Your Studies: The First Few Steps

ISDET desires its students to start their studies as soon as they able to download their textbooks.  They need to remember that Distance Education is slightly different from regular class-room studies and should therefor take their first steps with full awareness that this would be the treading of a new path for them.

There are always one or more external authorities when you join an on-campus program. They create and place stipulations that serve as external landmarks about the pace of your studies. In Distance Education you yourself are this authority. Thus you need to do the following at the start of the ISDET program itself:

Read The Handbook Thoroughly: A Student Handbook has been given to you along with your free theology Textbook downloads. Please do read it at least two to three times. Preferably you should print and place it in a file and read. Mark al the important points. There is a lot of information there that we have placed there in the light of the most commonly asked questions. Refer to it frequently to familiarize yourself completely with the protocols, procedures and requirements of your studies.

Calculate And Set The Pace Of Your Studies: Each ISDET student is unique and comes from a different background, profession, age group, and country. There is much diversity. Thus ISDET does not set the pace of your studies, but rather leaves it to you to decide in the light of your current situation. Remember the following things so as to pace your studies properly:

  • Thirty to sixty Modules (depending upon the course of your choice) of text  material are given to you for free download by ISDET , as soon as the registration fees is received.
  • You have two years to study all these modules and complete the program. No break is given. You are not allowed to postpone your studies. Two years means two years and no more.
  • You can renew for up to 3 years by paying a renewal fees, if you fail to complete the program in two years.
  • Thus each student should make his/her own time table, based upon 24 months of study.
  • Pace your studies in such a way that you can complete it in 20 months, and leave 4 months of margin for emergencies.
  • Students should read the Student Handbook that they downloaded, and should also read this online Handbook and begin their studies immediately.

Two years is a good amount of time for those who work hard, but those who neglect their studies will soon find themselves at the end of 24 months without having done anything substantial. They can request a renewal, but the longer you take to complete your program, the great would be the difficulty that you face.


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  1. Cliff Ball says:

    Please send a replacement set of B.Th and B Min files to

  2. Bluwin Chisik Sangma says:

    I am Bluwin Chisik Sangma from, Silsekgre. P.O Anogiri, West Garo Hills, Meghalaya Tura. I learned that you are offering Free online Doctoral Degree in Biblical Studies. I did my M.A from secular University that is North Eastern Hill University and did my B.D in Union Biblical Seminary, affiliated to Senate of Serampore college. I want to know whether I’ll be eligible to pursue the above mentioned course. I will be grateful to you if you let know the details about it.
    Thanks with best regard
    Bluwin Chisik Sangma

  3. Mario Guzman says:

    Hello I am an associate pastor and I’m looking to learn and grow more in my understanding of the word. I filled out the application but haven’t heard back yet.

  4. Ire says:

    How do I apply ?

  5. Ire says:

    How do I apply to this program ?

  6. sanjay nundlall says:

    i have study 3 years diploma of theology. i am a pastor currently and wish to further study.

  7. Pastor James Thomas says:

    I currently have a Master’s in Theology from Western Carolina College of Theology…. I would love to complete my Doctor’s in Biblical Studies….. How do we start and is there also a thesis involved as well ???? How do we contact each other ????

  8. John Phyo Pai says:

    How can I apply for this program? Please, reply me.

  9. Erica Louderback says:

    How do I register and what are the fees?

    • ISDET_Admin_2014 says:

      There is an application menu at top. Please send a no-obligation application, and all details will be sent to you

  10. Pawan Kumar says:

    Praise The Lord,

    I am Pawan born again Christian from india, I would like to join this course to learn & live more for Jesus Christ.I would like to join this, please guide.

  11. Bryan says:

    Good day to you!

    I was curious about whether an application was received for me? The website was being a bit adversarial. Thank you and all the volunteers to make this happen? This is truly GOD’S global work.

  12. I am 65 years old and want to know how I can start the BA program. I love to learn and now have the time to do it. I am retired and on a fixed income so I wonder about the fees?

  13. Cherinet says:

    I have applied for DBS and waiting for response. It more than 72 hours. Is longer does it take to hear from you.
    Many blessings to you.

  14. Abdur Rahman says:

    I want to enrol Master’s programme. How I can enrol

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