Ted HallumDr. Ted Hallum, MDiv, DrDiv, PhD (Educational Administration)

Dr Ted Hallum serves as the Honorary Chancellor of ISDET. A life-long student of Theology, he specializes – among other subjects – in the impact of New Age Movement on Church and Theology. He is an outspoken opponent of New World Order both in theory and in its partial operation. His articles on these and related topics can be seen in the resources section of this website. ISDET students who do research in topics related to the New World Order will be benefited much from his insights and guidance.




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  1. S.S.Amare says:

    Really interesting and an opportunity for conservative Christians who can not afford tuition fees. God bless you?
    But I could not find the application procedures, the pre-requisites, and the registration processes. Where and how can I register?
    hope you will respond through my e-mail.
    God bless you.

    • ISDET_Admin_2014 says:

      This website is under construction and will begin to function fully only in two more weeks. Please come back at that time for admission.

    • George Mugadzaweta says:

      George Mugadzaweta is my name. I initially applied to do DBS with ISDET. I went through all the application procedures after initial application. When I submitted all my last documents including applications from Fromm my two people, I was never replied. I lost all contact. I do not know why. You simply went mute and I upto now I am still waiting and hoping to receive a reply from you. I wonder whether it if the policy of ISDET not to respond to people from developing countries or not. Anyway, I have left everything in the hands of God Himself. If He wants me to do the studies I will get a reply from you. I He does not want, He will make you go mute. Amen

  2. Nsalomon says:


    I really like your thought process here and would benefit from understanding your mission and vision statements. What do you believe in? Father, Son, Holy Sprit, resurrection? This would be very helpful in deciding to participate. Please consider a section under Introduction or FAQs.

    Thank you.

    • ISDET_Admin_2014 says:

      Brief statement and a detailed statement of faith have been uploaded now. Thanks for your note.

      This site is being modified and therefore many sections remain incomplete. They will all be revised and placed in position within a week.

      The Administrative Coordinator, ISDET

      Give Us Two Hours Per Day And Will Will Make You
      A Professionally Trained, Spiritually Mature, Graduate
      Of Unusual Competence In Your Field Of Study With ISDET!

  3. Lynda Cordova says:

    I sent an initial application to you well over a week ago and have not gotten a response. I have sent further inquiries to the proper email address and gotten no reply. I was and am looking forward to pursuing further theological studies, but considering that I haven’t gotten anywhere, I’m wondering, frankly, if you people are really around. One would think answering an email would be a possibility.

  4. Alvin Louis Jones, Sr. says:

    Is it a must to do research on, believe in, preach and propose final product in New Age and World Order to graduate?

    Alvin Jones

  5. Dr. Yekunoamlak Alemu says:

    Dear Dr. Ted Hallum,

    My name is Dr. Yekunoamlak Alemu, Assistant Professor at Addis Ababa University. I also served us church elder and development committee member in one of the evangelical churches in Ethiopia.

    Regarding my educational background, I have earned PhD in Human Resource and Organisational Development from the University of Klagenfurt, Austria. My BA and MA is from Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia in Educational Administration.

    I want to pursue MA program in one of your Biblical studies (Bible Education, Church Administration, Biblical Theology, Divinity, etc) for the Kingdom project and my research and teaching assignment both in secular higher institutes and theological seminaries. Therefore, may I humbly request you to provide me more information on your MA Distance programs.


  6. clayton says:

    Is the school still open?..
    Just had Heart transplant and found your school on the internet
    God bless

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