DrApol (Doctor of Christian Apologetics)

Academic Program: DrApol (Doctor of Christian Apologetics)

Purpose: This program is for those who wish to opt for a very thorough study and specialization in Christian Apologetics. This program is the heaviest in workload among all our doctoral programs. The program is suitable for those who plan to make apologetics a major part of their ministry.

Qualification For Admission: Master of Christian Apologetics from our seminary is preferred. Those with MTh or ThD from this or any other seminary are admitted provided you realize that this is going to be a very curriculum heavy program.

Subjects: The subjects you need to study are listed below. Each subject shown below is a ‘module’ and each module is 1 credit hour.  Practical work is 9 credit hours, and thesis is 20 credit hours. The total is 120 credit hours of work. Text material is supplied free by us via downloads.

Time Allocated: Since this is a curriculum-heavy program, students have 3 years to complete it.

Essential Apologetics
01    M01A1    Introduction
02    M02A1    Presuppositions
03    M03A1    History1
04    M04A1    Canon
05    M05A1    Revelation
06    M10A1    Introduction to tools of Apologetics
07    M10A2    Preparation to become an apologist
08    M10P1    What is proof
99    M11A1    Errors of Interpretation
10    M12A1    Bible Difficulties
11    M13A1    Science difficulties
12    M14A1    Propaganda Analysis
13    M15A1    Manipulation analysis
14    M16A1    Manipulation resisting
15    M17A1    Logic and Errors
16    M18A1    Debating Techniques
17    M19A1    Resisting debate
18    M20A1    Leading Questions
19    M20U1    Using Apologetics
20    DAP01    Bibliology
21    DAP02    Inerrancy
22    DAP03    Pseudoepigrapha
Philosophy and History
23    DAP10    Introduction to Philosophy
24    DAP11    Christians and practice of philosophy
25    DAP12    Naturalism
26    DAP13    Postmodernism
27    DAP14    Philosophical Apologetics
28    DAP15    Theism
Theological Apologetics
29    DAP20A    God’s existence 4
30    DAP20B    Open Theism 3
31    DAP20C    Deity of Jesus
32    DAP20D    Impeccability of Christ
33    DAP20E    Kenosis
Apologetic  Approaches
34    DAP25A    Apologetic Approaches
35    DAP25B    Recurring Problems
Evolution and Creation
36    DAP40A    Age of the Earth
37    DAP40B    Evolution and the Time problem
38    DAP40C    Genesis and Science
39    DAP40D    Colossians and Science
40    DAP40E    Job and Science
41    DAP40K    Darwinism
42    DAP40L    Evolution and Creation
43    DAP40M    Evolution advanced
44    DAP40N    Evolution Predicaments
45    DAP41A    History of Creationism
46    DAP41B    Creationism 1
47    DAP41C    Creationism 2
48    DAP42    Flood and Ice ages
49    DAP43    Theistic Evolution
Historical Apologetics
50    DAP50A    Jesus and History
51    DAP50B    Analysis of Resurrection history
52    DAP50C    Jesus and eyewitnesses
53    DAP50D    Bible and Archaeology 2
54    DAP50E    Universal Flood
55    DAP50F    Scientists and Creationists
56    DAP50G     Analysis Of Resurrection II
Apologetics and New Testament
57    DAP60A    New Testament Documents
58    DAP60B    Evangelicals and the Canon
59    DAP60C    Canon- Advanced Study
60    DAP60D    Apocrypha and OT Canon
61    DAP60E    Dead Sea Scrolls
62    DAP70A    Current Issues
63    DAP70B    Current Issues I
64    DAP70C    Euthanasia
Cult Studies I (Introduction)
65    DAP80A    Introduction to Cults
66    DAP80B    Cult Characteristics
67    DAP80C    Resisting Cults
67    DAP80D    Cult Attraction Strategies
69    DAP80E    Cult Classification
70    DAP80F    Christian Cults
71    DAP80G    Occult Cults
Cult Studies II (World Religions)
72    DAP81A    Analysis of Religions
73    DAP81B    Hinduism
74    DAP81C    New Age
75    DAP81D    Gnosticism
76    DAP81E    Free Masons
77    DAP81F    Mormonism
78    DAP81G    Islam
79    DAP81H    Feminism and Goddess religions
80    DAP81I    World Religions
Cult Studies III (Islam)
81    DAP85A    Introduction to Islam
82    DAP85B    Islam II
83    DAP86C    Codification of Quran
84    DAP86D    Textual History of Quran
85    DAP86P    Christian Muslim Apologetics
86    DAP86Q    Answering Muslim
87    DAP86S    Christian witness to Muslims
88    DAP86T    Questions from Muslims
89    DAP86U    Islamic Agenda
Cults IV (New Age Related)
90    DAP90A    New Age Cults
91    DAP90B    Gnosticism II
Practical Demonstration
92    DAPRC    Apologetics Course Development
93    DATHS    Thesis


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  1. young mccann says:

    I have a MDiv and completed course work for M.S. in electrical enginerring (didnt finish the thesis) and have 15 years of ministry experience (a lot in the area of apologetics). Can i be qualified for DrApol program? What is your recommendation. Thanks

    • ISDET_Admin_2014 says:

      Yes, you are qualified. You will have to study some extra courses.

    • anoop says:

      i have a M. Div degree and i am interested in doing Doctorate in Apologetic s. And i also have 8 years experience in ministry. Can i apply for the above mentioned course? what is your recommendation. thank you.

  2. Christian greetings to everyone. I would like to make a follow up regarding the result of my final enrollment application in Doctor of Christian Apologetics. I sent my application last November 19, also I would like to make corrections regarding the word field that I wrongly spelled into failed in the questionnaire asking my purpose in enrolling this course, my apologies.

  3. i have submitted my application for DTH programe, when the study will start

  4. Paul Owolabi says:

    Good day. Just seeing this beautiful school for the first time.
    Just wanted to know if I can study the Doctorate in Christian Apologetics with my Bachelor (Science). I couldn’t complete my Masters programme in Parasitology due to personal challenges in my country, Nigeria. In addition, I almost 4 years plus ministry experience.

    Thanks for your reply.

  5. Phillip Beavers says:

    Since I could not see a way to enroll in the MApol (Master of Christian Apologetics) program, would it be possible to enroll in the DrApol (Doctor of Christian Apologetics) program, even without a theology-related Master’s degree (I do have a Master’s degree, just not in a theology focus). The “heavy curriculum focus” that is warned about above is not an issue for me, but I don’t know what other reasons you might have for the MTh or ThD requirements listed.

  6. Thomas Eristhee says:

    I have payed for the doctor of Christian apologetics for some time now and I am not hearing nothing from you. I have not recive not one course. I need to do the work. I want the knowledge.

  7. Daniel Koskei says:

    I thank God for ISDET and Dr Philip in particular for allowing me to study MTH.God by Grace has allowed them to reach the world with the Gospel through this Free Internet bible school.The carriculum/content is of high quality.At the end of the course i will be thoroughly equipped in the world of academia if that is what the world requires.But my greatest desire is to be knowlegeable in the word of God for His Glory and my personal spiritual benefits more than pursuing issues of certifiation or/and accreditation.

    • PAU GIN MANG says:

      I want to take this DrAPol course if it be really a free course.

      And where can I be awarded the certificate after completion?

  8. Abraham Coffie says:

    I have Diploma in Biblical Studies, Certificate in Education, 1st Degree in Technical Education, Master of Technology Education in Mechanical and Occupational Safety and Health Professional Certificates,

    Do I qualify for Doctor of Apologetic program?

    Are your programs accredited by a recognised institution?

    Thank you.

  9. Bartholomew says:


    I admire your dedication to make Christain education available online to serious students.

    I have an MBA degree from a prestigious university in India, with short term courses in Bible and Theology. Can I enroll myself for the DrApol (Doctor of Christian Apologetics)course, as I am serious about acquiring it and using the knowledge for the good of the Church.

    Thanks and regards.


  10. John Thomas says:

    Hi, I am from India and have done M.Div. in Missiology and would like to do DrApol. Am I eligible to do the course? What is the total fees I have to bear?

    Thank you

  11. Chris says:


    I have a MBA degree from UK. I have been involved in teaching and preaching ministry for 17 years.
    Just wondering if I am eligible to take up the DrApol.

    Thank you.

    Best regards,

  12. saeed Gohari says:

    how, can i started

  13. Jimmy Kambey says:


    How can I start this course?

    Thank You

  14. Murombeka Question says:

    I have enrolled in Dr of Christian Apologetics program. Its courses are meant to equip a Christian to defend the faith. I love the study!

  15. Jafferson JM says:

    Hi..I am interested in apologetics. I am a mechanical engineer. I did PhD in mechanical engineering. Can I do “Doctor of Christian Apologetics” through distance education. Now im residing in India.

  16. I am in the mission field, fulltime ministry/pastor/more than 15 years. I have completed, Bth, MA Christian studies.
    can I try to start Dr in Apologetics?

  17. Ash says:

    Greetings to you in Christ, I am a graduate with an Honours in Computer Engineering. I have nearly 10 years of ministry experience. I would like to ask if I am eligible to apply for Doctorate in Apologetics.
    Much thanks

  18. Ash says:

    Greetings to you in Christ, I am based in Australia and I am a graduate with honours in Computer Engineering. Besides, I have nearly ten years of experience in Christian ministry and would like to pursue this further and be a full-time minister. Am I eligible to pursue DrApol (Doctor of Christian Apologetics)? Please guide me through the next steps to be taken, thanks.

    • ISDET_Admin_2014 says:

      Please go to the home page and send an online application from there. There is a menu item that says “apply”. The academic council has to evaluate you.

  19. Alex S Moghadam says:

    I cannot find another way to communicate with your institution. I have previously submitted my application and carry two Master degrees from Grand Canyon University with a Ba in Christian Leadership as well. Please contact me if your school is still open or taking new students.

  20. Charles Ikechukwu Udeagu says:

    Dear Dr. Johnson C. Philip. I have read the whole available ebooks you have in Apolgetics and other books, except the comics and other 100 plus ebooks still under expectation. And I am now eager to add Doctorate in Apolgetics to my craving programs. I have executive MBA in law management and leadership management, passed my PhD dissertation in organisational leadership in ministry, HND AND two Advance diplomas and more than eleven Diplomas. I read the ebooks from both ISDET and BTI. I really want to continue the program. I am in Cambodia.

  21. Cliff J MAASBACH says:

    hello dear sir or Dr.,

    I finished a not official postbachelor degree on a private school,
    the teachers pretty much did finish an official master degree in theology,

    can I start to finish a master degree at your institute?

    I guess my knowledge is probably even beyond that, or can you somehow test the knowledge

    soo that I maybe can do a Dr. of christian apologetics?

  22. Moilwa Leeuw says:

    I am interested to studying Christian Apologetics. Please send the forms to complete in order to register

  23. Jesher Mark Santos says:

    Good day,

    I have sent my application last early part of 2022. May I ask if the Doctor of Theology open? Thank you!

  24. Elder Debra Shelton says:

    Please tell me how to register for your courses. I have a AA, BA and MA, looking to gain my Doctor’s

  25. John B. Haule says:

    Hello, I do have Master’s degree in Biblical Studies (MBS) and I am interested to study at your college as an online student. I like to study doctorate in Christian Apologetics or doctorate in Biblical Studies.
    Kindly I am waiting for your response.

  26. Ronnie Bennett Aubrey-Bray says:

    I have a degree in Theology and Religious Studies from the University of Leeds, Leeds, England. It is a 2:ii.

    I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and have served three full-time missions, Proselyting, Church Building, and as a full time Coordinator in The Church Educational System.

    i HAVE TAUGHT IN Church auxiliaries since I was 16, including Seminary and Institute of Religion. I am now 88 years old. I am a writer of theological, ecclesiastical history, and apologetics.

    I need to pursue a doctorate in Christian Theology and presume that MY being a Latter-day Saint is not a barrier to studying under the aegis of your online faculty.

    I am,


    Ronnie Bennett Aubrey-Bray

  27. sebastian otieno says:

    i have done bible and theology and graduated with MA in Theology i need to pursue doctorate in apologetics how do i apply?

  28. David Rose says:

    I would like to sign up for the doctor of apologetic course if it is free. My wife and I were in an auto accident and have had no income for the last three months since are accident and we are fighting with our insurance company for payments. However I would love to defend my faith and win people to Christ by eventually becoming an apologists for my savior. Thank you and God bless you

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