BTh: Bachelor of Theology

Academic Program: BTh (Bachelor of Theology)

Purpose: This is the most basic free-tuition graduate program in theology offered by us. It gives a thorough foundational understanding of apologetics, theology, Bible, and world view to the student. The program is meant for anyone who desires to study the basics of Bible and theology or who wishes to get into expository teaching of the Scripture. It is also the foundational degree for those who would like to get into theological research, writing, and teaching.

Qualification For Admission: You must have enough schooling to make you eligible for admission to a bachelors level study. In most countries this means 12 years of school level studies. Those who do not meet the minimum academic requirement can ask for special exemption from this minimum requirement if they are 21 or older.

Subjects: The subjects you need to study are listed below. Each subject shown below is a ‘module’ and each module is 1 credit hour. Practical work will be of 7 and thesis will be of 20 Credit Hours of work. Details of Practical Work and Thesis will be given in the Student Handbook that is sent to every registered student. Textbooks for all these topics is supplied free by us via downloads.

Section: Apologetics 1 (Introductory Topics)
01    M01    Intro Chr. Apologetics (CA)
02    M02    Presuppositions of CA
03    M03    Historical Apologetics
04    M04    Canon/Canonicity
05    M05    Divine Revelation
Section: Apologetics 4A  (Tools of Apologetics)
06    M10A1 Intro To Tools Of Apol
07    M10A2 How To Prepare For Apologetics
08    M10P1 What Is Proof
09    M11A1 Errors Of Interpretation
10    M12A1 Bible Difficulties
11    M13A1 Analysis of Science
12    M14A1 Propaganda Techniques
13    M15A1 Intro Mind Manipulation
14    M16A1 Analysis Mind Manipulation
15    M17A1 Logic And Fallacies
16    M18A1 Intro Debating Techniques
17    M19A1 Analysis Debating Techniques
18    M20A1 Leading Questions
19    M20U1 How To Use Apologetics
Section: Apologetics (Applied Apologetics)
20    BT001    Critical Thinking
21    BT002    Evolution 1
22    EBT003  Evolution 2
23    BT004    Evolution 3
24    BT005    Creation
25    BT006    Faith&Reason
26    BT007    Divinity Of Jesus
27    BT008    Evidence For Jesus
28    BT009    NT & External Influences
29    BT010    Dead Sea Scrolls
30    BT011    Biblical Orthodoxy
Section: Bible Study/Teaching Methods
31    BT020    Bible Study Methods
32    BT021    Approaches To Teaching Bible
Section: Bible
33    BT022    Genesis
34    BT023    Exodus
35    BT024    Leviticus
36    BT025    Numbers
37    BT026    Deuteronomy
38    BT027    Matthew
30    BT028    Mark
40    BT029    Luke
41    BT030    John
42    BT031    Acts
43    BT032    Bible Survey
Section: Biblical Backgrounds
44    BT035    Jewish Religious Sects
Section: Bible Canon
45    BT036    Origin of New Testament
  46    BT037   The Apocrypha
Section: Essential Topics
47    BT040    Doctrine of Hell
48    BT041    Ecumenism
49    BT042    Essentials Of History
50    BT043    Roots of Reformation
51    BT044    Worship in Early Chr
52    BT045    The New Age
53    BT046    Yoga: Issues
Section: Foundations
54    BT047    Foundations of Faith
Section: Hermeneutics
55    BT050    Hermeneutics 01
56    BT051    Hermeneutics 02
57    BT052    Hermeneutics 03
Section: Theology
58    BT060    Systematic Theology
59    BT061    Theology Proper
Section: Church And Church History
60    BT071    The Crusaders
61    BT072    The Apostles
62    BT073    Church_Planting
63    BT074    Early Church History
64    BT80A    Practical Work (7 C Hour)
65    BT80B    Thesis (20 C Hour)
    Total Credit Hours 90


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  1. simbarashe kandagonah says:

    thank you for the splendid stuff in your BTh program. I’m really enjoying my studies.

  2. Barnabas Bamm says:

    Thanks for the free degrees offer,I will like to study bachelors degree of theology.
    Thank you very much.

  3. 9089 monate street,olievenhoutbosch,0187

  4. Zelman Samuel says:


    I am working as an Evangelist. And have a Diploma in Theology from International School of Ministry.(ISOM) I would like to enroll for Bachelors in Theology. For more better understanding of God’s Word and ministry. Please tell me the process. Thanks.

  5. Nelson says:

    Good day sir or madam

    i would like to enroll for Bachelor in Theology


  6. Nelson says:

    BTh: Bachelor of Theology

    • Rahul Murmu says:

      I also want to do program, could you please tell the details?

      • Hi. I am fascinated by your Bachelir of Christian Ministry as it will enhance my ministry capabilities. I will appreciate any assistance towards free enrollment thereof.
        Any prompt response will be highly esteemed

  7. Nelson says:

    I have been waiting for the response so that i can commerce my course in BTh: Bachelor of Theology

  8. Semião Emanuell da Silva says:


    God bless you.

    I’m trying contact about my application, but I’m not having success.

    Can you help me, please. I have sent my final application and didn’t receive any answer.

    Thank you.

    God bless you.

  9. Semião says:

    Hello. God bless you.

    I’m from Brazil, a Developing Country, but I received the answer for my Final Application saying that my country is Developed. I asked about this by e-mail but I didn’t receive any answer.

    Can you, please, check this?
    I really can’t pay the fee.


    • ISDET_Admin_2014 says:

      We sent you a reply

      • Semião Emanuell da Silva says:


        I didn’t receive an answer about I’m from in a Developing Country and not from a Developed Country. Can you, please, check it? If possible, re-send the answer.

        Thanks. God bless you.


  10. Cliff Ball says:

    Please send the B.Th; B. Min and BRE textbook resources as soon as possible, Please!

  11. bonny japhet says:

    i want to submit to your bachelor courses. please it’s very serious. i’m a christian missionnary. working in apologetic to muslims people. i’m a cameroonian. please i want to registre myself into your students list. thanks for answering me. God bless you abundantly in Jesus’s Name.

  12. Matey Prince Asare says:

    I am a missionary for my church.i want to be enrolled in bachelor of Bible Divinity.i am waiting for the approval of my application.


  13. Matey Prince Asare says:

    Please least I forget I signed up for two bachelors B.Th and bachelor of divinity.

  14. Jonathan crider says:

    I am interested in studying. I have a certificate of biblical studies. I have sent an application. I want to obtain my bachelor’s master’s and doctorate in theology

  15. Adebayo John Akinola says:

    Thank you for all these materials. May God bless you ever richly in all things good.

  16. im interested in course, but kindly let me take it through postalmail.Thank u.Hope to consider me.

  17. Lintang Suminar mzzGC says:

    How long does it take to finish this degree?

  18. Morapeli Andrews lebesa says:

    I am 38years my country name is Lesotho one of Africa’s least developed country.I am interested in BT theology. How to register with you?

  19. Isioma Godwins says:

    May the peace and blessing of our ALMIGHTY and ALL SOVEREIGN MAJESTY be upon you.
    Please I will like to know how long it will take for me to complete the BTh (Bachelor of Theology) degree program with your institution.
    I am from Nigeria, is it included as developed country in your category?
    Is it possible for me to apply for the MDiv directly with my first degree in Engineering?
    Thank you.

  20. Spitarland L. Nonglait says:

    I am from India.I have completed graduation.I am belonged to Presbyterian.I would like to enroll to your programme for BTh (Bachelor of Theology).Please respond my candidature for the said course.
    Thanks.God may bless you.
    Yours faithfully.
    Spitarland L.Nonglait

  21. Hello sir/madam
    I am Elson from Uganda, I have a diploma in Education secondary, with RE/ Geography.
    I would like to study Bachelor in Bible theology,
    I am inquiring to know how I can well be part of this
    Kind regards

  22. saleem Babu says:

    Hello Admin staff,
    i am from pakistan have masters degree in library science and is serving as lay pastor, i want to get admission in kindly inform me.
    In Christ
    your brother
    saleem babu

  23. Is this a real collage? If it is please send the requested information.

  24. Could you please send the detailed app and books I need to download? I have already sent in the initial app. Thanks again and have a blessed day. Ps if I’m not going to be admitted please let me know so I can look for another school. It’s the right thing to do and thanks again. David

  25. David Winkles says:

    I sent the initial app in a week or 2 ago and have not received the second app and books to download yet. I have waited more than 72 hours.

  26. David winkled says:

    From what I read you were suppose to send me the final application. If I’m wrong please tell how and we’re to find the final app and l will fill it out and send it in. Thanks again and God Bless you. David

    • ISDET_Admin_2014 says:

      You need to send an initial application from this site. On receiving it we will send instruction about the final application

  27. David Winkles says:

    I sent the initial app a week or 2 ago, but I will send it again and see what happens.Today is 08/27/19 should have hear something on 08/30/19 or 08/31/19. So have a blessed David.

  28. Mutani Emmanuel Yebete says:

    Praise God! I’d like to be enrolled in your seminary for the BTh program. Let me know all the procedures to get started. Thank you in advance!

  29. Joe Makulila says:

    Kindly send me an application form and the application process for bachelor of theology

  30. Went offer bachelor degree course

  31. Hello. I’m from the Philippines and interested in a Bachelor of Theology degree. Please help me to enroll in this program

    God bless
    Arny Vis

  32. Mandlenkosi Khumalo says:

    I am a Zimbabwean currently based in South Africa and currently unemployed hence serving in the Lord’s vineyard. I am interested in studying towards a Bachelors in Theology with you. God bless.

  33. Emmanuel Osei-sarkodie says:

    Please how do I get registered

  34. Keagan says:

    I’m a south African and I’m interested in studying towards the bachelor in theology

  35. What is the duration for bachelor in theology. Is it an online program?

  36. Malcolm says:

    Hi I have done, a Diploma of Ministry.
    But I would like to upgrade to a Degree of Theology.
    I have only done 10 year high school.
    I am over 21.

    Can you tell me how to apply for the degree of Theology


  37. Abdoel says:

    I am an Indonesia, retired don’t have money for degree, can join bachelor theology free of charges?

  38. Zerihun Tumato says:

    I have Diploma in theology and Bible studies, BA and MA in sociology, now In want serve God…please, help me to learn BA in theology.

  39. I like to study Bth: Bachelor of Biblical Theology

  40. Joseph Kwame Amankwah says:

    Please I want to study Batchlor of Biblical Theology

  41. Samuel says:

    Dear Admin
    I would like to enroll in the Bth program. Kindly send me the links to start the process.
    Bengaluru Karnataka India

  42. Joseph Kwame Amankwah says:

    Am interested

  43. Nelson Halder says:

    Dear Sir,
    Good Evening!
    Praise The Lord.
    I am interested in Bachelor of Theology. Please help me to get B.Th programme.

  44. Geon Lee says:

    Dear Admin

    I would like to enroll in the Bth program. Kindly send me the links to start the process.

    Geon from Tunisia

  45. paul says:

    Dear Admin

    I would like to enroll in the Bth program. Kindly send me the links to start the process.

  46. Nelson Samiron Halder says:

    Please help to take admission.

  47. Lemma says:

    I would like to enroll in the Bth
    program. Kindly send me the links
    to start the process.

  48. Charles M. Kibiru says:

    Receive Calvary greetings.
    I’ve liked the course layout.
    This is what I’ve been longing for.
    I’m sure it will be of great help in my ministry work.

  49. Dominic Simukwai says:

    I would like to enroll in the Bth program.kindly send me the link to start.from Zambia

  50. Dominic Simukwai says:

    I would like to enroll in the Bth program. Kindly send me the link to start the process. From Zambia

  51. Edwin lekule says:

    I would love to enrol in BTH. Thanks

  52. Okunola oluwaniyi Raphael says:

    Please i have a diploma in theology from Reuben George theological seminary,affiliated to Samuel ajayi crowder University, oyo state, Nigeria. I wish to enroll for bachelor in theology, please how can I apply?

  53. Onilearan Paul Kayode says:

    Please send me the online form for

  54. gerald phillips zondwayo says:

    i would like to enroll in the program o bachelor of theology course how do i apply i stay in botswana africa

  55. Rev. James Danso-Mensah says:

    I am a minister of the Gospel here in Ghana.
    I would like to enroll for this program.
    Please help me.

  56. Jonathan Kaombe says:

    I really want to study this program, please help.

  57. Shelton says:

    Sir, how to do B Th

  58. Bridget Banda says:

    I desire to do BTh


    Dear Sir, kindly send me an application form. I would like to pursue this course. I am from Kenya, East Africa.



  60. Im a Cadet Chaplain Edilberto B. Gumpay Jr I, I am a student of Naval Chapalin Pastoral Corps here in the Philippines, But I dont have proper theology Course thats why I am here.

  61. Gloria Aine says:

    Dear ISDET Admin
    I kindly submitted an online application for bachelors in theology about three weeks ago.
    Kindly process my application, I would love to start studies soon
    Thank you so much please
    Looking forward to your response

  62. Fromme says:

    Sir/mam,I want to enroll in your course Bible Theology?when is your enrollment?how to start.pls reply
    Thank you..

  63. Gloria Aine says:

    Hi Admin
    When do you hope to give admissions.
    I applied two months back and haven’t yet received in feedback for the initial application.
    Thank you

  64. Nkem Elad Ebenezer says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am interested in taking this course, Bachelor of Theology. I am a Christian musician from Cameroon and holder of a diploma in recording engineering and music production. I really appreciate you for offering this course. I will be glad if I am considered.
    Thank you Sir, and God bless you.

  65. Please I would like to do this bible course please please

    • ISDET_Admin_2014 says:

      Please go to the home page and send an online application from there. There is a menu item that says “apply”

  66. Hello I am a student with a diploma in public administration, I am so much interested to study with this bible college please,please am from Uganda. Thanks

  67. Claudius Ogundu says:

    Good morning, I had applied to be considered for the Bth. degree and I am yet to receive your response. I also sent a reminder of the same, do i need to send another reminder?

    Best regards

  68. Hewko L nyangulu says:

    I am also interested to join the course

    • ISDET_Admin_2014 says:

      Please go to the home page and send an online application from there. There is a menu item that says “apply”

  69. Please I’m ready for the course, how to start.please help me.

    • ISDET_Admin_2014 says:

      Please go to the home page and send an online application from there. There is a menu item that says “apply”

  70. Respected Admin, How can i join in this free B.Th course for getting certificate?

  71. Sarah Kimani says:

    I am really interested in this course and I’m ready to begin as soon as next month. I live in Nairobi Kenya. May I know the next step to take in order to enroll?
    Thank you so much and God bless you

  72. Zassala Nicolau says:

    Call me Zassala Nicolau

    Please I’m ready for the course, how to start.please help me.


  73. Benjamin Julayi says:

    Hi I would like to join this free BTH course

  74. Thanks for the service you offer, please I need too.

  75. Eric says:

    Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ,I have already applied for the past two months and still waiting for a permanent application link

  76. Fhulufhelani says:

    Dear ISDET Admin
    I kindly submitted an online application for bachelors in theology about two months ago.
    Kindly process my application,I would love to start studies soon

    Looking forward to your response

  77. Choh Clovis Zamundi says:

    Calvary greeting in jesus name .
    I love this program and will like to study here .

  78. Jetro Sarajena says:

    Thanks in advance

  79. Zekiwos Niguse says:

    I need to register , please send me the details

  80. Sarki Elisha says:

    AM from Nigeria 🇳🇬
    I wish to join

    • ISDET_Admin_2014 says:

      All necessary info is already available on this website. Please go to the home page and check the menu items.

  81. Bishop Marisia says:

    Thanks for enrolling me for a free digree program, I will do my best and complete it on time
    Thanks and be blessed

  82. I am a Liberian, a high school graduate with diploma I am interested in knowing Jesus Christ personally to be able to tell others about his great love for humanity. Please help me.

  83. Njidda, Samaila says:

    Am ready

  84. Enock Kamanda Arogo says:

    Thank you very for supporting the training of the ministers of the Gospel, may God bless you very much

  85. I would like to register myself for the studies for Bachelor of Theology

  86. Baraka says:

    I’m Baraka Mpenda from Tanzania.I have advanced knowledge with Bible knowledge, Bachelor of art with Education.I like to study bachelor of theology if you accept and offer me scholarship.
    Looking hearing from you.

  87. Baraka says:

    I’m Baraka Mpenda.from Tanzania.I have advanced level.form six and passed Bible knowledge .I would like to study degree of Theology.
    Looking hearing from you

    Baraka Mpenda

  88. Jaime says:


    I am Jaime Guamàn, From Ecuador and I would like to be a student of Bth. But, even though I have sent to you an online application, I have not get any answer from you. Help me please!

    God bless you

  89. Admin I am Silukena Mwaulusi I would like to get enrolled for Bachelor of theology. Am kindly also asking for scholarship for the same program, Your positive response will be highly appreciated.
    Silukena Mwaulusi

  90. Jaime Guaman says:

    Dear ISDET

    I`m Oswaldo Guamàn, from Ecuador in Southamerica. I am addressing you because I would like to become a Bth student. I have sent you an online application but I have not got any answer from you. Please, help me to learn how to serve God in a better way.

    Best regards

  91. Angelo Cordero says:

    I want take this Degree

  92. Hello, Adm.
    Please help me. I look in everywhere but i don’t localizate this “apply”.
    Would you give me a link, Please.

  93. Keagan Muthusamy says:

    Greeting, I’m from South Africa and would like to enroll for the Batchelor of theology degree.
    Please help

    Kind rrgards

  94. mitiku wolde says:

    I am happy to be your member to perform the great commission

  95. Fausto says:

    A wonderful school of excellence

  96. I am from Ethiopia. i want to enroll to Bachelor of Theology. But, i can get registration form. please help me.

  97. John Ren Rodney says:

    I am from the caribbean and would like to register for your BTH but cannot seem to find page to register. Please help!

  98. I would like to join this course for I feel that I have a calling to spread to the word of God with knowledge and understanding.Kindly assist on how I can start it.God bless us you all as you purpose to nourish his ministry.

  99. Wonderful says:

    Would wish to do bachelor of theology
    Kindly help on the procedure for registration

  100. Francis Sampa says:

    Kindly help me enroll in Bachelor of Theology

  101. Mugabi Jess James says:

    Hello, I would like to enroll for A bachelors in bible theology. Any help will be appreciated

  102. Thanks for this great and wonderful privilege available to everybody who is ready to grasp it. I thank God Almighty especially for many of us in developing countries that will like to pursue such courses but very expensive in our countries. I may end up establishing my own ministry or work with somebody’s ministry in or out of my country after going through this course successfully.
    But how will I become a student of this noble institution please?

  103. Shedrach says:

    I have diploma in theology from world Bible school,and I need a bachelor’s degree from ISDET.Thank you and God bless

  104. Prabakar says:

    Greetings in Jesus name.

    I would like to join in BTh. Please send further information .

    Thank you
    Whatsapp 8838535062

  105. Bernard Okoh says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I would like to enroll for a B.Th
    degree. I am a Preacher/ and Musician from Nigeria and do possess a Diploma in Theology.
    Please guide me on how to go about it.

  106. Hawng Hkawng says:

    I want to learn theology

  107. Fromme Serilla says:

    Hi sir/ma’am,im willing and interested in your Bachelor of Theology course.Hoping for your reply.Thank you and God bless🙏

  108. Advent Tripland says:

    I need to enroll myself for Bth. Is it online? I m from Bangladesh 🇧🇩

  109. Amos purba says:

    I really need this

  110. Sherry Keller says:

    I want to enroll in your BTH. How do I do it.

  111. I am Hezekiah from Kenya and 53 years now. I am a pastor and wants to do A degree program from your free online study. Please assist me get started. I am High School Leaver. Thanks as i wait to hear from you.

  112. Frederick says:

    Please I will be graduating in November 2021 in Diploma in Theology, Am interested in your Degree in Theology, what’s the duration and will there exemptions? . Thank and God bless you as you honour my request

  113. Pitchaiah Are says:

    Hi sir/ma’am,im willing and interested in your Bachelor of Theology course
    please registered me

  114. It's lovly says:

    I am David John from Nigeria and 25 years now. I am a pastor and wants to do A degree program from your free online study. Please assist me get started. I am High School Leaver. Thanks as i wait to hear from you.

  115. Raju Gungantiwar says:

    Hi I am Raju Gungantiwar working as a pastor since 18 years i completed some certificate courses, but not done bachelor’s study. Kindly guide me how can i do Bth with you

  116. LOYD MKOMELA says:

    I would like to do a degree program fro you free online study.i have a Diploma in ICT

  117. LOYD MKOMELA says:

    I would like to do a theology degree program fro you free online study.i have a Diploma in ICT

  118. Laveena j says:

    Dear Sir, How are you ?

    I would love to join B.Th in your University. Kindly help me to get into the process.

    Thank you.

  119. Peterson says:

    would love to join B.Th in your University. Kindly help me.

    Thank you.

  120. Like to join in B.Th in your university. Have Master Diploma with Worlds Bible School.

    Please assist.

    Thank you.

  121. Lin says:

    I wish to how and when to enroll as soon as possible withthw Bachelor of Theology

  122. Eliatosha Mathias Mjema says:

    How can I apply

  123. Planet Polamalu says:

    I would love to join in B.TH in your University

    Please Help!


  124. I would like to do Both
    Thank you

  125. I would like to do B.Th in your noble and reputable institution
    Thank you

  126. Robi Kanti Chakma says:

    I want to join in B.Th and B.Min

  127. Amit Tomar says:

    Dear sir, Praise the lord. I want to know that how to join the program. I’m unable to find the option. Please help.

  128. Zenabia T Taylor says:

    Good evening, I feel privileged to have found this school with this course. I am Zenabia from Liberia, and I am hoping to soak myself in this course.
    Thank you for the opportunity 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏.

  129. Emmanuel Bekuin says:

    God bless you richly. Please how do I apply.

  130. Lornah Chemeli says:

    I like everything about ISDET University, am interested in BTh. Any assistance awarded will be highly appreciated. Thanks

  131. Linus says:

    Hi I would like to join the B.tch Course , Please guide me how to approach for the Admission

  132. Nibu Skariah says:

    Hi, Praise God.i would like to enroll in programme

  133. Emmanuel Sunday says:

    Good day Sir,

    I am from Nigeria, how can I enrolled into Bachelor of Theology, is there any link I can click.

    • ISDET_Admin_2014 says:

      Please look at the top menu-bar for application

    • Felix Suanu Bariyere Harry says:

      I wish to apply for an online enrollment for a bachelor degree in theological with special interest in ministry. I am from Nigeria a developing country in West Africa. How do I access the application form. Thanks. Remain blessed in Jesus mighty name AMEN

  134. YVES BENNET says:

    Helloo, I would like to study but how do we Apply??

  135. Yedla suryaprakesh says:

    I want online classes

  136. Roberto Salmi says:

    Hola buenos días, estoy interesado en formar parte del seminario, yo ya envié el formulario, quisiera saber si los créditos que tengo en diplomado de ministerio me servirán para pasar algunas materias de la licenciatura.
    P:D todavía no me han aceptado el formulario.
    Desde ya gracias, están muy buenas las materias y su enfoque.

  137. Fidel pinggos says:

    Sir please help me for admission.

  138. Lucksley Indi Igenegbai says:

    I want to be registered for the Bachelor in Theology program.How do I go about it,I am from Nigeria.

  139. Frederick Tontoh Kofi says:

    Please how do I get registered

  140. Frederick Tontoh Kofi says:

    I want to be registered for the course

  141. Pastor Thomas says:

    I am interested in bachelor’s Degree in Theology. I am going try get a job as chaplain in Hospise. Please tell me how do I sign up. Get started.

  142. Felix Suanu Bariyere Harry says:

    I wish to apply for an online enrollment for a bachelor degree in theological with special interest in ministry. I am from Nigeria a developing country in West Africa. How do I access the application form. Thanks. Remain blessed in Jesus mighty name AMEN

  143. Emmanuel Appiah-Kubi says:

    I sent an initial application about a month ago but have not received any response. Please, help me out. Thank you

  144. To the School admin, this is indeed a very impressive offer to study the Bible. If given the chance, I want to Study Bachelor of Bible Theology online. I am from the Philippines. Thank you very much.

  145. Samson Aluko says:

    Having gone through what you have to offer free to humanity, I say kudos to the authorities of this school. I would also like to be a beneficiary in the area of BTH.
    I have an MBA and I am ready to start immediately.
    Kindly let me have the details of how to register for course.
    Thank you and God bless.

  146. Manuel Enrique Muñoz Mainato says:

    Saludos cordiales. Es una bendición encontrar estos estudios, en estos momentos difíciles para la economía pobre de nuestros países. Soy de Cuenca-Ecuador. Latinoamérica.

  147. Antonio Beltran says:

    I am ready to start immediately.
    let me know the details of how to register for course.
    Thank you and God bless.

  148. joselin says:

    Como hace uno para estudiar con ustedes ???

  149. dulce says:

    Como se hace para estudiar licenciatura en teología ?donde uno se registra ?

  150. Fidelio says:

    how to enroll?

  151. Erick says:

    Buenos días como me inscribo para el curso de Licenciatura en Teología

  152. zion Lalremruata says:

    I found this as a very helpful for a better understanding of the Bible and Christian life.

  153. Tonya Wilson says:

    Is this college just for men or can women attend too?

  154. Dérilus says:

    Je suis Dérilant Dérilus. Je vis en Haïti.
    Votre programme est très intéressant.
    Je veux bien m’embarquer.

    • ISDET_Admin_2014 says:

      Salutations! Vous pouvez postuler en vous rendant sur la page principale de ce site. Veuillez noter que nous avons des cours uniquement en anglais. Pour le français, veuillez vous rendre à notre succursale française

  155. Wong tai wai says:

    How can i apply , i dont see there is any link to apply

  156. Lawrence says:

    Send me an online application soon.

  157. Clinton Gabea Saye says:

    Thank God for this opportunity

  158. Janine says:

    Good day it has been over 72 hours that I have sent my application but still haven’t received feedback yet?

    Can someone please assist me?

    Kind regards
    Janine coetzee

  159. Khaya Mautla says:

    Good day,

    I am still waiting for a response on my initial application that I made in the final week of Dec 2022.

    Please assist me.



  160. Glenn Kent says:

    I would like to enroll in your Bachelors of Theology Degree program. Can I receive the equied info to enroll.
    Thank you.
    Glenn Kent.

    • ISDET_Admin_2014 says:

      Please send an application by going to the Home page where you will find the right menu item related to application

  161. Bamidele olugbenga A says:

    Pls I wil like to register for this course. I ve Bsc and other diploma.

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