Accreditation Related Papers

ISDET has firmly decided not to seek any kind of academic accreditation by government bodies that are managed mostly by non Christians. Instead, the syllabus and quality of our programs are controlled by feedback from our own students, graduates, and faculty members. We strongly believe that the secular government has no jurisdiction over biblical and theological education.

If you are looking for a degree that can bring you a job-placement, then ISDET is not the place for your studies. ISDET programs are meant strictly for personal Bible and Theology related enrichment and equipment.

Here are some papers that might help you to understand the issues better:



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  1. Born again after deployed in iraq

  2. Henk Du Plooy says:

    I have written 9 Bible courses, I have a Masters in Biblical Curriculum Debelopment. I would like to apply for my Dr degree in Biblical studies, will I get credit (points) for the courses I have already done? Also I have been active 17 years as evangelist in the mission fields.

  3. ISDET_Admin_2014 says:

    Yes, they will be accepted

  4. Gustavo Campos says:

    Hi. I tell you that I sent you a request. I have been working in the Lord’s work for 24 years. 14 years have been pastored. And for the past 7 years I have been touring Argentina offering conferences in different ministries. I did a 2-year missionary seminar and a 3-year diploma. I would study the degree.

  5. we would like to get accredited our Seminary . Kindly give me the processing of your accreditation

    God bless you

    Dr. G. Venugopalan
    ArchBishop. ERID-AFC -Worldwide

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