Free bible college by mail

Free bible college by mail or internet is a need of the hour.

Distance education in biblical studies has brought us to acknowledge either that (1) it is important for typically the well-being from the informative process or that will (2) it must be underwritten by donations coming from church bodies. Although we may in no way agree on the two of these details, the need to be able to make this sort of distance education offered to people worldwide is undeniable. While that can be in the best tradition regarding biblical scholarship it can no extended be done coming from one geographical middle. We are inside a modern age when learning can be achieved almost from any place about the planet in addition to this trend is usually starting to start to see the light of typically the day. Can your phrase virtual distance education be applied in cases like this? To some level, yes, while in order to some degree that cannot be. This is usually because the biblical scholars making this specific kind of distance understanding available are not necessarily traveling from their own normal school campuses to locations nevertheless rather are doing thus in their spare time from home or even from remote places through the use of video meeting.

In this generation we have been having a Web 2.0 experience and we understand people have moved on from personal computers to mobile devices that by design occupy less space on the desk of a person. This introduces new challenges as well as new demand for free theological education via distance programs. Between that and the fact that the classroom itself has changed the need for free distance education has increased even more.

In 2021 It would seem that a different kind of training is required to find theologically trained pastors, teachers and missionaries. Can free Bible schools really make a difference, seeing the new demands are different from traditional demands. ISDET responded to this need with the creation of the net-based Virtual Academy. The matter of an educational facility is normally something a teacher manages on a day-to-day basis. ISDET wanted to make sure it is available for students as well when searching for the best online school to send their children to. This is why the Virtual Academy is a completely digital concept. All that the father needs to do is bring up the profile, upload a picture, and send the link. This will then be contained within a real classroom session open to the whole room for free and almost instant access.

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  1. Miss Kelli Taylor says:


    PLEASE. I WANT TO STUDY:( THEOLOGY). My name is Miss Kelli Taylor and I’m

    Deaf. Please do mail me the Correspondence Studies in Theology through the

    mail to me at this address:

    Miss Kelli Taylor
    2765 Surrey Park Drive
    Bartlett,TN 38134-4654

  2. Shadrack mutuku says:

    Morning, I am a kenyan and am kindly interested to study masters degree in theology how can I get started. Than you.

  3. Ken kampira says:

    Iam a male christian malawian by nationality aged 43 .I wouldlike to study theology .How can i get started?

  4. Charles Ikechukwu Udeagu says:

    I am in Cambodia interested in Doctorate in theology and DRE.

  5. Nsom Daniel nkwain says:

    I want to enrol for a PhD in theology by mail.i teach in the seminary in Cameroon and I have many students who will take your courses.i will like to run seminary here using your address is p.o. box 313 bamenda cameroon.west africa.i am waiting anxiously for your response.Dr nsom Daniel Nkwain

    • Shona fisher says:

      Hi would be possible that you can send me bi le study or course my details are as follows

      Shona fisher
      68 dale cresent
      Cw12 3ep
      United kingdom

      Many thanks

  6. Dear Rev I wish to enrol to study Apologetics with your Bible college by postal mail
    Thank you for your cooperation
    Shalom peace to you.

  7. Joseph Masih says:

    I want to join your bible college by mail

  8. Mail me the mail at
    3015 wilson rd Apt.506A
    Bakersfeild CA. 93304
    United states of america
    I would really enjoy this
    Thank you
    Mrs carter-hayden

  9. Ngonidzashe Mumanyi says:

    Dear sir/madam

    Please i would like to enroll on a program, Bachelor of Christian Ministry. How do i sign up or engage
    your administration?

  10. Ngonidzashe Mumanyi says:

    I am Ngonidzashe Mumanyi 43years old
    From zimbabwe and would love to enroll on Bachelor of Christian Ministry, please may you enlist me to begin.
    Thank you
    N. Mumanyi

  11. Hi Sir/Ma’am,I’m Fromme Serilla from Philippines i would like to enroll on Bachelor of Religious Education.Im willing and interested to study in your school and someday i will share and to teach to others,what i will have to learn to this course.Kindly,please send me an application/link on how to register and get started.Thank you and God bless 🙏.Waiting for your reply..

    • Judithlyn Odones says:

      Hello Fromme. I hope you could reply thru my email ( We’ve been wanting to hear from you. God bless you and your family.

      Judithlyn, Jill, Donabel, Mary and Kristine.

  12. Am a muslim converted to Christianity .A founder of Rhema Rivers Of Life Global Ministries and The Great Commission Catholic Community Church in Malawi.It is established in the Muslim Dominated Areas of Malawi.As a muslim I.would like My fellow Muslim Brothers to Jesus Christ.At the moment I have already embarked a training program in Discipleship using Immanuel Covenant University a yet to be registered NGO University in Malaei.The purpose is to train Native Family.Missionaries to be deployed into the Muslim Dominated Areas of Malawi.It is against this trackrecord that I would like if I could be give a Favour to have a special-tailor made facility where ONLY 2600 Students from a muslim background be trained in Theology .Am very ready to penetrate into Muslim.Strongholds of.Malawi together with Well trained Native Family Missionaries with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

  13. Alicejane Uwaoma says:

    Please send me the initial applications for bachelor of theology. I am a pastor and I have first degree in computer science and statistics.

  14. Ingrid says:

    I’m an Australian psychotherapist with a MA focus on spirituality and social work and arts therapy
    I have a post grad entry completed in social work as well as a post grad in vestal therapy and a post grad ( 2 year) at the University of divinity in ignation spirituality. I’m a practicing psychotherapist and christian. My MA thesis was incredibly intensive and took e over 5 years as it was by research and I wrote 80, 00 words
    I’m looking to do a Doctorate in biblical studies as I’ve paid a fortune for my other courses. I really long to study more that’s biblically based but not too intensive as I’ve spent many yearsresearching and training lecturing supervising and working in many industries that were christian based. How do I apply for the doctorate in biblical studies. Is it a little more light weight than my other courses have Been
    Many blessings
    Ingrid Burton
    I have my own christian counselling and social work practice. How do I begin to register for the doctorate in. Biblical studies course.

  15. James Isaiah says:

    I have applied to this school several times but no respond. I think may be the school is not functioning now.

  16. Jean Gomer MOMBRUN says:

    I congratulate you for the work you done, teaching theology and helping lost souls to be reborn. I would like to study theology online. thank you so much for your assistance.

    God bless you

  17. MoilwaLeeuw says:

    I want to study theology at your institution.

  18. I am in need to study Theology by post, will it be possible?

  19. I want to correspond with your institution

    My address
    2633 Seshego Zone 2

  20. Tyronn says:

    Love god all ways

  21. Tyronn says:

    God loves you

  22. Pratap says:

    I will join free bible college please send me contact number help me

  23. A. Nagendran says:


    PLEASE. I WANT TO STUDY: THEOLOGY. My name A.Nagendran.

    Please do mail me the Correspondence Studies in Theology through the mail to me at this address:
    No 96/8 Vineethagama Badulla Srilanka


  24. Ibeh H. Ibeh--Eri says:

    I love the school very dearly! As a pastor, pastoring in the interiors, the course is a great treasure to me. Thanks a lot. Enclosed is my contact:Ibeh H. Ibeh–Eri, Imude post office, Oto–Awori, Lagos State, Nigeria.

  25. Sara Cox says:

    I would like to receive your bible studies if I may

  26. Nicolas Daniel Ndap says:

    Please get me enroll on your studies. Address;C A C Ungwa-Musa,P o.Box 55,Kafanchan,Kaduna State,Nigeria

  27. Jane horn says:

    I am interested I want to learn I’m from Perth western Australia

  28. I would like to get a degree for studying Bible through the mail studies. Could you please help me. Thank you and bless you in Jesus name amen

  29. Sylvia Morrill says:

    I would like to take the free college courses by mail

    Sylvia Jean Morrill
    225 Lee Street Suite B
    Richlands,Virginia 24641

  30. Please i love to enroll in your school for more wisdom and knowledge in bible education

  31. Jessie Stewart says:

    I want to be enrolled in the college courses to earn my degree please.

  32. Stacy Greene says:

    Please enroll me in this study I would love to learn more.

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