MDiv: Master of Divinity

Academic Program:MDiv(Master of Divinity)

Purpose: This is the Christian ministry-related free-tuition graduate program in theology offered by us. It gives a thorough foundational understanding of apologetics, theology, Bible, and world view to the student. It also gives in-depth and broad understanding of ministry-related subjects.  The program is meant for anyone who desires to study the basics of Bible and theology and who wishes to get into a service which has a ‘ministry’ orientation. It is also the masters level degree for those who wish to specialize in ministry.

Qualification For Admission: You must have a theological bachelors degree. If you have only a secular bachelors degree, then you can join by taking additional modules of course-work.

Subjects: The subjects you need to study are listed below. Each subject shown below is a ‘module’ and most modules are 1 credit hour. Practical work will be of 8 and thesis will be of 20 Credit Hours of work. Details of Practical Work and Thesis will be given in the Student Handbook that is sent to every registered student. Textbooks for all these topics is supplied free by us via downloads.

Courses For the MDiv Program

Sl. No    Module No    Title of the Module
Essential Apologetics
01    M01A1    Introduction
02    M02A1    Presuppositions
03    M03A1    History
04    M04A1    Canon
05    M05A1    Revelation
06    M10A1    Introduction to tools of Apologetics
07    M10A2    Preparation to Become an Bpologist
08    M10P1    What is proof
09    M11A1    Errors of Interpretation
10    M12A1    Bible Difficulties
11    M13A1    Science difficulties
12    M14A1    Propaganda Analysis
13    M15A1    Manipulation analysis
14    M16A1    Manipulation resisting
15    M17A1    Logic and Errors
16    M18A1    Debating Techniques
17    M19A1    Resisting debate
18    M20A1    Leading Questions
19    M20U1    Using Apologetics
General Apologetics
20    MDV01    Intelligent Design II
21    MDV02    Darwinism
22    MDV03    Faith and Reason (Advanced)
23    MDV04    Apologetic Communication
24    MDV05    Neo Evangelicalism and Apologetics
World View
25    MDV10    Christian World View
26    MDV20    Panorama of Bible
27    MDV21    Exodus
28    MDV22    Gospel of John
29    MDV23    Romans
30    MDV24    1 Corinthians
31    MDV25    2 Corinthians
32    MDV26    Ephesians
33    MDV27    1 Peter
34    MDV28    History of the Bible
35    MDV31    Psychology and Bible
36    MDV32    Suicide Counseling
37    MDV36A    Moral Relativism (Intro)
38    MDV63B    Issues In Bio Ethics
39    MDV41    Introduction to Evangelism
40    MDV42    College Evangelism
41    MDV46    Bible Interpretation
42    MDV51    Temptation of Christ
43    MDV52    Christian Mysticism
44    MDV53    Goddess Worship
45    MDV54    Vineyard/Toronto Movement
46    MDV55    Church Growth Movement
47    MDV56    End Time
48    MDV57    Claims of Revival
49    MDV58    Life of Christ
50    MDV59    Good and Evil
51    MDV60    House Churches
Practical Life
52    MDV81    Church Life
53    MDV82    Why People Quit Churches
54    MDV83    Prayer
55    MDV84    Suicide Counseling
56    MDV85    Suffering
57    MDV86    Kingdom Life
58    MDV87    Visionary leadership
59    MDV88    Distributed Leadership
60    MDV89    Identifying Potential
61    MDV90    Teams
62    MDV91    Leaders and challenges
63    MDV92    Leaders and Movement
64    MDV93    Shared vision and Leadership
65    MDV94    Leadership encouraging Prayer
66    MDV95A    Prayer for Leadership
67    MDV95B    Family Ministry
68    MDV96A    Biblical Theology
69    MDV96B    Interpreting the Testaments
70    MDV96C    Theology of Church
71    MDV96D    Theology of Prayer
72    MDV96E    Life of Christ 2
73    MDV96H    Systematic theology 1
74    MDV96J    Systematic Theology 2
Essential Additional Topics
75    MDV 97A    Biographical Studies
76    MDV7B    Church
77    MDV7C    Philosophy and Christian Faith
78    MDVPR    Practical Work
79    MDVTH    Thesis



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  1. kalenga mwansa says:

    I would like to apply for a masters program in divinity. I have two Diplomas in biblical and theology at theological college of central Africa and centre for Christian missions. I would be glad if I can be accorded opportunity to pursue such a program for sake of the kingdom of God.

    • Dennis Ngandwe says:

      Dear Sir,it has been since April that I kept filling the application form up to now, the only answer I received is within 72 hours we will answer you. Yet I am very eager to start a program of masters in Divinity. I am a Pastor of Cross Power Center based in Lusaka, Zambia. I have a degree in teaching and also in biblical studies. May you kindly consider favorably my application. My phone no:+260973800466 Lusaka/Zambia.

    • Otim Fred says:

      I would like to enroll for MDiv(Master of Divinity). I have a bachelor degree in Christian Community Leadership with Business from African Bible University, Kampala Uganda.

  2. ikaho says:

    I would like to apply for a masters program in divinity. I have bachelor of theology at theological college of Dimapur ,Nagaland , northeast Indiaidue to weak financial ground of my parents I couldn’t go for further study.and currently working in a baptist church in my own home town(Dimapur). I would be glad if I can be accorded opportunity to pursue such a program for sake of the kingdom of God. Thanking you.
    In Christ
    Ikaho Achumi

  3. Victor Mwila says:

    I would like to apply for the program of master of christian divinity. I have a Bachelor Degree in christian education. I will be grateful if my request is considered. I am from central africa, Zambia.

  4. R J Arun says:

    Deat sir, I have completed my B.Th in Olive Theological Institute,Tiruvalla, Kerala, India, formerly known as Navajeevodayam Bible School which has been run by Dr George Samuel,dean of Haggai Institute. I would like to do my M.Div. Please grant me the opportunity to study. I am doing God’s ministry in Chennai, Tamilnadu, India. May God Bless you.

  5. GRACE says:

    I will like to apply for Masters of Divinity program. I have first degree in Geology and Mineral sciences and founded a church which I am pastoring since Sept 2008 which also has a branch in another Nigerian statel. I am Nigerian, female and married. I will be glad if my application is favourably considered. I am ready to study and improve myself which I find pertinent for the actualization of my God given vision. Thanks
    Grace Eze

  6. pavan kumar says:

    I want to do minister with eunuchs they are so mayni pastors are there but no preaching word of god with Them but i like to do with this peoples

  7. Rev: John Nyagah says:

    I would like to take Masters of Divinity

  8. Genene Medja says:

    I would like to pursue the Masters Divinity program. Currently, I have a degree in Religious Education from Tyndale Seminary in Toronto. Please send me the application form so I can continue studying the Word of God.

  9. I would be much happy if I am to be afforded some opportunity to study a masters in Divinity. I am a holder of a degree in Biblical studies. I am a Zimbabwean nation who is doing some mission work in Swaziland.

  10. Isioma Godwins says:

    Blessings of our Heavenly Father rest on you…
    I am a holder of secular degree in Engineering, and will love to do the Masters in Divinity program.
    I want to have a good foundation in ministry work and I believe this platform will give me the necessary training that is required to do the work GOD has called me to accomplish.
    Is Nigeria under the developed nation category in your list? And what is the required entry fees for the MDiv program?
    Thank you and God bless you.
    Isioma Godwins

    • pastor Nicholas ikefuama says:


      By the grace of God, I have been in fulltime pastoral minitry for about 44years now. Though heading toward retirement, I am hungry to study futher.I hold a diploma and a degree in theology and wish preferably to make up for Master’s in Christian religious education. If that discipline is not available now (the portals could not open), may I take up that of the MDiv.

      Thanks and may I hear from you very soon.

      Pastor Nicholas Ikefuama

  11. sebastian otieno says:

    I would like to take Masters of Divinity already i have applied and still waiting for your feed back

  12. Spitarland L. Nonglait says:

    I would like to apply for the programme of Master of Divinity (MDiv).I am a holder of secular degrees in Arts and Education (B.A., B.Ed) from North Eastern Hills University, Shillong, India.I am belonged to Presbyterian church. My home town is Shillong and my country is India. I am glad if my request is considered.
    Thanking you. God bless you.
    I am Spitarland L. Nonglait.

  13. Dragan Djordjevic says:

    Hi, I have a BC degree in theology from PROTESTANT THEOLOGY FACULTY in Novi Sad, Serbia, (, I am interested in to reach the Master of Divinity. I look the opportunity to serve and worship with my fate and knowledge.

  14. Emmanuek says:

    What is the duration for the maters programs, please?

  15. Jean Bosco NGENDAKUMANA says:

    I thank God for this wonderful oportunity that he granted unto me, I get this blog and find that i can get free courses online from my home country where there is no such kind of chools (no bible school) so doing it online is a great advantage for me. But i failed to register, kindly help me to do so.
    I am a Burundian Minister, I have degree in Biblical studies, i have done it from Kenya what was a challenge for me to get everything for to go there and complete my studies but with this school, everything will be well.
    I want to do Masters in Divinity
    Thank you
    God bless you

  16. Wilson Safari says:

    I am glad to meet this divine opportunity, I am interested in Master’s of divinity. I hold a bachelor’s degree of sciences with Education. I has followed the international Bible study. I am committed to preach good message of The Lord Jesus Christ.

  17. Adegbite Moses Adedeji says:

    Please I would like to apply for a Masters of Divinity. I have BSc Business Administration but has been involved in Christian Ministry for more than 20 years.


    I want to study Master Of Divinity.. I Wii be very glad if I get the opportunity to do so

  19. Anthony D. Williams says:

    I am interesred in your Masters of Divinity. Please contact me at your earliest convenience.
    Evangelust Anthony.

  20. Charles Chimusoro Kawenya says:

    Iam your I feel I would started yesterday

  21. Charles Chimusoro Kawenya says:

    Can I apply now

  22. aniyan kunju kk says:

    i would like to study

  23. N John says:

    I àm in the ministry since 2005 I want to do MDiv program to achieve my goal.
    N john

  24. Newking Aruga says:

    I have gone through your courses and I am delighted. I have bachelor degree in theology. Now I wish to read for mdiv in Christian theology.

  25. Sandesh Sanjay Khillare says:

    I have Bachelor degree in B.Sc Nursing and I am looking forward for masters of divinity. Kindly approve my request. Thank you

  26. I will like to study master’s degree in divinity.i study post graduate diploma in missiology at redeemed christain church college of mission.

  27. Justin J says:

    I am already an ordained minister and have a degree in psychology, I’m looking to further my education with the masters of divinity!

  28. Muluneh Getaneh T says:

    I want to learn Master of Divinity

  29. Muluneh Getaneh T says:

    I am christian and want to learn Master of Divinity. I have MSc in secular world and am studying my PhD

  30. Luis Vargas says:

    be bless
    brother I would like to apply to your Master Div. I do have a bachelor’s degree in theology please send me the application.


    Luis Vargas

  31. Luis Vargas says:

    Hi, brethren, I have a BT’h in theology I would like to apply for the MDiv. Please send me the information to enroll in your program. Blessing upon you.
    Luis Vargas

  32. Emmanuel says:

    Please how can I apply for any of the masters program? I hold degree in other field of studies but I’m called into the work of God and would like to top up my studies in theology to help the kingdom business assigned. With due respect can I apply and will i be admitted?

  33. Sam Jaiyeola says:

    Good day to you. Please I have applied for MDiv and I am yet to recieve any response. What do I do next or should I re-apply?

  34. Ondobo Missima Louis Patrice says:

    Sir, I would like to apply for a masters program in divinity. I have a bachelor of theology at Calvary college of theology of Port Harcourt – Nigeria,affiliated to Evangelical Bible College & Seminar Greenacres Florida-USA. I would like to go further in my studies & knowledge of the Word. I will be happy if I can be accorded an opportunity to pursue this program.
    Hoping for an answer from you, thanks in advance.
    Regards In Christ.

  35. Zanandore Frederic says:

    I would like to apply in Master in Christian divinity
    I have bachelor degree in Physics and Geography with Education from University of Rwanda

    I am ready to accomplish my duties if you take consideration my request

  36. Jerin peter john says:

    Im complete B.Th program at andra pradhesh india i am doing church ministry in kerala looking forward mastar degee

  37. Rev Samuel zacckeous Atabua says:

    Good day to you.
    I have a diploma theology, cartography and a degree in guidance and counselling.

    I am a serving priest and would like to do master of divinity to further develop my career for effective ministry.

    Kindly advice

  38. pastor sivakumar says:

    sir i have finished B T H degree in srilanka
    i like to do master of divinity

    please advice me for details

  39. Calvary greetings you,
    I have B.Sc in Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution.
    Diploma in school of ministry.
    Graduate from Rhema Bible Training Center.
    And now I need Master of Divinity.
    I look forward to hearing from you soon.
    Many thanks.

  40. Madan Singh says:

    Since last,few months I was looking for M.Div, course.I’m already involved in”Pastoral ministry”and Lord has given,12houses small fellowship.Mount Calvary Hindi Baptist Fellowship,in Nagaland.In order to work effectively,I need more knowledge and God’s wisdom to work in it so please kindly help me in this good work to extend the kingdom of God,I will be thankful to you and your ministry, thank you very much,I will be anxiously awaiting.

  41. Francis Thomas says:

    I have a Master’s degree in English literature. I’d like to get a Biblical Master’s degree in Divinity. I assure I will study the necessary modules to get the admission. Kindly help to pursue my studies in the name of Lord Jesus

    Thank you

  42. mahesh gaikwad says:

    sir I have finished my bachelor degree ( B th ) I want to study more of Gods word, please how can I apply.

  43. Thank you for this opportunity.May God bless you ,I will expect good news,I have BTh.

  44. I will be very happy to hear or receive a text from you people. God bless you as I wait

    • ISDET_Admin_2014 says:

      All necessary info is already available on this website. Please go to the home page and check the menu items.

  45. Carl wardrett says:

    Hi,I’m trying to enroll in the Masters of Divinity program.Whats my next step in the process.

    • ISDET_Admin_2014 says:

      All necessary info is already available on this website. Please go to the home page and check the menu items.

  46. Kizza Steven says:

    First and foremost, I would like to thank you for training people freely to do God’s work. Secondly, I request for the application form because l qualify to enroll for a M.Div since I already have a Bachelor of Biblical Studies and Christian Ministry.

  47. Naresh Umesh Mallick says:

    I want to do M.Div course. Because I am a pastor.

  48. Youjay L. Clinton says:

    I would like to study Master of Divinity. I hold a bachelor of science in chemistry and a bachelor of pharmacy from the University of Liberia. I would be glad were you to accord this opportunity.

  49. Pastor Benny Jenkins says:


    I will like to apply for the Master of Divinity degree program. I have two Diploma in Biblical Studies and Ministry and also founded a church which I am pastoring since 2018. I will be glad if my application is favourably considered. I am ready to study and improve myself which I find pertinent for the actualization of my God given vision. Thanks

    Pastor Benny.

  50. Pastor Benny says:


    I will like to apply for the Master of Divinity degree program. I have two Diploma in Biblical Studies and Ministry and also founded a church which I am pastoring since 2018. I will be glad if my application is favourably considered. I am ready to study and improve myself which I find pertinent for the actualization of my God given vision. Thanks

    Pastor Benny.

  51. Van Nun Piang says:

    I have finished BTh courses from Myanmar ACTS College since 2009. Please instruct me,” how to attend to your online mdiv course?”. Please send me appication of your shool.

  52. Van Nun Piang says:

    I have finished BTh courses from Myanmar ACTS college since 2009. Please instruct me how to attend to your onlne mdiv course. Please send me an aplication of your college.

  53. Lazarus Phiri says:

    How can I enroll

  54. To,

    Honorable beloved in Jesus Christ.

    Greetings to you all in the Loving Name Of our Saviour Jesus Christ
    Wish You A Happy New Year 2021.

    please pray for my letter

    Honorable beloved Iam from India an
    individual church pastor/Rev. surrendered HIS glorious calling from
    Jesus from Isaiah 55:45 verses and having clear visions Due to 1997
    following we dong gospel work and many social works .Previous time my
    Ministry name is Gospel Service Society. Now we extend our gospel
    works and social works more and more and name change
    into Caring And Sharing Welfare Soceity Regd. No 247/2020. I had own
    church and having 1 congregations in another village. Continuesly
    doing distribute souls winning gospel tracts and arrange gospel
    meetings and have been saving many souls for Jesus Christ. We doing
    many social works for widows, neglated women social works and poor
    students free books giving works etc works. My wife also good
    cooperator for our Lords works and my wife also having clear visions
    and calling from Jesus. We don’t had any support from any where. Only
    working hard and continue our Lords works.

    I had completed 3 years BTh . I want to study next course please pray
    and kindly reply for my letter Shall I able to study correspondence
    course after BTh course ?. I am not a rich man and having passion on
    my heart to knowing the deep truths about Jesus and proclaim that
    matters for Christ unknowing people and try to turn them in to Jesus.
    My aim is that. Please see this photos of our church, ministry and
    please pray. What can I do to get course and study course
    correspondence ?. I want to walking with you for Jesus. Please pray.
    Now a days lakhs of villages are not knowing the truth about Jesus
    sacrifice and loving nature lakhs of villages not having certain roads
    and many village audhorities not agree to preach gospel in villages.
    Please pray for lakhs of people repentance.

    We all are praying for you. Awaiting for your kind prayers and kind
    information for my study Correpondence. Please see my photos and
    kindly pray and kindly encourage me.

    May our Loving Saviour Jesus Christ Bless You.

    Sinciourly in HIM,
    Rev. Vijaya Kumar Raju Kadali (BTh),
    Jerusalem Prayer Church,
    Founder & President:-Caring & Sharing Welfare Society (Regd No 247/2020)
    D.No: 1-41, Penumadam Road,
    Sri Ramachandra Rao Pet Sevaru,
    Appanachervu 534267,
    W.G.Dt., A P INDIA.

  55. Hosea Nyaga says:

    I would be grateful if given an opportunity to study free masters of Divinity.Kindly send the admission form.

  56. I am interested in studying the course

  57. Kassu Seyoum says:

    I would be happy if given an opportunity to study free masters of Divinity. May the lord bless you.

  58. Paul Saffa says:

    I want to be enrolled into the MDIV program pls

  59. Thang khan lam says:

    I would love to study Master of Divinity

  60. Gerald G. Tabudlong says:

    Can I get a Master’s of Divinity for free?

  61. Raphael Mwamba says:

    I hold a degree in theology seeking to do masters course with your college.
    Will grateful to hear from you.

    Raphael Mwamba

  62. It’s free everything? I come from Madagascar

    • ISDET_Admin_2014 says:

      Yes, free for those from developing countries. A small registration for those from developed countries

  63. Bernard Sameh says:

    Sir, I am a worker in the vine yard of God in cameroon. I am a holder of Bsc in ministry from the Global Focus Bible college USA. I will be very grateful if granted the opportunity to enrol in this program ( master of divinity ). Plz if a can recieve an application form I will be grateful. Thanks

  64. Lucas Olody says:

    Dear Servants of God
    I am so much appreciative for how you are committed to offer these courses free for any person who wants to join to advance the kingdom of God.
    In a real sense it is not easy for such.
    May God bless you all.
    Am applying for the MDvin.
    From Tanzania EA.

  65. Jontue austin-ezell says:

    Wanting to see how to apply for the course? Thank you!

  66. Khua Kung says:

    This is the most generous bible institute I have ever known.
    Hope this will help us who cannot afford to do theological studies because of poverty.
    How can I apply for the course?

  67. Ayodele David Oluwafemi says:

    I will like to do a Masters of Divinity program.
    I already have a circular bachelor’s degree but also doing a bachelor’s in theology program with the baptist college of theology, Lagos – Nigeria, though still in my third year (3 of 4), and series of certificates from Dallas Texas Seminary.
    I will be delighted if favorably considered.

    Pastor D.O Ayodele
    Ogun State

  68. Sokunbi Olufemi says:

    Good afternoon. I like to apply for masters in divinity. Am a graduate of chemical engineering, also have diploma in theology. I have been in ministry for the past 5 year.
    This course will help me in fulfilling God’s call on my life. Thank you.

  69. Inaoyaima Maibam says:

    Praise the Lord,
    Dear Sir, I am a small local christian Radio Ministry Manipur State India.

    I like to apply for Master in Devinity. Am a graduat in TTI Church planting Movement. Also Diploma in Institute of Community Transformation.

    I have been in Ministry for past 8 years without any sponsor( self-supprot mininstry.

    This course will help me fulfilling Gods call on my life.

    Yourn Christ
    Samananda Maibam
    Manipur State India

  70. Stephen Muloki Baiga says:

    Im a Pastor based in Jinja Uganda. I hold a BA Econ from Makerere University and an Associate Degree in Theology of Faith Bible college. I’m interested in a masters in Christian Divinity.

  71. Gardhoe Dardoe says:

    I am interested in the Master of Divinity. Where do I find application portal?

  72. N.M. MNYANDU says:

    Receive my heartily greetings in Jesus’ Precious Name.

    I am a leading (senior) pastor of Potter’s Hand Restoration Church in South Africa . Currently, I am a holder of Bachelor of Theology Honours from the South African Theological Seminary, and also a Bachelor Degree in Engineering. I will be very grateful if I could be granted the opportunity to enrol in this program ( master of divinity ).

    It will be my pleasure and honour if I a can, please, receive an application form.


  73. Charles E. Pender,PhD says:

    Wish to have a endeavor have a b a and biblical studies Masters and counseling psychology PhD in counseling psychology studies at VCU VPI and Virginia Union University I am 75 years of age to go forward with an in-depth study in I

  74. Peter Bright says:

    Master’s in Divinity is what I wish to Know more.
    What is exactly not divine if undertaking any theological program other than this discipline.
    Let me know the truth from reality.
    Be blessed.

  75. Elias Hernandez says:

    Saludos !! Dios le Bendiga !!

    Me interesa ser considerado para la Beca del Grado de Maestria en Divinidad.Soy de Puerto Rico y tengo 48 años de edad.

    Poseo un Bachillerato en Enfermeria de la Universidad Interamericana de P.R. completado en el 1997 y 3 años de Instituto Biblico completados en 2018.

    Mi nombre es Elias Hernandez Muñiz y mi


  76. Rajasekharan says:

    I would like to enroll for the M.Div programme of free of cost

  77. Salutations à vous… Je suis vraiment intéressé… En réalité, j’ai un baccalauréat laïc;mais j’aimerais opter pour ce programme de formation ( maître de la divinité chrétienne )

  78. Felix Suanu Bariyere Harry says:

    i am desirous to take an M.Div free program which is offered totally tuition-frr from your international seminary for developing countries. Thanks, your sincerely Felix Suanu Bariyere Harry

  79. Sunita Adhikari says:

    Praise Lord grace,
    I want to study Master degree in Christian Divinity online. Please email me guidance application form.

    Sincerely yours,
    Sunita Adhikari

  80. Ibrahim saad Abdelmaseeh says:

    I want to join the scholarship

  81. Sammy says:

    I would like to join M.Div course. Please do let me know the procedure. Thanks.

    • ISDET_Admin_2014 says:

      Please send an application

      • Neil John Geronimo says:

        Hello to the admin of this website.

        I am from the Philippines and I am interested in enrolling to this course. Can you give me more details about the program and the requirements and procedures for enrollment.

        Thank you and God bless

  82. Neil John Geronimo says:

    I forgot to include in my comment that I have a Bachelor’s degree in Christian Education. Do I need to get my transcript from my College here in the Philippines. Thank you and God bless you

  83. Oluwafemi Soji Daniel says:

    Please how long will it take to expect a response to ones initial application

  84. Daniel says:

    Am here I need to begin,how can I.

  85. markos dana says:

    hi i want masters degree

  86. David Osei Frimpong says:

    Hi, Good morning from Ghana. I am interested in your Master of Christian Divinity program. I hold Degree in Information Technology, Diploma in Biblical Theology, a teacher’s Diploma, and a high Diploma. Is there any chance for me?

  87. Sammy Kaluba says:

    I have a bachelor degree in biblical studies and I want to study masters in divinity ( Mdiv)

  88. Manduwem U. says:

    Hi Admins,
    please I will love to apply for admission to do the masters in divinity program.
    I’m a Resident Pastor of Messiah Fellowship Mission Inc., (a church with 3branches in Nigeria), I hold a bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry from the university of calabar and I’m ready to put in the additional effort to meet up the course requirements for the program.
    I pray I’m given the opportunity.
    thanks and best regards…
    Manduwem U.

  89. Junghyun Han says:

    I would like to know what the graduation GPA should be. And I have applied to your institution too

  90. Junghyun Han says:

    How many classes do i need to take in order for me to graduate? and What is the graduation GPA? please let me know.
    I have B.TH in Canada and I’m here to study.
    Tell me what to do.



    Junghyun Han

  91. Mary says:

    I would like to start taking the Ms program in Christian Divinity.

  92. Adekunle Samson Falade says:

    I am from Nigeria,
    Please how can I apply for the Master of Divinity program?

  93. ADNEW YOHANNES says:

    I already sent it to your email and still have not any response.

  94. ADNEW YOHANNES says:

    I am from Ethiopia,
    I already applied but still, I am waiting for a response from your university. Let me start this exciting opportunity.
    Thank you.

    • ISDET_Admin_2014 says:

      This week we have finished all pending applications

      • ADNEW YOHANNES says:

        I am very sorry to tell you this, I lose hope in your University.
        Waiting, waiting, waiting, and waiting but no response from you.
        How many times should I wait for you?
        Very sad!

  95. ADNEW YOHANNES says:

    Still, I didn’t get any response from your university.
    If you have finished all pending applications, why was your response delayed?
    Please Let me know your response.
    God bless you.

  96. Bernice says:

    How long does it take to get an degree in Christian Divinity with no previous experience?

  97. I want to learn at your college so that i can earn a Master’s in Theology.

  98. Samuel Oluwamuyiwa Oshiyemi says:

    I am highly happy to be part of this life changing and transforming program from your noble institutions. I am one of those that this program is meant for. I am in Nigeria and I will really love to be part of this online.

    Thank you so much for your magnanimity.

    yours in Him

  99. Yunior Ramirez Gonzalez says:

    Me llamo Yunior Ramirez Gonzalez, vivo en Cuba.Me gustaría cursar la Maestría en Divinidades. Tengo una Licenciatura Contabilidad y finanzas, un Bachiller en Biblia y Ministerio, curso una Licenciatura en Teología por Globaly University.

  100. Azubuike Anthony Uchenna says:

    I am a Holder of Bachelor of Divinity degree from a Christian Seminary in Nigeria.
    I wish to join in the MDiv program of ISDET.
    Many thanks in anticipation of acceptance.

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