Public Management). As a devout Christian who has served as an Elder and have completed bible studies at the Pennal Bible School and Bible Society of South Africa, I am desirous of completing g a PhD in Bible Studies. Unfortunately I am unemployed and am unable to register at a university for this purpose. I am hoping you will be able to assist me.

    Kind regards

  49. Kathleen Woolley says:

    I am interested in earning a Phd in Biblical studies for no tuition. I am disabled and on a limited income. I have a Master’s degree in Christian Counseling and. BA in Psychology and Human Services. Is this possible? You mareach me at 6200 e. Duke Ave., Prescott valley, AZ. 86314. Tel 928-379-2167. Thank you, Kathleen Woolley

  50. Anna says:

    Dear Sir/ Madam,

    I am interested in DBS program. I have read the subjects of DBS but I do not see the “thesis”. Is thesis not required for this doctoral degree?


  51. Abraham Babu Paulus says:

    i want to Study the DBS Course. Please sent the study Meterials. please help to my Biblical studies. Thank you.

    My address,
    31/34, Near Velmani Jewellery,
    Lower Bazar, Kotagiri, The Nilgiris
    Zip code: 64321,
    Tamil Nadu,

    my Mobile Number: 9788851269,

    My email id: babuheartofjesus@gmail.com

    please contcast me and help my Theological Studies.

    Thanking you.

    Place: Kotagiri
    Date: 06-02-2018

  52. Abraham Babu Paulus says:

    My Zip code: 643217

  53. Abraham Babu Paulus says:

    i want to Study the DBS Course. Please sent the study Meterials. please help to my Biblical studies. Thank you.

    My address,
    31/34, Near Velmani Jewellery,
    Lower Bazar, Kotagiri, The Nilgiris
    Zip code: 643217,
    Tamil Nadu,

    my Mobile Number: 9788851269,

    My email id: babuheartofjesus@gmail.com

    please contcast me and help my Theological Studies.

    Thanking you.

    Place: Kotagiri
    Date: 06-02-2018

  54. Jose floresta says:

    Is this doctoral program accepted or credited like other doctoral programs in reputable seminaries?

  55. George Julius Mugadzaweta says:

    My Qualifications B.Sc

  56. Hagos Abrha says:

    I have MA in Clasical Philology. Thus, I need to learn PhD in Theology/Biblical Studies

  57. I seek for admission for the Doctor of biblical theology in your institution. I have masters in conflict transformation studies

  58. HORANA says:

    Dear Admin, am very very excited by finding such an opportunity and really wiling to pursue the Doctoral Biblical Studies at ISDET!

    Now, my concern s to ask if you offer the Degree and which one? Then, is it valued internationnally? how long time does take DBS? During graduation shall students come to the headquater office fro graduation? How are research being done?


  59. I am interested in the doc
    torate in biblical studies.

    I lives in Nigeria and how can I register and begin my studies

  60. Andrias says:

    Wiw, sounds good information indeed. I would likd yo start as soon as possible.

  61. Please I humbly use this medium to indicate my utmost desire to study Doctor of Biblical Studies. Please kindly send the application form to me. Thanks

  62. Issac says:

    Sir, Iam Issac Matthews, I am from India and would like to know about the DBS Program. Kindly send me the details.

    • ISDET_Admin_2014 says:

      All details are available on this site. Please check

      • Álvaro Orozco says:

        Soy un abogado católico,de Costa Rica, con estudios teológicos ecuménicos comparto muchos principios de fe con uds, podría obtener el doctorado? Que nivel de inglés requiero?

  63. MWAMTOBE says:

    I am very sorry, I applied for Doctor of Bible theology a week now with no any response. I wish to change my course to doctor Of Biblical studies (DBS). Is it possible or what should I do?
    Thanks much

  64. paul amaoko says:

    i want to do DBS

  65. Okoye methuselem obiora says:

    Hello,I want to enquire if this program is still available in this year 2020. Thanks

  66. Respected sir,
    i want to ask that i am a muslim from pakistan & wish to complete my phD study in your institute.Can i apply as i am a muslim.guide me
    Waiting for your cool Responce

    Thanks a Lot

    • ISDET_Admin_2014 says:

      The courses are meant for Christians. We are working on a program for Muslims and it will be announced soon

  67. I want to complete the course

  68. Ndumiso says:

    I am really interested in studying in this field and understanding the scope of the bible and the works of God ….How do I apply for admission

  69. Got not. my easiest communication mean is WhatsApp. 237,677, 456, 263. I shall be grateful where connected. Thank you.

  70. LNixon says:

    I am interested in the free doctoral theology degree

  71. Jonah Martin says:

    Hi! May I ask if I can enroll in the free doctorate program in Biblical studies? I finished Master of Professional Studies in Development Communication at University of the Philippines Los Baños Open University. Many thanks!

    • ISDET_Admin_2014 says:

      Yes, you can. All necessary info is already available on this website. Please go to the home page and check the menu items.

  72. Workineh Abranam Wandaro says:

    I am longing to start Doctor of Biblical studies. I did my first and second degree in biblical studies. would you allow me to start with you please!

  73. Cheryl M Lyle says:

    Hello, I would like to enroll in the free doctorate program in Biblical studies. I have an M.A. in Biblical Studies and Ministry. Would you kindly send me the information I need to move forward?

    Thank you

  74. Carlton Russell says:

    I would like to get the application form so that I can begin studies in Doctor in Bible Studies. I have a doctoral degree in Theology. I would be grateful if I can start soon

  75. Abin Jacob says:

    I would like to enroll for DBS. I have done M.Div with B+ grade.

    I have a desire of doing Doctoral program as I m involving in teaching n training.

  76. Omatsola Oritsejafor says:

    Hi please where do I register for the course

  77. Hi please where do I register for the course

  78. I have completed my Master of Theology course, Am I eligible to do the Doctoral program. How to enroll please guide me.

  79. Kanchan Barua says:

    I would like to do DBS from your side. I have completed MBA in HRM. I have obtained Diploma of Graduation in BIBLE and Advanced English from World English Institute. I want to get admitted to your DBS as soon as possible

  80. Jon Guy says:

    Teacher with MEd,MBA interested in doing DBS. Looks interesting and thorough.

    Please send details.

    Thank you

  81. Petr Hofman says:

    Good morning,

    is your institute still active?

  82. jennie says:

    Submitted my application hope to hear back soon

  83. Ling says:

    I have completed my master of Theology and quite interested of this program. Help me how to enroll and stud from Myanmar/Burma

  84. Very much eager to pursue my PhD pith you.

  85. Rather to pursue my PhD with you.
    God bless you.

  86. Albert Yupalan says:

    Good evening…I want to study in your school after i finish my Master of Theology here in Manila Philippines. I am interested not only because it is free but I want to learn more about the Bible. I am a Filipino and former Missionary in Cambodia. God bless…

  87. Gary Nobles says:

    How do I enroll i a Masters in Theology from Louisiana Missionary Baptist Seminary.

  88. Freddy Méndez Chavarría says:

    Information regarding Doctorate in Theology. Thanks a million.

  89. Rev Shaka Ashcroft says:

    I would love to Study Doctor of bible study. I have a master’s degree in theology. What is the process

  90. moncy says:

    I have completed MDIV certification. Can I join the PHD Program.
    What are the process/procedure.

  91. Dean Close says:

    I am interested in the DBS and have submitted my initial information twice. I am then taken to a page with the info and a series of numbers,and told to confirm the information, but where do I confirm it? Also I can’t find any direct contact information. I apologize if I’m missing it, but I would like to enroll in the program and begin work. Are you able to help me out?


  92. How do I register for this program

  93. Would the doctor of biblical studies be considered a legitimate doctorate? Or would it not be accepted in the US? I have a BA in Biblical Studies and a MS in Curriculum and Instruction from regionally accredited schools. Would this be enough to gain admission?

    • ISDET_Admin_2014 says:

      Degrees taken from American colleges are often not accepted by other American colleges.

      Since we are not US based, therefore, we cannot offer any guarantee of acceptance.

  94. Herman Androga Awola says:

    I would like to be consider units philosophy in a university in USA. i am at Dessistation resarch propasa.

  95. Motlan says:

    Dear Mr/Mrs…
    I am 64 Year old with PhD in Physics, would like to improve my knowledge in Theology/Bible, would be possible for me to enroll in Doctor of Biblical Studies?


  96. sadegh nikour says:

    I have a master’s degree in philosophy from Iran and I want to study in the field of biblical studies, what is the necessary action?

  97. Puedo inresar a este programa si tengo un MTS?

  98. I wouldlike to learn at your Seminary free online.
    I want to know about God.

  99. Saludos y bendiciones

    Tengo un Máster en Ciencias Teológicas y me gustaría hacer el Doctorado en Estudios Bíblicos y Teología.

    Están activos actualmente?
    Cuáles son los requisitos y cuando inician nuevamente?

  100. Jhony says:

    Quiero aprender

  101. victor chibuzor says:

    need information on the link for enrolment and application

  102. ROBERTO REGINI says:

    Buongiorno, sarei interessato a questo dottorato, sono in possesso del Magistero in Scienze religiose conseguito all’ Università Lateranense e un Master in Pedagogia religiosa conseguito presso l’Ateneo salesiano di Roma, sono in pensione dal 1 settembre 2023, ho insegnato Religione per 35 anni in un Liceo Scientifico, vorrei chiedere se posso iscrivermi a questo Corso o se ci sono altre altre Lauree a cui posso iscrivermi.
    Cordiali saluti
    Roberto Regini

  103. René Peña Farfán says:

    Me gustaría estudiar doctorado en teología y así profundizar mi fe, deseo saber si es teología católica. y lo otro cual es el camino a seguir para iniciar los estudios. gracias.

  104. Álvaro Orozco Carballo says:

    Estimados hermanos.

    Soy abogado y Notario,además tengo titulo de que soy egresado de licenciatura de ciencias teologicas y casi de ciencias bíblicas.
    Quisiera cursar el doctorado vuestro en Biblia, pero temo que mi inglés no sea muy bueno,pues creo que vuestra enseñanza es en inglés. No les parece que dejo antes llevar un curso inglés-español que me aconsejan?
    Nota soy de Costa Rica, América Central.

  105. Giovani Granados says:

    Estimados hermanos. Podrían indicarme si es posible que me inscriba al doctorado.
    Tengo una licenciatura en Teología y una Maestría en Consejería Pastoral con base en la Neumatología.
    Agradecería me indicaran el procedimiento de inscripción y los costos que se pueden generar en el proceso hasta la graduación.

  106. Charles says:

    Good evening,

    I have a few questions. How long is this program? How many classes can you take at a time? If I take the DBS: Doctor Of Biblical Studies first and then want to do the ThD (Doctor of Christian Theology) will classes that are the same give transfer credits?

    Thank you.

    • ISDET_Admin_2014 says:

      All of your questions are already answered at our site. Please take a bit of time to study all menu items

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