Accreditation-related Questions

Question: Why Don’t You Get ISDET Accredited?

Answer: Contrary to popular belief, Accreditation of a theological institution is not based upon quality of spiritual instruction alone. Rather, a large number of other factors are also taken into consideration. Most people who examine such things  (for granting accreditation) may not be conservative Christians. Many of them may not even be born-again. Thus they often may demand that the syllabus conform to their policies and doctrinal position.

As a result ISDET might have to compromise on its theological stand in many areas if we opt for accreditation. Moreover, we firmly believe that secular governments have NO jurisdiction to examine/accredit bible-based theological programs. That is the reason why we wish to operate without accreditation.

Question: Isn’t accreditation compulsory for Bible Schools and Seminaries

Answer: NO! Accreditation is not compulsory in any way for Bible Schools and Seminaries. Rather, it is a voluntary activity on their part, undertaken mostly for obtaining government and federal funds. We at ISDET strongly believe that a Christian institution given solely to free theological and biblical education should never depend upon government or secular funds. The Scripture is very clear that Christian activities are to be supported by Christians and not by the government. What is more, with government funding comes government control of everything starting from modification in syllabus up to the appointment of same-sex couples on faculty. We do not wish that to happen to ISDET and I am sure that potential students would appreciate that kind of separation between the state and the church.

Question: Don’t You Think That Accreditation Would Surely Bring More Applicants to ISDET?

Answer: Yes, it is true that there would be more applicants if ISDET becomes an accredited institution because many people think that studying an accredited program will increase their job-prospects. However, ISDET is not meant for those who wish to undergo theological training for the sake of getting jobs. Applicants whose primary purpose is to seek a job after their studies should find a Bible Seminary that trains people for jobs and should not look to ISDET to meet such a requirement. That is simply not part of our mission or vision.

ISDET is here to train people who are looking for spiritual self-enrichment and also for those who wish to use such a formal training in Bible and Theology for Christian ministry-related purposes. Such people look for spiritual quality of instruction and not for government accreditation of biblical and theological training programs.

Question: If you are not going to seek accreditation, then how are you going to ensure academic and spiritual quality.

Answer: First of all, it is a wrong notion that all accredited institutions maintain spiritual quality. On the contrary, you need to know that ALL theologically radical and liberal Bible seminaries are accredited. This means that accreditation is not the same as academic or spiritual quality. With that made clear, let us took at how ISDET maintains its quality.

We have built a system of multiple checks-and-balances to ensure that ISDET maintains the highest possible spiritual, theological, and academic quality. This includes a strong Statement of Doctrine, regular review of the syllabus, and also a very large international group made up of faculty members and graduates who keep assessing ISDET quality on a periodic basis. This feedback is analysed periodically by the core group so as to ensure that quality is maintained.  Thus you can be assured that we will always maintain the highest spiritual, biblical, and academic quality at any cost.


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  1. Reynaldo Mendoza says:

    greetings! May I know if a student who completed the course will receive diploma? Thank you and God bless

  2. Jennifer says:

    HI i would like to know the price for fees,is there exams? and if i would get a certificate at the end of my course??thanks

  3. Many times, theological institutions who pride themselves with accreditation statuses have not made any significant impact into the kingdom, not because accreditation is bad but because they have often shut the door to those whom God has called to the ministry. The accredited institutions often have high costs in tuition fees and making thousands of underprivileged preachers and future theologians access quality training.

    Another sad feature has been a mass exodus from the basic fundamentals of the Christian faith in many so-called Christian institutions because they were forced to make some compromises in order to keep their accreditation statuses. Since 2010, I have learned that ISDET does not bow down to secularism either does it seek academic relevance with institutions that dethrone Christ and enthrone human-made religious beliefs.

    This stance has enabled upcoming scholars like me to access quality Christian education at no cost. This could not have been possible if ISDET was charging tuition. The quality of the material and the products ISDET has produced over the years is a testimony that man-made accreditations do not produce what it takes to be a sound theologian trained in the ways of God. We are so much privileged to be associated with this institution of great learning and the benefits we have reaped from it are innumerable.

    May God continue to bless this institution and may all the students and alumni of ISDET be the accreditation that we need!

  4. Henry Arroyo says:

    I am very interested in regeistering for your doctorate degree I have a masters in cincal social work
    will I be able to enroll and will I get a doctoral degree at completion

  5. Abid Bhatti says:

    I have Th.D. degree and want to apply in Drapol program.

  6. Seth Aboagye says:

    Do you award certificate upon completion

  7. Seth Aboagye says:

    I have applied for the initial application but no response has come yet

  8. Seth Aboagye says:

    I have requested for the sample course material. How long does it take for it to be sent.

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