MTh: Master of Biblical Theology

Academic Program: MTh (Master of Biblical Theology)

Purpose: This program is for those who wish to opt for an in-depth masters level theological program in Bible/theology. Students can expect a heavy work-load throughout the study period.

Qualification For Admission: BTh or BD from a standard seminary, or a secular masters degree. Those without any theological background will need to take up several additional modules of work.

Subjects: The subjects you need to study are listed below. Each subject shown below is a ‘module’ and each module is 1 credit hour. Course Development is 9 Credit Hours and Thesis is 15 Credit hours. The total is 90 credit hours of work. Text material is supplied free by us via downloads.

Time Allocated: Students have 3 years to complete the program. They can renew for any number of years by paying an annual renewal fees.

Essential Apologetics
01    M01A1    Introduction
02    M02A1    Presuppositions
03    M03A1    History
04    M04A1    Canon
05    M05A1    Revelation
06    M10A1    Introduction to tools of Apologetics
07    M10A2    Preparation to become an apologist
08    M10P1    What is proof
09    M11A1    Errors of Interpretation
10    M12A1    Bible Difficulties
11    M13A1    Science difficulties
12    M14A1    Propaganda Analysis
13    M15A1    Manipulation analysis
14    M16A1    Manipulation resisting
15    M17A1    Logic and Errors
16    M18A1    Debating Techniques
17    M19A1    Resisting debate
18    M20A1    Leading Questions
19    M20U1    Using Apologetics
General Apologetics
20    MTH001    Advanced Apologetics 1
21    MTH002    Advanced Apologetics 2
22    MTH003    Darwinism
23    MTH005    Theistic Evolution
24    MTH006    Integrity of Faith
25    MTH007    Genesis and underground wealth
26    MTH008    Gospels and history
Bible and Canon
27    MTH020    Canon Basic Issues
28    MTH021    Biblical Text & Archaeology
29    MTH022    Bible Translation
30    MTH023    Inspiration of Bible
31    MTH031    Old Testament Introduction
32    MTH032    New Testament Introduction
33    MTH033    Matthew
34    MTH034    Mark
35    MTH035    Acts
36    MTH036    Romans
37    MTH037    Ephesians
38    MTH038    Hebrews
39    MTH050    Hermeneutics
40    MTH051    Hermeneutics Advanced
41    MTH052    Theology of Human History
Practical Life
42    MTH060    Deeper Christian Life
43    MTH061    Biblical Decision making
44    MTH062    Moral Relativism
45    MTH063    Practical Issues
46    MTH064    Pornography and its Influences
47    MTH070    Church
48    MTH071    Charismatic Movement
49    MTH072    Pneumatology
50    MTH073    Justification by Faith
51    MTH074    Justification and Practical Life
52    MTH075    Free Grace and Free will
53    MTH076    Satan
54    MTH077    Theology proper
55    MTH078    Eschatology
56    MTH079    Great Tribulation
57    MTH080    Calvinism & Arminianism
58    MTH081    Theology of Parables
World View
59    MTH091    Galatians and World view
Christian Ethics
60    MTH92    Introduction to Christian Ethics
61    MTH93    Application of Christian Ethics
World Religions
62    MTH95A    World Religions
63    MTH95B    Introduction to Islam
64    MTH95C    Hinduism
65    MTH95D    Buddhism
66    MTH95E    Jehovah’s Witnesses
Practical Work
  67   MTHPR    Theology Course Development
  68   MTHTH    Thesis


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  1. I want to continue my education in my ministry on study with your school. Thank you.
    In His Service
    William Kwesi Nsoh
    Box 363, Bolgatanga
    Upper East Region

  2. stephen paul says:

    Recently i have been researching about theological schools around the world, some of them are with heavy price tags around them with big name attached and very popular faculty also. But i am yet to see any one of the so called accredited big name schools that can manage the same curriculum as ISDET. Even the undergraduate programs far exceed some masters degree from some ivy leagued Bible school. The thought of going through all those courses listed per degree makes any lazy student sick.
    Practically you may not carry a government accredited certificate from them but in the end you would have studied enough to be approved unto God a work man that cannot be put to shame, and able to rightly divid the word of truth. I pray God will continue to grant you (ISDET Faculty)the rich supply of his spirit In Jesus name.

  3. Am so happy to be part of this amazing school of theology! Am not the same due to amazinb lessons am learning.

  4. Olagunju Ayobami Joel says:

    Thank God I got to know about ISDET they are very rich and it is free, God you at ISDET.

  5. Olagunju Ayobami Joel says:

    Thank God I got to know about ISDET the course materials are very rich and it is free, God bless you at ISDET.

  6. Juan Cleves says:

    I have applied for the Master of Biblical Theology about a week ago, but before, I was thinking to go for the Master of Divinity; since one of the qualifications for the Master of Divinity is to have Bachelor’s degree (even from a secular institution), I didn’t read thoroughly the qualifications for the Master of Biblical Theology, so I applied for it. Am I still a candidate for the same? Even though I have a Bachelors degree but not in Theology? I’m willing to take additional training/courses as required.

    God bless!

  7. Matthew says:

    Please I am a physician assistant and want to do masters in theology. please can I be enrolled. thank you

  8. Joy Meloney says:

    I would like to enroll in the Masters of Theology program. I Have a Bachelors in Ministry . Can u please let me know how ? Thanks


    it will be more helpfull for me if i get it in free of cost. and also more christina leaders and committed laymen can grow in the Lord.

  10. Jijo says:

    Please send me an application form


    Dear, ISDET,I am from India and
    Would like to join M.Th in Biblical Studies. Help me out a way to join. I have an M. DIV degree from Asia Theological Association. How can I join this course freely?

  12. Ernest Asamoah says:

    please I want to pursue the Masters in Theology program. kindly help me apply. thanks!

  13. Omotosho Olasunkanmi S says:

    Please how do I apply for Masters in Biblical Theology? I so much like to obtain this degree, God bless you.

  14. James T Kollie says:

    I live in Liberia, West Africa.

  15. James T Kollie says:

    I live in Liberia, West Africa. I would want to join your masters program in Biblical studies

  16. Adewale Paulmark Adefiola says:

    ISDET is in affliation with TGSAT; and they both offer best theological studies. You need to join these great institutions to learn undiluted truth about our common faith. Buy the truth and sell it not.

  17. Lebohang Liphoto says:

    I recently have attained BTh thus please help me enroll for master of Biblical Theology.

  18. Shankarsuresh says:

    I want join in Master program

  19. Dorothy Buthelezi says:

    Dear ISDET
    Interested in the Master of Christian Ministry. Please send application form.
    Tried to apply online, still waiting for feedback.

  20. Hellow.
    Am Norbert Enock Mbwiliza from Arusha Tanzania.
    I would like to study Masters of theology
    I have graduated B.A theology and B.A christian counselling
    My email (

  21. Rev. Father Norberto Ramón Polanco Pérez says:

    I like to study Mth, Master of Biblical Theology.

  22. I appreciate the idea of giving a free master program on Biblical Theology,I want to know when I will start the program

  23. Ehsaybwah Pan says:

    I’m Ehsaybwah Pan
    I’m from Myanmar, I would like to study Masters of theology
    I have graduated BTh theology, I want to know when I will start the program.

  24. Mia says:

    I am very interested in this program and would like to get my Masters. When and where do I sign up?
    Thank you

  25. Jaganmohan says:

    Please send me details about master program

  26. Titus Anton Howaeb says:

    I am ready to start any time I am from rural Namibia. Please provide me application forms and relevant information. I am a Bachelor holder and eager to do extra modules as prescribed.It was and is still my biggest wish to enrich and help Gods people.

  27. Please,
    I want to know more about GOD AND THE BIBLE, am doing Postgraduate in Mission Redeemed College of Mission, Ede Nigeria.
    I will like to do my Master in Biblical Theology


  28. Bishop Christopher.Chilomba says:

    I am intrested in joining the course in Masters of Theology.
    How do i join?

  29. Iam eager to apply for this program.

  30. Hello can you please send me an application.

  31. Hello where do I apply for this program.


    am interested of the program of the institution, i hold B.A IN MISSION AND EVANGELISM can i be inroled?

  33. Noah Msimanga says:

    I have seen the curriculum and said, “Wow!!! what a programe of study. Every subject I need for ministry is provided by the institute. I am interested in studying with the Institution”
    I complted my B. A. Theology recently and am already in ministry. I would like to be sharpened.

  34. Morgan samanenga says:

    Happy new year. I hope this month I will be starting my masters in biblical theology.I applied last year.Thank you.

  35. Gudnight and happy new year. A reminder I applied for masters in biblical theology, I am from Zambia. I did apply last year.Thank you.

  36. Ogohi Isah says:

    Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ. I applied for MTh since early January, 2021 but I have not yet gotten a reply. Please I’ll like to know if I should reapply or hold on for your response. I’m eagerly waiting to hear from you and to start my study. God bless you all.

  37. Lellie Brian Longwe says:

    I am currently pursuing a module 4 programme in Equiping to Serve under the Veritas College International. The programme takes two years and has 4 modules.I am doing the last module which I will complete this June.Considering that I have basic Theology knowledge from the Veritas programme, I facilitate a certificate programme in Theology run by The Theological Education by Extension in Malawi (TEEM) in one of our Prisons and that I have a Bachelor of Commerce degree in accounting and two Master’s degrees, one in Strategic Management and another in Business Administration, will I qualify to enroll in the Master’s of Theology programme with your institution? As a retired Public servant, I have decided to spend much of my time in serving Hod through helping others understand the word of God. I have also been serving the Lord for 21 years in the Gideons International Ministry.

  38. Myrrh says:

    Thank you for offering the free degrees! I am interstate
    Interested in Master Theology. Is this school accredited?

  39. Takesure says:

    Need to enroll

  40. I am interested in your master of theology

  41. Hello, I need few information. Please!

  42. Mahesh Gaikwad says:

    Dear Sir , I aplied for M Th but didnt received any mail. Please Guide.

  43. Daniel Adam Mwakubombaki says:

    Shalom. I have bachelor degree in Theology and would like to pursue Master in Theology.

    Thank you.

  44. Rosmi Abraham says:

    I want to join your program. What to do for that?

  45. Ogu Linus says:

    Pls.i holds BA in secular University and certificate in missions can I be addimmited in isdet? Tank you.

  46. Good Day,

    We are a global ministry with churches in many countries around the world. Our international ministry is headquartered in Olney, MD, USA.

    We are interested in training instructors from our schools of ministry in Africa. We currently have a minimum of 15 instructors who would be interested in getting a Master’s Degree.

    We would like to get more Information about the process and the programs. We would be grateful if you would be available for a phone or video-conference. Please let us know.

    Thank you,

    Casimir Bilong, PhD
    Head – Committee on Accreditation and Curriculum Evaluation
    Board of Directors
    Theological Education, Spiritual Formation and Credentialing
    Harvest Intercontinental Ministries – Unlimited (HIM-U)
    16227 Batchellors Forest Rd
    Olney, MD 20832
    Phone: 218-213-2909

  47. Jordan says:

    I don’t any link for admission, please help I am interested please.

    Pastor Jordan Anguramoi
    BA in BTH
    South Sudan

  48. Chinku Rai says:

    I would be much grateful if the M.Th course is free of cost. whereas, I may be able to upgrade my theological background for betterment in my small ministry.

  49. Tunde says:

    I want to apply for MTh (Biblical Theology). I have secular first degree and MA (Intercultural Studies) with Islamic emphasis.

    Can you afford me your emial to which I can sent my application?

    I based in Lagos, Nigeria. West Africa.

  50. Philip J Noah says:

    Please enroll me for distance online Masters in biblical theology.

    I have a degree in biblical theology from Spiritual Bible College in Liberia. I also have Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology from the. University of Liberia. Thanks for your consideration as I look forward to hearing from you.

  51. Worku says:

    How i can get the help

  52. Kofi edet dadzie says:

    Am interested in the program.please send me your email that i can submit my application.thanks

  53. Matthew Baxter says:

    My name is Matthew Baxter. I am very interested in your free Master of Biblical Theology program. If you could please send me a link to my email address so that I can apply I would greatly appreciate it! Thank-you.

    • ISDET_Admin_2014 says:

      Please look at the top menu-bar for application

      • Awoke Mersha says:

        I am in Africa, especially the poorest Country Ethiopia.I have graduated in known university Major Management and Minor Accounting. In addition I have a degree in biblical theology from Pentecostal Theological College. Now I am a church leader in one Evangelical Church,by serving Jesus Chris by His Grace.So if you give me this opportunity freely, please send me a link to my email address so that I can apply I would greatly appreciate it! Thank-you.

  54. Nthabiseng says:

    I am interested in this program, please consider my request.

  55. Steven kandandu says:

    I want ot do this program, kindly help me on how i can about it , . I am currently based in Africa Zambia . You help will be highly appreciated

  56. What an amaizing, bless you much.WOW.

  57. i want to apply for MTh (Biblical Theology). I have secular first degree and MA (in sport sport scince)

    Can you afford me your emial to which I can sent


    To Whom it may concern
    Am very much interested to apply for MTH (Master Of Biblical Theology)
    I have a Three years Biblical Certificate obtained at Chizela Bible Institute in Zambia and a Bachelor in Ministry with Calvary University at Back To The Bible Training College in South Africa.
    I will be high in spirit if considered to apply for this course.
    Waiting to hearing from you and if allowed the e-mail to apply to.
    Yours faithfully


  59. Pastor Dan Suleiman says:

    I am from Nigeria and I have a degree in peace and conflict resolution, also a degree in school of mission, under the Redeemed Christian church of God Nigeria. Hope these qualifies me for your master’s degree in Bible/Theology.
    Please send me more informations on how to apply.

  60. meng says:

    Hi there, I would like to enroll for this program. But I couldnt’t find the application for in the application section (It is not available.) How can I get it? thanks.

  61. Peter Ibui says:

    Am so glad to find your contacts after a long search.Am now settled on you and am very interested in doing Masters in Theoloy.Please let me know further about it.
    Thank you

  62. peter williams says:

    I have send two emails to Webmaster@ISDET.Com one on the 21st and the second on the 25th of April 2023 with a request for “sample course request” with no response. Do I use the wrong email address?
    Thank you

  63. Fidelis daniel says:

    I have BTH IN THEOLOGY from seminary. I can I apply for Master course. Pls the link to subscribe.