MBibArch: Master of Biblical Archeology

Academic Program: MBibArch (Master of Biblical Archeology)

Purpose: Bible and Archeology has become an important subject related to Christian Apologetics, Biblical studies, and historical understanding of the Bible in the last two centuries. This program introduces these subjects and builds up a strong foundation in Biblical Archeology. It would be of use to anyone who loves this subject and who wishes to use it in his Bible teaching of Christian Apologetics ministry.

Qualification For Admission: You must have enough schooling to make you eligible for admission to a masters level study. We prefer a BTh, but any bachelors degree can be accepted provided those without a theology background take up additional course-work if their Mentor so deems.  Those who do not meet the minimum academic requirement can ask for special exemption from this minimum requirement if they are 24 or older.

Subjects: The subjects you need to study are listed below. Each subject shown below is a ‘module’ and each module is 1 or 2 credit hours. Practical work will be of 8 and thesis will be of 16 Credit Hours of work. Details of Practical Work and Thesis will be given in the Student Handbook that is sent to every registered student. Textbooks for all these topics is supplied free by us via downloads.

Section: Apologetics 1 (Introductory Topics)
M01 Intro Chr. Apologetics
M02 Presuppositions of Chr. Apologetics
M03 Historical Apologetics
M04 Canon/Canonicity
M05 Divine Revelation
Section: Apologetics 4A  (Tools of Apologetics)
M10A1 Intro To Tools Of Apol
M10A2How To Prepare For Apologetics
M10P1 What Is Proof
M11A1Errors Of Interpretation
M12A1Bible Difficulties
M13A1Analysis of Science
M14A1Propaganda Techniques
M15A1Intro Mind Manipulation
M16A1Analysis Mind Manipulation
M17A1Logic And Fallacies
M18A1Intro Debating Techniques
M19A1Analysis Debating Techniques
M20A1 Leading Questions
M20U1 How To Use Apologetics
Section: Introduction To Archeology,  Bib Arch, Methods of Archeology
MAR001 Introduction To Arch
MAR002 Archeological Analysis
MAR005 Archeological Dating
MAR009 Archeological Forgeries
MAR010 Biblical Archeology
MAR011 Bible And Archeology I
MAR012 Bible And Archeology 2
MAR013 Important Archeologists
MAR014 Arch. And Apologetics
MAR015 Buried Archeology
Section: Archeology And Inscriptions
MAR20 Intro to Inscriptions
MAR21 Mesopotamian Inscriptions
MAR22 Egyptian Inscriptions
MAR23 Sinaitic Inscriptions
MAR24 Other Important Inscriptions
Section: Biblical Archeology  &  Major Discoveries
MAR025 Qumran I
MAR25B Qumran 2
MAR25C Bible Manuscripts
MAR026 Other Important Discoveries
MAR027 Ebla Tablets
Section: Bible-related Nations And People in Archeology
MAR031 Egypt
MAR032 Hittites
MAR033  Mesopotamia
MAR034 Philistine
MAR035 Ugarit
MAR036 People Groups
MAR36B MSL Lands And People
Section: Archeological Discoveries Of Biblical Backgrounds
MAR041 Biblical Cities
MAR042 Biblical Times and Life
MAR42B Biblical_Numismatics
MAR043 Music In Bible Times
MAR044  Biblical Backgrounds  (Detailed)
MAR045 Health and Hygiene (Biblical Societies)
MAR046 Flood and Geology
Section: Bible, Archeology and   History
MAR061 Bible And History
MAR062 Biblical Chron Introduction
MAR62B Biblical Chron Advanced
MAR62C Biblical Chron Advanced
MAR063 History of Israel
MAR065 History of Bible
Section: Old Testament, Archeology, and History
MAR71 Genesis And Near East
MAR72 Israel, Egypt and Archeology
MAR73 Israel and Nations
MAR74 David And Solomon
MAR75 Hittite Problem
MAR76 OT And Discoveries
MAR77 Context Of Old Testament
Section: New Testament, Archeology, and History
MAR81 NT Related Discoveries
MAR82 Jesus Through Archeology
Section: Essential Doctrines
MAR91 Foundations of Faith
MAR92 Inerrancy of Bible
MAR93 Infallibility of Bible
MAR94 Authority Of Bible
Section: Practical Demonstration
Course Development



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  1. I wish to indicate my interest in rolling in MBibArch: Master of Biblical Archeology at your great institution.
    I have BA in History major and minro in Religion Studies.
    Warmest Regards

  2. Nicole says:

    I would like to enroll in the Master of Biblical Archaeology. I have a Bachelors Degree in Ministry.

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    I wanted to be enrolled in this program. Can you help me? Thank you so much.

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    Please send the application to enroll on Master in Archeology program.

    Thank you

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    Who should I contact at ISDET about advertising with BIBLICAL ARCHAEOLOGY REVIEW? I think our audience would be super interested in your courses.

  6. Please can you send me the application to enroll in Master in Archeology… I have A Barchelor Degree in Theology Christian Leadership and Community Development

  7. Pamella Nchio epse Nguembock says:

    The course is very enriching.

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    Is it a Masters degree or a masters diploma?

  9. Pamella Nchio epse Nguembock says:

    Greetings. I am interested in this program. I need help to access the application form

  10. Aqua-Ime Geoffrey says:

    Thanks for the wonderful inspiring works of your online program. I have a Bachelor degree in Management Science and other certificate in theology from World Bible School.
    Please I have a huge interest in the program,send an application to me. God bless you.

  11. Elias Hernandez says:

    Hola, Dios le Bendiga !!

    Me interesa ser considerado para la Beca de la Maestria en Arqueologia Biblica.Tengo 48 años y poseo un Bachillerato en Enfermeria completado en el 1997 y 3 años completados en el 2018.

    Mi nombre es Elias Hernandez Muñiz y mi e-mail:eliashernandez100x35@gmail.com.


  12. Ojenike Barnabas Ikechukwu says:

    I love this great institute, I have a Degree in Bible, I really want to do a master program in your institution

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