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jars-111491_640ISDET expects every student, from bachelors up to doctoral level, to take up a research project and submit a thesis. The scope, depth, and length of the thesis varies with the program. More details of the way it should be done is given in the Admission/Student Handbook.

Please keep in mind that the purpose of the tuition-free ISDET courses is not to produce theological degree-holders but to develop Christian communicators, leaders, and ideologues for the church. Therefore  ISDET expects students to pick up practical and useful topics for research so that the thesis they submit is of use to others. Each thesis should, preferably, be on a topic that can be used as a textbook by others. Exotic topics, which are of no immediate relevance to the church, are not encouraged. Here are some of the areas available for research this year. Numerous topics are possible within a given area of research.

Apologetics Related Topics

  • Bible and science
  • Evolution/creation
  • Pedagogical writings in apologetics

Bible Related Topics

  • Study of various books of the Bible
  • Inductive studies of the books of the Bible
  • Study of Canon
  • Study of major biblical manuscripts
  • Insights from original languages

Bible Exposition Related

  • Summary/Exposition of major doctrines
  • Exposition of important biblical passages
  • Exposition of the difficult Bible passages/topics

Biblical Archaeology Related Topics

  • Manuscripts of the Bible
  • Biblical cities
  • Analysis of important discoveries
  • Customs and Cultures
  • Important people groups
  • Important rulers

Evangelism and Missions Related Topics

  • Sharing the gospel in multicultural societies
  • Evangelism in a universalist culture
  • Net-based evangelism strategies

Ministry Related Topics

  • Ministering to the internet generation
  • Ministering to busy professionals in 21st century
  • Suicide prevention/counselling
  • Divorce prevention/counselling

Practical Life Related Topics

  • Holiness
  • Prayer
  • Separation
  • Addiction
  • Pre and post marital infidelity

Religious/Christian Education Related Topics

  • Internet for discipleship training
  • Net-based theological training
  • Christian/Biblical education in the 21st century


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    Thank God and you for making this known to me. I wish you the best and happy New Year. I am so delighted to find this and especailly to us in the developing countries. Only God alone will replenish your effort.

  2. ngongmbowoh elias says:

    The topics for the research are interesting.
    Thanking you

  3. Pissamai Kotphan says:

    I love God.

  4. Wesley B Rose says:

    I would like to do my research in Israel’s Ancient Enemies / cultures / people groups.
    I have done preliminary work in this are, but there is much left to explore and investigate. That is if i am accepted into the doctorate in Biblical Archeology program.
    I literally just completed my degree in Masters in Biblical Archeology with a school much like this one. The president of which is Dr Johnson C. Philip in India. I have known him for many years and even wrote a few courses for him in selected subjects concurrent to my dissertation research.
    I also wanted you to know that I am a severely disabled veteran with memory problems and spinal cord difficulties that sometimes limit my academic endeavors. That just means there are days when I cannot study, research, or write very much at all – sometimes none. I work better with printed materials because i can highlight, dog ear pages, and make notes as I read. For digital mediums I can still accomplish the work, it just takes a little longer and and more physical effort. I don’t mind putting in the effort. The root of this endeavor goes back to 1990 when i was studying at the University of Cairo West and doing field work and studies in Egypt, Israel, Turkey, Greece, Iraq, Germany and Italy. I also was fortunate enough to gain private entrance to museums in London, Berlin, Cairo, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem to name a few. I was in the military at the time and travel was easily available. I served in two theaters in the desert in two different eras. Anyway, I do hope i am accepted and we can take this adventure together.

    • Ingrid says:

      What a delightful email. I resonated with so much of your very fascinating message. I do hope that you were offered a place abd that your well into your studies by now. How is it? I am also applying for a Doctorate in Bubkical Studirs of Theology. I have also been in an accident so I have a severe disability with my spine and coccyx was removed. Then a failed spinal stimulator placed in my back. So there are days when I cannot study and other days shen I can. I hope they offer you flexibility. You certainly have all the credential snd are an excellent communicator so you’ll be more than fine. In the end it’s all up to our Lord whether or not we are accepted. Blessings ingrid

  5. Michelle Hill says:

    I’m interested in your Doctorate programs. Presently I have 2 masters Degrees from accredited universities.

  6. I would like to ask if one can pick a related topic in the above and finetune it depending on the area, community and the society he /she lives in. since most of the time we have start biblical activities or associated with things pertaining to our savior’s wishes

  7. Shaun Robbs says:

    I would like to do research in addiction from a spiritual and biblical perspective

  8. Shaun Robbs says:

    I have worked in the field for 30 years. God is the answer

  9. ladonna says:

    thanks for helping the poor

  10. James says:

    I heard about your school. Please, i have decided to study a doctorial degree in your school. Please, i need this assistance from you.

  11. cliff ball says:

    Please send me a copy of BTH as I have lost mine.

    Cliff Ball

  12. cliff ball says:

    Please sens a copy of BTH to, as I have lost mine.

    Praise the Lord,

    We have been very happy to get your Bible College information on internet about how you are really working, so it’s really makes us feel very pleased and it’s why we’ve taken this opportunity to write to you.

    We’re Naivera Apostolic Church, and we’re Congolese refugees we are in Tanzania especially in Nyarugusu camp Kasulu Kigoma region.

    The camp has more than 100.000 people and also has more than 100 churchs in it.

    Regarding the interest of people to learn the word of the Lord, we decided to open the Bible school, but those getting diplomas from our Bible school are so many but still haven’t got any opportunity to carry on with their studies due to the lack of Bible college here in the camp.

    For that reason, we would humbly come to you asking for PARTNERSHIP with your Bible college, so that those who’re getting their diplomas should go ahead with their studies.

    We have every confidence that you’ll answer our request.

    On behalf of the Naivera Apostolic Church,
    Bishop, Dr. Benjamin Elunga W’Elunga

  14. Thank you so much for supporting the less privilege. God bless all the stakeholders who are making this possible for the word of God to spread

  15. Ademuyiwa Emmanuel Ifeoluwa says:

    I’m really grateful to God to come across this. It’s been very helpful and encouraging.
    God bless

  16. otis says:


    I greet you all in the name of Jesus.I want to say your downloadable articles and books are a source of great wealth of information for us.
    From brother Otis

  17. Sternly says:

    This is a very rich content. I have loved it. undoubtedly, we can’t become part of this program and remain the same. Many thanks.

  18. Collins says:

    Good day

    I have just completed my diploma in Biblical studies. I would like to do my degree in your institution please


    Collins from South Africa

  19. mangbawithawng says:

    I would like to do creation for my reseacher

  20. mangbawithawng says:

    I would like to do the topic about creation for my research.

  21. Glen says:

    Greetings from Australia

    My doctrinal area of greatest interest is Biblical eschatology and therefor it is no surprise that the book of Revelation is my favorite text. However 1 area of great relevance to this is holistic Bible chronology from creation “week” almost 6,000 years ago.
    I do not say “about” 6,000 but almost, as the second coming will be 2,000 lunar/solar years from the crucifixion year of Messiah.
    Mr James Ussher`s terminus point of the Lord`s birth for about the 4,000 year mark is wrong.

    The thesis I would love to do first is something I needed, but did not have as a new christian 30 + years ago in Bible college. And that was an accurate chronological summary outline of God`s whole 7,000 year plan for man. Yes I am definitely a Pre-Millennial believer of the Lord`s 2nd advent and think of myself as an historical Chilialist,
    I am indebted to Tim Warner`s book “The Time of the End” for pointing in the right direction. However he got some critical aspects wrong. That if they were properly understood would have led to more than a few, major chronological Gordian knots being resolved.

    Thus some of the practical outcomes would be apologetic for the age of the earth and therefor creation in 6 earth rotation days and a knowledge of God`s own calendar and how it works, as given in Lev 23-26. It can be shown that the Hebrews may have “lost, mutilated God`s calendar” yet God Himself has been orchestrating His History with man according to accurate predetermined and appointed times.

    Once this has been demonstrated it is but a simple thing to prove that the Rapture is Post-Trib Tishri 1 and the actual return to earth is Tishri 10 the most Holy day of Atonement. And that the 7 bowls that are the 3rd woe, even the 7th trumpet occur during those 10 days of AWE. These 10 days transition between the 6,000 year age of man and the soon coming age of the 1,000 year kingdom on earth, the day of the Lord.

    The basic outline to demonstrate is that day 10 of creation is the 1st ever day of Atonement when God clothed Adam and Eve with “sacrificed animal skins” probably goats. God set them “free” and thus the 1st jubilee year is year 1 of creation AM. The flood is Jubilee year 1651. Death of Noah and birth of Abram 2001. Exodus 2501. Shekinah glory to Solomon`s 13 year old temple 3001. Cyrus` decree 3501 and Crucifixion 4001. 2nd advent 6001 eternity starts 7001 AM = year from creation.

    What will also come out of this is that the divided kingdom is 411 years to the destruction of the Temple by fire but 391 to the 1st captivity with the prophet Daniel. Add 40 years for Solomon and you have 431 years during which the sabbath years AND Jubilee sabbaths were not observed and thus 70 years for those in the 1st captivity. Yes Solomon sole reigned for 60 years not just the 40 given from the residing of God`s glory in Solomon`s Temple. The Hebrews sometimes measured time from significant events not always like we do?

    Daniel`s 70 weeks prophecy also includes non western ways of measuring time that can be extrapolated over the whole 7000 years. So also can a “time” as in “7 times more” in Lev 26

    It seems to me that Gods holistic plan for us over the ages is part of preaching the whole gospel. I would love the opportunity to do the thesis justice and write it up properly. To achieve the best outcome and clarity via learned, Bible believing peer review.

    Blessings in messiah

  22. John Male says:

    Thank you for giving me an opportunity to further my education so that I can serve God better.

  23. Thanks for the Godly help your giving the poor and needy, especially people like me to achieve, and propagate God’s work universally.

  24. Peter says:

    Thankyou,I would like to study a degree course with you.kindly assist me am from kenya

  25. Boschoaq says:

    (palimpsests). In the XIII-XV centuries in

  26. Rubberpck says:

    reproduced by hand, in contrast

  27. Premiumfbr says:

    and was erased, and on cleaned

  28. Joe Dunamis says:

    Thanks for this great opportunity granted for the church ministers.

    I would like to know the process for the registration


  29. I am from the Philippines. How do I enrol in a PhD program in Theology?

  30. KitchenAidqsx says:

    manuscripts attributed to Robins

  31. Luke says:

    Thanks. You will be of great benefit to to enrich me with great christian insights apart from what i have learnt on Sundays. God bless you

  32. Charles Ikechukwu Udeagu says:

    I would like my doctoral research work or thesis on Christian/ Biblical Education in 21st century.

  33. I am longing to do Bible Archeology.
    ISDET is the best place for me because it has been long time I could not make it because financial means were a big obstacle.
    May God bless this school initiators and all workers who ever served in it. Shalom

  34. Lellie Brian Longwe says:

    I would like to register for the Master’s program in Theology. I hold a Bachelor of Commerce degree in accounting, a Masters degree in Business Administration and a Masters degree in Strategic Management and currently I am doing completing the final module of the Veritas course in church leadership. I also facilitate a certificate program in Basic Theology at one of our Prisons in our country under the Theological Education by Extension in Malawi ( TEEM).How do I go about to register for the Master’s program?

  35. Charles Ikechukwu 3 says:

    I would like to research on PhD dissertation on internet for discipleship training under Religious education.

  36. Jerry says:

    I would like my doctoral research work on Biblical study’s or thesis on the book of Romans.

  37. Lupo says:

    Hi sir, madam

    Does the Mdiv have any certificate after completion?
    I want to serve to Lord with His guidance and wisdom..

    Thank you. God bless you.

  38. Pastor James E. Thomas says:

    Customs and Cultures would be amazing….

  39. Seth John Acquaye says:

    I thank God and this institute (ISDET) for the opportunity to fulfill a life-time desire and to further equip myself for ministry and transforming my generation by the will of God. I am awaiting my admission with much excitement to begin my studies. I hope through me, many Christian leaders in Ghana shall also have the opportunity to further their theological studies. SHALOM

  40. I am reverand maurice Mwafulirwa from zambia I have bechlors degree in Theology I want to do Masters in devinity.Please help me.

  41. Allwell Okwuonu says:

    God bless you and this great institution. You have come to fill a void.I am interested in knowing God and his word and if possible disseminate it to the far end of the world. Thanks for this opportunity.

  42. Mark says:

    I have long been in search Biblical education that is fundamentally established. Am so interested to enroll at this seminary.

  43. David Agbeko White says:

    I thank God and our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ for answering my prayers.
    I’ve been praying for this opportunity for over 5 years now. Please help me enrol in this noble institution.
    I have diploma in ministerial studies and want offer bachelor in Bible Theology,Shalom.

  44. Felix Suanu Bariyere Harry says:

    I thank God for making it possible for me to come accross an opportunity of this magnitude. Being from developing country where cost education is high it has been my desire to study from an accredited theological college where I can get afree tuition or scholarship and here I stumble over this college. I have a bachelor degree in biology education i want to have bachelor degree in ministry

  45. Gerard Leema says:

    Please send me free online course on the Holy Bible.

  46. Norikazu Tani says:

    I requested a sample text and a student guide twice by e-mail, but there was no response.

  47. Motlan says:

    I would like to apply for free online doctor of theology with main intress in Bible and Science. I hane PhD degree in Physics. I am from Indonesia. Please let me know if it is possible.


  48. James maung Oo says:

    Thank you for giving me an opportunity to further my education and reseach for your grogram of D.Th, so that I can serve God effectivtely.

  49. James maung Oo says:

    So thanks for recieving apportuinity to research for your D.Th program. I will do my best for the Lord’s ministry
    In His Service,

    James Maung Oo
    Yangon, Myanmar

  50. James Maung Oo says:

    So thanks for recieving apportuinity to research for your D.Th program. I will do my best for the Lord’s ministry.
    In His Service,

    James Maung Oo
    Yangon, Myanmar

  51. Thanks a lot for your choice of research related topics which I find to be mind stimulating and insightful; notwithstanding, is it acceptable for a prospective doctoral student to choose a ministry related research topic of interest? For instance, I am interested in researching a topic that would consider the development of a ‘Paradigm for Holistic Ministry in the 21st Century’. I am a Pastor seriously considering how to minister to the total person in a poverty-ridden society in this century. Blessings always.

  52. Misty Kocar says:

    I’d like to start. Please send me information on how

  53. Paul L Matete says:

    I would like to start My PHD as soon as possible please send me information to my email
    I am interested in Evangelism and Mission related topics.

    Thank you

  54. Meduri Kalyan says:

    Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ,
    Sir I want to study Ph D in your esteemed organization in Christian Apologetics so please guide how to enroll in the course. I can’t find any enrollment form here in the website so please help me.
    I am very grateful for your consideration.

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