ThD (Doctor of Christian Theology)

Academic Program: ThD (Doctor of Christian Theology)

Purpose: This program is for those who wish to opt for a very thorough study and specialization in Christian Theology. This program is one of the heaviest in workload among all our doctoral programs. The program is suitable for those who plan to make Biblical Theology a major part of their ministry.

Qualification For Admission: An earned master of Theology from any standard seminary. Those with a secular masters degree plus some background in theology can also apply, provided they realize that they will have to take up extra course-work to fill in for their deficiency in theology.

Subjects: The subjects you need to study are listed below. Each subject shown below is a ‘module’ and each module is 1 credit hour. Practical work is 4 credit hours, and thesis is 12 credit hours. The total is 90 credit hours of work. Text material is supplied free by us via downloads.

Time Allocated: You need to complete the program in 2 years. You can extend it for any number of years by paying an yearly extension fees.

Essential Apologetics
01    M01A1    Introduction to Apologetics
02    M02A1    Presuppositions
03    M03A1    History
04    M04A1    Canon
05    M05A1    Revelation
06    M10A1    Introduction to tools
07    M10A2    Preparation to become an apologist
08    M10P1    What is proof?
09    M11A1    Errors of Interpretation
10    M12A1    Bible Difficulties
11    M13A1    Science difficulties
12    M14A1    Propaganda analysis
13    M15A1    Manipulation analysis
14    M16A1    Manipulation resisting
15    M17A1    Logic and errors
16    M18A1    Debating Techniques
17    M19A1    Resisting debate
18    M20A1    Leading questions
19    M20U1    Using apologetics
General Apologetics
20    THD01    Jesus and History
21    THD02    Bible Difficulties
22    THD03    Introduction to logic II
23    THD03B    Logic and analysis
24    THD04    Christianity and contemporary attacks
25    THD05    Theism and open theism
26    THD06    Christianity and culture
27    THD07    Epistemology
28    THD08    Presuppositionalism Introduction
29    THD09    Contemporary debates
30    THD10    Trinity and Contextualization
31    THD11    Uniqueness of bible
32    THD12    Evolution
33    THD21    Bible as Scripture
34    THD22    History of the bible
35    THD25    Haggai
36    THD26    Zechariah
37    THD31    Sermon on the Mount
38    THD32    Romans
39    THD33    Philippians
40    THD34    Christology of Epistles
41    THD40    Inductive bible study
42    THD41    Exegesis
43    THD42    Parables I
44    THD43    Parables II
45    THD44    Dispensational hermeneutics
46    THD45    Rapture and Revelation
47    THD46    Homiletics
48    THD51    Christian faith and freedom
49    THD52    Pornography and society
50    THD53    Modern theology of God
51    THD54    Christ and culture
52    THD55    Theological foundation of law
53    THD61    Introduction to philosophy
54    THD62    Evangelicalism and Philosophy
55    THD63    Theism
56    THD64    God and Evil
57    THD65    Paganism and Christian faith
58    THD66    Philosophy and pornography
59    THD67    Christian philosophy of Science
60    THD71    Christianity
61    THD72    The Bible
62    THD73    Islam and Quran
63    THD80    Systematic theology II
64    THD82    Bibliology II
65    THD83    Justification by faith II
66    THD84    Hamartiology
67    THD85    God the Father
68    THD86    Christ’s atoning death
69    THD87    Spiritual warfare
70    THD88    Eschatology and Olivet discourse
71    THD89    Biblical foundations
Topical studies
72    THD91    Life of Christ I
73    THD92    Life of Paul I
World view
74    THD95    Evangelical world view
Practical Work
75    THDPR    Theology Courses
76    THDTH    Thesis


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  1. binsar says:

    I want to enroll doctor of theology program. Please inform how to enroll

  2. rev dr jebaraj says:

    i am amissionary for the last 34 years very poor. please help me

  3. Writing dissertation is required or optional in Ph.D?

  4. Rev.CHARLES MOSES M'BRA says:

    Dear Brothers in the Lord, may the Lord Almighty our Great God richly Bless you in the name of Jesus!

    Thank you so much for your great work you are doing. Sincerely, i really appreciate a lot for serving God’s people freely . It is a very great blessing for the Kingdom. You could use this for making money but you preferred rather helping God’s Servants. Thanks a lot.

    For this reason ,i want to get one of my ThD with you. I have already apply for my ThD with my same email address. But i want you to make it very simple for me by getting it less than 6 months. In fact, i teaching and training pastors & gospels ministries founders already for more than 17 Years. I am ready to work very hard for that. And any dissertations to write even now, I am more than ready. For me it just a matter of filling formality.

    God bless you!

    In Christ,


  5. Eshetu says:

    I want to learn, but how?

  6. I recommend this distance learning to all who want to advanced in their studies of Theology. I am an Apostolic Christian with the power of the Holy Spirit. Thanks to the organizers.

  7. Fikru Worku says:

    So great,I wonder God for your service. I am ready to be enrolled in Doctor of theology. I am waiting for your reponse.

  8. Pr Alexandre Annibaldi says:

    Dear Brothers, Peace of Lord,

    I am ready to be enrolled at the program Doctor of Theology – ThD.
    Please, let me know instructions to start it as soon as possible in this Year.

    God bless you and your work in the Name of Jesus Christ,

    Pr Alexandre Annibaldi

  9. I hold Ed.D.,MA & BA in Christian Education, Freelandia Bible College,USA.I want to study DD course.Do offer it?If not then send ThD to PDF.

  10. Balisa says:

    Your work is good! God bless you!

  11. Leonard Austin says:

    I would like to complete the doctor theology lessons with you

  12. James Tooala says:

    Interested in a doctorate in theology

  13. Daniel Kui Htin says:

    I want to join with you Th.D program. I have already get Master level M.Div.So how can i join with you.
    Daniel Kui Htin

  14. Petrus Tshotlego Tshabadira says:

    Please i am interest in studying this program,please will you sent me an information.

  15. Ruben Barraza says:

    Hello! I want to enroll to THD i hava Master in ED in Mexico.

  16. Ibikunle Abimbola says:

    I have a Master of Arts in Theology (Christian Leadership Studies). Please which of the doctoral program will you recommend?

  17. Ajagbe Oba says:

    Due to financial difficulties I could not proceed for the PhD in Thoelogy after I earned M.A.Theolgy. Kindly assist. God bless you

    TEL: (08033208106)

  18. Simeon Awolowo says:

    I have Master of Art in Theological studies ,please which doctoral program can I apply for in this citadel of learning

  19. Pai Nan says:

    I completed Biblical Studied that are..
    1. Bachelor of Theology ( B.Th..India )
    2. Master of Divinity ( M.Div.. India )
    3. Master of Theology ( M.Th.. India )
    4. Bachelor of Arts ( B.A. Hist .3yr, Yangon )
    Study on .2017-2018
    I serve God’s Works as Lecturing & Teaching in Bible Colleges, Yangon, Myanmar. Mostly my job is to serve God Faithfully for His Own Glory.
    So, Sir, I humbly say that by these Studied Knowledge of my Biblical Background, I would like to apply for Online Study Course of Doctorate program of Doctor of Theology.
    So, Sir, if granted of this my online apply for this course, May you reply me back ,so that I could continouously try soon .
    May God Uses you All !
    Mr. Pai Nan
    Hlegu, Yangon
    Ph. 0095 9795474530

  20. Simeon Awolowo says:

    How would go about it, that is the next step for me to begin the programme

  21. Simeon Awolowo says:

    Since I can put in for doctoral programme in theology. How can I cmenced the studies

    • Simeon Awolowo says:

      I have applied since 2017, yet no response from you on the commencement of the programme. Please help me out what can I do ,so as to start as soon as possible

  22. DG Bell says:

    If I complete the DBS or ThD, will some of those classes then transfer or be counted toward the DrApol should I desire to continue my studies?

    What are the fees for students in the USA?

  23. Greetings

    Please I want to apply for D.Min but the link is not highlighted. I need your assistance.

    Stanley from Nigeria

  24. Samuel Rathnakar Erpula says:

    Dear Sir /Madam,
    Kindly help me to enroll for D.D Course. I am from India. My number is +919618454553.

  25. Simeon Awolowo says:

    Iam still awaiting the commencement of the programme dur to no response from this school

  26. Gaipuiga Thaimei says:

    I have completed my master of theology in bangalore bible college & institution. I would like to study doctorate in theology on leadership. How can I apply for it.

  27. Pastor Cupido Rhode says:

    I am a pastor for 30 years and wants to enroll as a doctoral student.

    Please help me

    God bless

  28. Abraham Babu Paulus says:

    Please send the course Matirial.

    Rev. Abraham Babu Paulus

    31/34, Near Velmani Jewellery,
    Lower Bazzar, Kotagiri-643217,
    The Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu, India.
    Mobile Number: 9442888768, 9788851269.

  29. Alemayehu Teeshale says:

    I have seen many times the program,and I am so eager in order to start the course,but in what ways? the system is too difficult,so what shall i do?

  30. Thomas R. Myers says:

    Are my messages coming through? I’m not seeing them after I hit submit comment.

    • ISDET_Admin_2014 says:

      Messages go into “moderation” after you post them. Then we approve it. For every normal message there are fifty spam messages, mostly from unwanted sites. Thus this precaution.

  31. Thomas R. Myers says:

    Now I see it.

    I currently work quite a bit of hours with my job. I am wondering as to how many hours a week I would need to set aside to complete the ThD in two years? Three years? I may just have to wait until I retire to have the time need to finally achieve my doctorate.



    • ISDET_Admin_2014 says:

      We expect students to spend a minimum of two hours a day, five days a week as the programs are all syllabus-heavy

  32. PETER -DANIEL says:

    Thanks so much for what you are doing freely for the kingdom of God, for His Glory.
    I am a Pastor in Congo DRC. I am also very involved in youth christian education, church planting,teaching in rural churches where bible training and poverty are very serious challenges.
    I have got a Master of theology with focus on christian education and a Bachelor degree in theology with concentration in leadership. I have also got a Bachelor degree in general Education.
    I do have interest and potential to pursue a PhD or ThD program in Theology.

  33. Moses 'Seyi Odelabu-Lordsaint says:

    I am Moses, an Apostle of the Lord called to bring back love the lost.
    I am appreciative of your calling and your contribution to the body of Christ. Thank you.
    My desire is to explore new area of knowledge that will make God’s work to be readily available bringing the undiluted Word to the world in a more pragmatic sense.
    I have doctorate degree in theology. I am a pastor at Jesus The Christ Church in Nigeria.
    I love to do christian ministry.

    Thank you.

  34. Bongani says:

    I want to register on free doctoral courses, how

  35. Shey Samuel Ngeh says:

    I am Bible translation consultant in Cameroon and I am interested in pursuing the ThD (Doctor of Christian Theology)studies. How should I go about this?

  36. Rev. Ivan Muramuzi says:

    I am inquiring to know about your accreditation. Am a Ugandan pastor interested in furthering my studies in the glory. I hold a BA, Master of Theology.

    • ISDET_Admin_2014 says:

      We have chosen for our Christian coursses not to be accredited by non Christians who rule our nation.

  37. Hello I am pastor sohail naitmat have done in history and bachlerin education I am coming English mastor from Karachi University. I have done Theology course USA Bible’s school Alabama old and new Bible’s survey and I am interested in th.D studies to complete doctors of Bible theology. I have been serving the lord for 20years for the lord as mission in Pakistan many cities of Pakistan trained as Bible’s school and Sunday school teacher and pastor trainer. English and Bible’s course teachers

  38. Makwe John Nwachukwu says:

    I have Master degree in historical Theology from Theological College of Northern Nigeria.

  39. Fady Zaki says:

    Hello, I sent the application a week ago but i got no response

  40. Pst GOZIE says:

    I have been yearning for a broader study of Theology. Please grant me access and advise. Thanks

  41. Charles says:

    Please I would appreciate if I am granted free online phd in theology. I am from developing country Nigeria and living in Cambodia

  42. Johnson Benjamin says:

    please i want to apply for doctorate in theology in this University or theological seminary. How do I go about it, educate me please

  43. uwem akpan says:

    please i need master in history

  44. uwem akpan says:

    please send me online application for admission into master in history

  45. I really have a zeal to study one of your Bible course online I am so eager to learn the word of God to gain more wisdom and knowledge and understanding of the word of God.

  46. Berhanu Legesse Nurgi says:

    Thank you very much that you gave me quick answer. But I faced difficulty to fill my final registration. I don’t know why the system is not responding to PhD registration. Is there another way to be registered and start my study?
    Hope fully I will wait for your answer.
    Let God bless you and your ministry.

    Berhanu Legesse Nurgi

  47. benjamin banda says:

    i want to study for a doctorate, what are the conditions.

  48. Baraka mpenda says:

    I have master of social work,please can accept me to study PHD.I come from developing country Tanzania.
    Please can offer me to study PHD.
    Looking hearing from you

  49. Terry says:

    Show me the way

  50. Praise the Lord. I am DR N BHASKARA RAO r/o Hydrabad TS.INDIA. I baptized Hebron TS.INDIA. I am serving God through ministry at different places.i love GOD.i thank God to all the time.

    PhD Business Management. OU
    MBA Human Resource.KU
    MBA Marketing Management.GITAM
    MA Public Administration.SVU
    LLB Legal Remedies.KU.

    I am very interested to join in Bible theology studies.PhD.theology.

  51. Archibald.Magandi says:

    Please can I study with you

  52. Charles Ikechukwu Udeagu says:

    I have masters in leadership management and law management. Please can do Doctorate in biblical theology. You can write back with

  53. Tim says:

    Dear ISDET Admin,

    I hope you will see this message. I have sent in an initial application for the Doctor of Theology (ThD) and I am yet to go through the second application process.

    Kindly help me out as I’m so ready to start my studies.

    God bless you all richly good. Amen!

  54. Michael Veeraragavan says:

    Please send me application form for doctor in theology as an honorary to my e mail address. I am in India ,and have completed 60 with 30 yrs of ministry experience.

  55. Samson M says:

    I am Samson M. from India. I completed my Master of Theology. I would like to Study PhD or Thd. But my financial situation is very poor. Kindly help me to Study. thanks

  56. Tadesse says:

    I Am from Ethiopia I would like to learn Phd DCT, Please send me an application form .
    God bless you.

  57. jennie says:

    I want to apply for the doctor in theology
    is it free? any costs? requirements?
    in need of more info
    contact my email

  58. RUFFIN MVUMBI says:

    How to get the registration?

  59. David Smith says:

    Hi greetings in Jesus name. I have done M.Div from bible college and want to do D.Min but I didn’t see that you are offering that degree. But I am also interested in doing doctorate in Christian Theology. Please let me know if I am eligible to do it. Thanks

    David Smith

  60. Byron Fowler says:

    I am interested in this program. I do have a question: I have an undergraduate degree in Philosophy. Can I get credit for this, and perhaps not take the Philosophy in this program?

  61. John Riley says:

    I am interested in your programs. I have many questions.

    1. Is this program good for working professionals and is it suitable for someone who obtained a masters in social work?
    2. Is there support?
    3. How much are the fees for extension, and can I go at my own pace?
    4. Is the doctorate accredited?
    5. What doctorates do you offer? I am currently a counselor.


    L. John Riley Jr. BSW, LCSW

  62. Mariarosaria Orecchio says:

    Desidero iscrivermi al corso di dottorato di teologia online grazie

  63. luis forero says:

    porfavor como me incribo o matriculo en el doctorado DIOS LOS BENDIGA Y gracias.

  64. Agustinus Silalahi says:

    i am agustinus silalahi from Indonesia. i’m leader in Bethel Church Indonesia. i’m interested doctorate theology. can i get scholarship? thank you

  65. Donald K Stewart says:

    Dear Friends, I am presently serving as a missionary in Ghana. I have previously completed some courses from Trinity Graduate School of Apologetics and Theology (affiliated to this school), and am presently doing the ThD. I can whole heartedly recommend these materials and courses. They are excellent. Thanks.

  66. Moses Danyo says:

    Dear Sir,

    Please how much is the yearly extension fee for doctoral programmes?

    Thank you.

  67. Sr. Luana Balducci says:

    Buongiorno, sono una suora italiana, volevo sapere se si poteva effettuare il corso in lingua italiana gratuitamente, per ragioni economiche.

  68. ssthangno says:

    I am interested to take this course. I’m from Myanmar.

  69. S.M.Veal says:

    Can the masters of biblical study and the doctorate be taken concurrently?

  70. Paul says:

    I am working on my BA in biblical studies and would like to get a doctorate. Can you please tell me how to enroll in your program to ultimately gt my doctrate

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