Final Application: Developed Countries

ISDET Final Application Form

(NOTE: The First Email Address You Give In This Form Should NOT Be A Yahoo Address As Yahoo Is Having Some Technical Difficulties. The Alternate Email Can Be A Yahoo Address)

Email Address:
Alternate Email Address, If you have One
Course/Courses For Which You Wish To Apply (You can apply for up to 2 courses at a time)
Your Present Address
Your Present Country
Your Permanent Address, If It Is Different From The Present Address
List All your secular and theological Qualification from School up to the Highest Level
Which Church Do You Attend At Present
Which Other Churches Have You Attended In The Past
What Is Your Present Religion/Church/Denomination
Have You Ever Been Convicted/Fined/Jailed For Any Crime? Add Information Here
Are You Willing To Pay A One-time Registration Charge
Do You Know That Registration Charge Is Non-refundable
Do You Know That You Studentship Is Automatically Terminated If You Do Not Complete Your Studies Within The Required Time (12 Months for PGDA, and 24 Months For All Other Courses)
Are You Willing To Follow All The Stipulations Laid Down By ISDET
Have You Read All Information Available On ISDET Website And Fully Satisfied Yourself Of What ISDET Has To Offer
Do You Indemnify ISDET Of Any Claim Regarding Refunds, And Join The Program On The Basis Of As It Is Offered
Give Us A Brief Testimony Of Your Born-again Experience
Give Information About Your Church Involvement
Give Us An Idea Of Why You Wish To Study Theology
If You Have Published Any Books Or Articles, Give Information Here
Would You Be Able To Introduce The ISDET Website To At Least 5 Of Your Friends
Add Your Full Name And Address Once Again In Lieu Of Signature (Your Application Will Not Be Processed Without This)
Date Of Application
Place Of Application

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  1. Katrina West says:

    How much, please, is the graduation fee for the doctorate. Thank u!!!

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