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Are you looking for a way to study theology without paying a dime in tuition? Check out our website! We offer totally free distance education in theology and apologetics. Whether you are looking to get a degree or just take some courses, we have what you need. And best of all, it won’t cost you a penny in tuition fees.

ISDET is a tuition-free theological school that offers one of the most affordable and flexible theological degrees in the world. ISDET is an online theological school that offers degrees in theology and church leadership. The school has been tuition-free since its founding in 1970. ISDET’s mission is to provide quality, affordable, and flexible theological education for Christians who are called to serve their churches, their communities, and the world.

ISDET offers a range of free theological studies programs. These programs are free to enroll in, and the course material is available to download. ISDET is a theological institute that provides certificates and degrees for students who complete their courses. The certificate courses are designed for those who want to supplement their learning in the area of scripture, theology, or ministry. They are also open to those who want an introduction to the subject before enrolling in formal degree programs.

The certificates offered by ISDET take six months or less to complete and represent a significant investment of time by participating students. A graduate degree will take two years or more to complete, but it will provide a solid foundation for further study or practical ministry work in the area of scripture, theology, or theology applied contexts.

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