Free Bachelors Programs In Bible/Theology

We offer several bachelors level programs in Bible, theology, ministry, apologetics, etc. The following programs are available at present:

Please click on the program of your choice for more information. Remember, all the above programs are offered without any tuition fees. All textbooks needed for the above programs are given free via net-based downloads.

Take some time to study all the free programs mentioned on this Seminary School and make a decision only after you have fully understood everything. Remember, it is better to weigh all courses and then choose what suits you most instead of hastily join just because these seminary courses are free.

All our programs from bachelors up doctoral programs are free of tuition. No tuition fees is ever demanded. There is no hidden fee. However, there is a small entry-fees (registration-fees) that everyone from Developed Countries need to pay. This would be less than the tuition fees that they might have to pay for a single credit hour of course in other institutions.

Students from Developing Countries do not have to pay any entry fees because they come from the poorest among the poor countries.

All students (irrespective of the country of their origin) will have to pay a small Graduation-fees. This amount takes care of final exams, printing and packing of transcripts and diplomas. This amount also takes care of the special international courier which we use for the delivery of the documents. Graduation fees, however, has to be paid only at the time of graduation.


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    Hope my application will be considered in the quickest possible time. God bless you.

  2. Reynaldo Mendoza says:

    Until now I don’t have any idea if my electronic application is considered by your school. Hope to hear from you.

  3. Nana O Boakye says:


    still awaiting final confirmation of you granting me approval of my application.Hope to hear from you soon.
    God bless you

  4. Prakash says:

    Hi I’m from Nepal

  5. Joshua O. Sparks says:

    Praise the Lord. I submitted by application to the Academic Board on November 21st and have not received a response to see if it has been received and if I had or had not been accepted. Thank you for your service a d for advancing the Kingdom of God.

  6. Belay Yadeta says:

    please help me the way get my degree in theology

  7. Belay Yadeta says:

    since iam from developing country i don’t have money to cover tuition fee please facilitate for me the way i learn free

  8. Semião Emanuell da Silva says:


    God bless you.

    I’m trying contact about my application, but I’m not having success.

    Can you help me, please. I have sent my final application and didn’t receive any answer.

    Thank you.

    God bless you.

  9. Semião says:

    Hello. God bless you.

    I’m from Brazil, a Developing Country, but I received the answer for my Final Application saying that my country is Developed. I asked about this by e-mail but I didn’t receive any answer.

    Can you, please, check this?
    I really can’t pay the fee.


    • ISDET_Admin_2014 says:

      We sent you a reply

      • Semião says:


        I didn’t received an answer about I’m from in a Developing Country and not from a Developed Country. Can you, please, check it? If possible re-send the answer.

        Thanks. God bless you.

  10. S.Kavinmugil says:

    Sir, I am interested in doing Bachelor of ministry.I am from India and want to know that I am from developed country or not.How much fees I have to pay , if I am considered from developed nation.Pls reply.Thanks.S.Kavinmugil

  11. Bonnie Pincini says:

    How long would it take to complete the Bachelor of Theology program, and how much would the graduation fees be?

  12. patrick tebong says:

    just want to know more about your free tuition degree program

  13. Matthew Atamale says:

    Thank you for the opportunity

  14. Cliff Ball says:

    Please have a look at sizemic activity..


    Please confirm to begin Masters degree within 1 calandar gregoraian year,, sans Nimoi


  15. Richard Ram beak Okemwa says:

    Register me for bachelor degree in BRE please

  16. timothy hughes says:

    I am interested in enrolling in bachelor of bible theology. what is the process of enrolling and beginning courses. thanks have a great day

  17. I am curatorial official in Kenya a developing country kindly asking to pursue above course /BRE. Its my dream course as a Christian

  18. Lintang Suminar mzzGC says:

    Is Indonesia a developing country ?

  19. P.Sajeewan ahatangala says:

    Application for the Bachelor of Cristian Divinity or Philosophy of Doctoer degree for completely free of charges:-
    Full Name-Prabha Sajeewan Hatangala.
    Address-No-141/C-Pugoda Road,Kanduboda,Delgoda,Sri Lanka
    Age-44 years
    Date of Birth-29/07/1972
    Position-Accountant/Teacher/Social Woker

    Educational & Professional Qualifications-
    *Senior member of the association of Accouoting Technicians of Sri Lanka.
    *Certified Business accountant in the institute of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka.
    *Certified Professional Manager.
    *Approved Accountant under the Inland Revenue Act of Sri Lanka.
    *Diploma in Business(University of Kelaniya)
    *Diploma in Sinhala Language and Linterature(University of Colombo)
    *Diploma in Translation and Interpretation-English/Sinhala(University of Kelaniya)
    *Diploma in Astrology and Buddhist Counselling(Nagananda Internatinal Buddhist University)

    I am educated and very poor social worker with high contection with people rural villages.I wish to obtain an above mentioned degree without any payment.If you will able to give an above mentioned degree to me with full exception ,I can promote your religen and your institution in my living area.

    Actually I expect only degree certficate.I apreciate if you will consider to my request.
    Thank you.

    P.Sajeewan Hatangala

  20. cliff ball says:

    Thank you for sending BTh and BMin to

    Lets remeber our missionaries in the mission field at home and abraod and CBM is the Mission Corporate sponsor we at our congregation are endorsing


    Go Abby Go!
    Hi, MR!

  21. Cliff Ball says:

    Please send inbound programs, min, the, to
    Please and thanks!

  22. I want to do Bachelor of Theology. Kindly help.

  23. kindly help me pursue Bachelor of theology.

  24. Luke Issac says:

    This is gold privilege to me as I am from third world country Papua New Guinea. Please assist me for admission.


    Luke Issac

    Papua New Guinea

  25. Luke Issac says:

    I have a great desire to do bachelor degree in theology. I hope studying this course will equip me to atleast take the Gospel to untouched communities of my country.

    Your help will be highly valued.


    Luke Issac

  26. Heidi Lynn Smith says:

    How do I apply?

  27. ROBERT HEATH says:

    Please send bible course material 2335 crooks st Ashland ky 41101

  28. Jain mohammed Kadir says:

    L wouldlike do BA in theology

    Moe sam KAdir
    7961 112A Street
    Delta BC VC4 4Y4

    Phone 778 591 9494


  29. Kapil Nadeem Ghouri says:

    Can I earn a free ministry degree in order to serve the Church, here in Pakistan? My financial status does not permit me to pay the fee.



  30. Lefano says:

    I would like to study a Bachelor’s degree in Christian divinity. I am posting from Zambia. By the way what is the accreditation like?

    • ISDET_Admin_2014 says:

      We have not sought accreditation. If you need an accredited degree, and that also FREE, then please check if such a facility is available elsewhere.

  31. Lefano says:

    When can I apply for admission? I am so interested as I am a Pst. Of a congestion.

  32. Helo please am interested to get a degree in BMin (Bachelor of Christian Ministry)
    Am serving in the church in Kenya and i have a certificate in ministry from a Bible college in Kenya

  33. Batho Maballa says:

    I want to register for the bachelor degree course, kindly help me on the procedures.

  34. Jayaseelan Samuel says:

    Dear Sir/Mam,
    I have sent the initial application for B.Th course. Please approve and send me the course materials. Thanks!

  35. Kennedy wanyonyi says:

    I would like to study bachelor of theology degree. from Kenya

  36. Hello
    My name is Aimable Ephraim. I would like to do a bachelor degree in your school. Please send me informations about it

  37. Eric says:

    I applied for a Bachelors Degree but all I got is an auto reply for electronic application.Should I assume that my application was unsuccessful?

  38. I’m a pastor in rural area of Uganda.
    Would like to enroll in the free Bachelor of Bible Theology program. I can’t find an application here. What can I do?
    Kato John Chrysostom
    Best regards.


    AMC is willing to collaborate with Christian churches and organization around the world to set up outreach bases in training leaders, planting new churches and doing social actions.

    AMC’ VISION: To bring Christians to obey the Great Commission by proclaiming God’s glory among the nations. Isaiah 66:19
    Exalting Christ in Missions locally and globally through the training and equipping the pastors and church – leaders.
    We do mobilize, bring to conscientious, train, equip and stimulate Christians to open their hearts in order to commit themselves massively in local and global mission, because church is called to be a force to transform the world especially where there are greatest needs : Spiritually, Socially and Economically. Rom 10: 13-15; Mt 24:14; Mt 25:40.
    To bring Christians to maturity and send them to accomplish the global mission in order to participate to the growth of the Kingdom of our Lord.

  40. Donald Lloyd Williams says:

    My name is Donald Lloyd Williams, from Sierra Leone.

    I will like to register for BTh (Bachelor In Bible Theology).

    God bless

  41. James Monykong Mijak says:

    Well, I would like to apply for the Bachelor of Christian Divinity with your free program. I would wish that I am guided on what to do next!

  42. Ambe Ngwa Jude says:

    Calvary greetings in the Name of Jesus. Please Sir can you please direct me on how to go on with registration? I can’t find the registration form. Thanks, stay blessed.

  43. Nelson says:

    Sir, I want to compete MY bachelor degree on Theology or Divinity or Christian Ministry.

  44. Maikhael says:

    Hello Sir. I submitted my initial application a month but I’m still yet to get a reply. thank you

  45. Peavon says:

    Sir, i need to complete a degree on christian ministry.please send in information.

  46. Alterson Emmanuel says:

    I want to enrol for bachelor’s degree program.


    Kindly send me an online application form. I am from Kenya in East Africa.

  48. Pafulano clement says:

    Greetings in Jesus wonderful name,please send me the enrollment form I’m from Africa

  49. Sir,
    Pray for my family,worship for my family

  50. Eric says:

    Still waiting for registration link

  51. Eric says:

    Kindly send me registration link

  52. Eric says:

    I have already applied and waiting for a final Application form please help

    • Johnson Adeiza Obari says:

      Greetings, how did you send application? I want to apply for bachelors in theology but I can not find any application link. Please, I hope to get explanation from you.

  53. Lito Larino says:

    I am also waiting for the final application form. Thank you.

  54. Johnson Adeiza Obari says:

    Greetings in the name of God,
    I have made efforts to apply for bachelor of theology but I couldn’t find any application link. I hereby request for help in order for me to apply and access God’s provision through ISDET.
    Blessing to you all.

  55. Abate Tesfaye says:

    Dear please add to your college to get Theological or Bibilical studies. I am writing this letter from Ethiopia. I am Ethiopian

    Abate Tesfaye

  56. Tawana says:

    Can I start a course now?

  57. Cristina Joaquim Pedro says:

    Kindly send me registration link


  58. Eric F says:

    I have applied 4 five weeks ago and still waiting for final Application or registration link please help

  59. Casmir says:

    Good morning, please, send me the registration link. I have senior secondary school certificate and 2.30 GPA in business administration and management – OND. Am I qualified to apply?


  60. Salem says:

    Maybe it would be better if you could sort the comments from new to old order as currently the comments are sorted in old to new order which means old comments come on top and the new ones come at the very bottom.

    When I saw the first comment is from 2014 I thought that it is colsed now , it doesn’t operate any more. I think many others might have the same story as mine

  61. Maybel says:

    Dear Honorable Sir,
    I enquired about your courses and hope to hear a reply from you soon. Had sent the message via below email. Above is an alternative email. Thanks again very much for your time in replying this email.


  62. Mduduzi Nkomo says:

    Good day

    I am a Swazi man of 37 years of age. I am fully involved in church leadership, so I wish to enroll to your bible studies degrees, starting with the Bachelor of Theology.

    Please provide me with information on how to apply.

    Kind regards
    Mduduzi Nkomo

    • ISDET_Admin_2014 says:

      All necessary info is already available on this website. Please go to the home page and check the menu items.

  63. Mduduzi Nkomo says:

    Good day

    I am a Swazi man of 37 years of age. I am fully involved in church leadership, so I wish to enroll to your bible studies degrees, starting with the Bachelor of Theology.

    Please provide me with information on how to apply.

    Kind regards
    Mduduzi Nkomo

    • ISDET_Admin_2014 says:

      All necessary info is already available on this website. Please go to the home page and check the menu items.

  64. Michael says:

    I applied sometimes back and I have not received any communication. Please advice.
    Thank you.

  65. Baraka Mpenda says:

    I come from very poor Tanzania,developing country.I have master I need to study PHD philosophy.
    Can you allow me.
    Looking hearing from you.

  66. Joseph says:

    Thanks for the opportunities offer .

  67. Joseph says:

    I try to register in the Bachelor degree study but it is giving me hard time , please e mail me the registration procedure .

  68. jef says:

    how and where do i sign up?

  69. Dominador Bitoon says:

    I’m very much interested on this most valuable program, how do i sign up?

  70. Martin Lufunda says:

    I like your program and I am interested to do one of your programs.

  71. PETER ZULU says:

    Am interested to study with you, how can I enrol please.

  72. Baraka says:

    Good evening
    Hoping you fine in the name of Jesus.Im very happy to inform you my ambition inner passion in study bacholar of theology as to understand God and Universal also to preach the gospel of God according to instruction of pastor.therefore I need to stand for my own feet.I come from Tanzania
    Looking hearing from you.

  73. Would like to apply for a Bahelor of biblical religeous education

  74. Daniel Titus says:

    I would like to study a Bachelor’s degree in Theology. I am posting from Nigeria. Please how can I register?

  75. Fromme Serilla says:

    Hi sir/ma’am,I’m willing and would like to study a Bachelor’s degree in Theology.How can I register or enroll?I’m from Philippines.Hoping for your reply..Thank you

  76. ..i am from indonesia..
    How to study in you?
    ..i have realy not easy to start study..i have registered to my account of email

  77. I want to study says:

    Hello, I want to study in your seminary.
    Name: Emil
    Last name: Abishev
    Country: developing country

  78. Andreas Kolliarakis says:


    I would like to have more informations, about your Bachelor program in Theology and maybe later for the Master.
    If there is any cost, how can I start to study etc.
    I live in Greece.

    Thank you.

  79. Samuel Layton Sarpee says:

    Sir,I want to the learn the word of God.Please help me to get my degree in your institution

  80. Waqar Younas says:


    I am interested in BTh (Bachelor of Theology).

    Please let me know what is the procedure to join.

  81. How can I apply for Bachelor of Church Ministry?

  82. Whitni E Mantooth says:

    I know that some colleges and seminaries do not require that you take the traditional approach to enroll in doctorate level studies (obtaining both a Bachelor’s and Master’s first) and receive acceptance in those classes. I am wondering if your school allows for that or will I need to obtain a Bachelor’s and Master’s before enrolling in the PhD program.

    Thank you! I am excited to hopefully enroll soon and get started!

  83. Zassala Nicolau says:

    To whom it may concern

    I would like to study a Bachelor’s degree in Theology or a free ministry degree. Please how can I register?
    i want to serve the Church, here in Angola? My financial status does not permit me to pay the studies fee.
    God bless

    Zassala Nicolau

  84. Marcus says:

    Please send me an application for the Bachelor of Theology program. Thank you!

  85. Juan says:

    God bless you, we pray the Lord that you accept us and we have already sent the initial registration. This will greatly support the missionary work that we are carrying out in South America. Blessings. We await your approval in the name of the Lord.

  86. Triphone Perera says:

    Hello, I have posted my application requesting information on
    1. BMin (Bachelor of Christian Ministry)
    2. BRE (Bachelor of Biblical Religious Education)

    I haven’t received any feedback as yet, I also sent follow up emails from my email id

    Appreciate if you could share me the details for the same.

  87. Olugbenga says:

    I am so impressed with the course content of the BA Theology program. And, this a great work you are doing as an institution assisting Christian Leader across the world to be equipped with knowledge of the scripture.

    Please what is the duration of the entire program and can I combine BA degree with MA Theology?

    Thank you as I await your response in this regard.

  88. Girlmerina matiza says:

    Hello. I am interested in enrolling into the bachelor of theology degree. Please help how I can access application form. Looking forward to your early response.
    Thank you.

  89. Ángel Galindez says:

    Buenas tardes, deseo matricularme para cursar un Bth o un Bmin. Por favor ayúdenme a acceder al formulario de solicitud . Agradeciendo su pronta respuesta, feliz tarde. Dios les bendiga.

  90. Sony Lauw says:


    I hope my application is successful and can start the study soon.

    Thanks, Sony

  91. luyujun says:

    l want to start this soon

  92. Hope by God grace I started Bachelor programs nowhere thanks for this opportunity for free God you more.

  93. Erastus Were says:

    I have earned an associate in divinity degree now and also a diploma in ministry now interested in earning A bachelor’s in ministry. How do I go about it?

  94. Erastus Were says:

    I have earned an associate in divinity degree and also a diploma in ministry.I am now interested in earning A bachelor’s in ministry. How do I go about it?

  95. Minister Frank Nelson says:

    I am interested in earning a bachelor’s degree in theology.

  96. Estoy interesado en una Licenciatura en Teología Bíblica

  97. Donatien NGOIE SONGE says:

    Hello ISDET, I want to remind about my application that I have sent via your email, I want to learn the program of bachelor of theology there’s 3 days ago. But I don’t get any feedback from you.
    Could you check please.

  98. Donatien NGOIE SONGE says:

    Hello ISDET, I would like to remind you about my application about bachelor of theology that I have sent there’s 3 days ago but I didn’t get any feedback from you. Could you please.

    Best regards,

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