Bible01International Seminary for Distance Education in Theology (ISDET.Com) is happy to welcome you. We offer free Seminary training to people worldwide via Distance Education.

Students from Developed Countries pay a nominal registration fees. Registration fees is waived for students from developing and poorest among poor countries. This site is packed with information, and therefore please take a little time to study all entries before you apply or before you contact us for more information.

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  1. Iam a 65 years old Male, with two Diplomas in theology from a recognised institutions, and would like to study BTH with your Institution, please accept my application.


    Roy Matlapeng

    • Raju says:

      I am a 54 years old Male, with bachelor Degree from a recognised institutions, and would like to study MBS Or DBS with your Institution apart from my secular job in Engineering college as senior Instructor I am doing part time Gods work like preaching gospel, taking bible studies etc. let me know whether I can directly do DBS or after doing MBS only. Please mention duration of the course and amount. So that for me to decide whether to join or not.If the amount high I cannot afforrd.


  2. Luís Araújo says:

    Good afternoon. I need to know if you have a PhD course in biblical archeology. I live in Portugal and at the moment I find myself unemployed. She wanted to know if I need to pay extra. I have a master’s degree in theology in Brazil. I wait for your answer. Thank you.

  3. Gershon Vorsah says:

    Where is ISDET Office located?

  4. We are starting a Christian Academy here in Nicaragua Feb. 2016. The Doctor of Education program looks perfect for my needs. I currently have a Masters in Theology. I have filled out the initial application a few weeks ago. I received an acknowledgment but nothing further. Also, no response to my emails. What is the next step


  5. Semião says:

    Hello. God bless you.

    I’m from Brazil, a Developing Country, but I received the answer for my Final Application saying that my country is Developed. I asked about this by e-mail but I didn’t receive any answer.

    Can you, please, check this?
    I really can’t pay the fee.


  6. Willem Els says:

    Dear ISDET
    I pray you are well.

    I did submit an initial application for a masters degree but I am still to finish my bachelor degree with only an essay pending.

    I am from Zimbabwe, and though I am employed I am the only one employed in my house. I am single but share by house with two families which total eight people.

    May I ask how much the masters will cost me and how long I have to complete it (please take into consideration I have two jobs to help support my friends).

    Kind regards
    Willem Els (A.R.E.,C.R.S.)

  7. James Nicholas Chembe says:

    I have been applying for doctor of religious education but what I d receive is just an electronic reply but nothing from the school authority. I did wrote to Dr. Philip but up to now he has never replied to me. What is the next step?

  8. I count it a great pleasure and privilege to be enrolled as an MTh student of no mean a Seminary but ISDET. I will extol the Lord forever for this opportunity. ISDET is the second theological institution I am attending. However, the structure of the course is far beyond my comprehension. The presentation is in simple language to the understanding of the ordinary person. This approach gives deeper understanding to all who think Theology is so complex. I now have a better understanding of Apologetics. The virtue as well as its genesis, purpose and current status has been clearly explained. What an institution ISDET is? I am grateful to Dr. Johnson C. Philip, Dr. Saneesh Cherian and all associates for their special roles in educating me in theology.
    God bless you richly.

  9. Antoine Apap says:

    Can you send me more information about doctoral course in sacred theology. regarding study units and length of dissertation? do you accept dissertations in italian? i am aware of general fees and it is fair to help those work on voluntary basis. how much is registration fee? thanks and awaiting your reply.

  10. Daniel says:

    Hi, I have two questions:

    1. How high is the fee exactly, that people from developed countries (in my case Germany) have to pay?

    2. Where is your E-Mail-Adress? I can´t find it on the website.

    Best regards

  11. Shalom Princewill says:

    Hi, Am Shalom Princewill from Cameroon…Is Cameroon a developed country or a developing country. and am still waiting for my final admission letter

  12. I’m glad to be part of this vision (ISDET) as a student. I love and enjoy lessons, loving hearts of my instructors, high class education. May God bless ISDET so much. I love being here; this is a best place to be.

  13. Moses George says:

    TGSAT’s world class courses has equipped me beyond measure to become a more proficient Christian apologist, preacher and teacher. I remain grateful to Dr Johnson C. Philip, Dr Saneesh Cherian and the entire TGSAT team for offering me this great opportunity to study for a ThD degree without paying any tuition fees!

    Moses George,
    Kaduna, NIGERIA

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