Policy Matters 001

002You have joined, or are plan to join, ISDET with the full knowledge and understanding that ISDET has decided to operate without seeking any kind of government or private accreditation.

We at the International Seminary for Distance Education have taken this decision consciously because we do not want any kind of restriction, control, or coercion from government or private agencies in the free theological programs that we offer. We wish to remain a free seminary school that is controlled by born-again and conservative Christians. This does not go well with many people, and they might try to attack ISDET on the net. If you spot such an attack, DO NOT post any kind of response or counterattack.

First, a Christian is not required to post an excuse or reason for his conservatism. Second, a student of ISDET would not know the best approach to defending this Seminary school. Thus the best thing to do if you spot an attack is to send an email to Office@ISDET.Com and we will see to it that a senior faculty member (with a good background in legal matters) contacts them and serves them a ‘take down’ notice.

We do not look direct student involvement in these matters with favour. Rather, students should refrain from doing things for which they are not qualified and should hand over the job to us and we will find people within ISDET family who are legally qualified to do this job.


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