MBS (Master Of Biblical Studies)

Academic Program: MBS (Master Of Biblical Studies)

Purpose: This program is for those who wish to opt for a theological program in Bible/theology without any previous academic background in theology. This program is the lightest in workload among all our masters programs. The purpose is masters level orientation in Bible and Theology.

Qualification For Admission: A bachelors degree in any secular field. Those who are 24 or above can apply for a direct admission even if they do not have a secular bachelors degree.

Subjects: The subjects you need to study are listed below. Each subject shown below is a ‘module’ and each module is 1 credit hour. Theology Proper is 3 credit hours. Course Development is 4 Credit Hours and Thesis is 6 Credit hours. The total is 60 credit hours of work. Text material is supplied free by us via downloads.

Essential Apologetics
01    M01A1    Introduction
02    M02A1    Presuppositions
03    M03A1    History
04    M04A1    Canon
05    M05A1    Revelation
06    M10A1    Introduction to tools of Apologetics
07    M10A2    Preparation to become an apologist
08    M10P1    What is proof
09    M11A1    Errors of Interpretation
10    M12A1    Bible Difficulties
11    M13A1    Science difficulties
12    M14A1    Propaganda Analysis
13    M15A1    Manipulation analysis
14    M16A1    Manipulation resisting
15    M17A1    Logic and Errors
16    M18A1    Debating Techniques
17    M19A1    Resisting debate
18    M20A1    Leading Questions
19    M20U1    Using Apologetics
General Apologetics
20    MB001    Existence of God
21    MB002    Bible and Science
22    MB003    Cloning
23    MB004    Bible and Archeology
24    MB005    Open Theism 1
Biblical backgrounds
25    MB021    Bible Manners/customs
26    MB022    Bible Trees and Cities
27    MB025    Studies in Canonicity
28    MB026    History of Bible
Essential Topics
29    MB030    Origin of Religions
30    MB031    Christianity and Religions
31    MB032    God and Evil
32    MB035    Foundations
33     MB041    Introduction to Theology
34    MB042    Covenants
35    MB043    Incarnation
36    MB043A    Christology
37    MB044    Sin – a theological study
38    MB045    Trinity
39    MB046    Atonement
40    MB047    Theology Proper
41    MB048    Early Church Heresies
Practical Life
42    MB50A    Christian Family
43    MB50B    Christian Modesty
44    MB50C    Counselling & Helping
45    MB50D    Decision Making
46    MB50E    Holiness
47    MB50F    Witnessing
Practical Work
48    MBSPR    Course Development
49    MBSTH    Thesis
        Total Credit Hours



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  1. Jedediah Moyo says:

    Kindly send me application forms for masters programme

  2. Jemera Abebe Yadeta says:

    please let’s start now

  3. SANI BUETA says:

    I would like to receive application form for MD Biblical study please

  4. otis gabriel says:

    I would like to apply for the MbS program.

  5. Joel S. Pacete says:

    After evaluating all the masters degree program, I decided to take this course. Please let me know further how can I enroll now.

  6. Rev.Benjamin Anson says:

    l am interested in the master of biblical studies.kindly send me the needed admission forms for further action.

  7. Tinao Masvingo says:

    I am just ready to start immediately, please sent me some registration forms.

  8. Ernest Asamoah says:

    I am interested in the Masters in Biblical Studies. can I please have access to the needed admission forms for further action?

  9. Jeffrey Tan says:

    How much is the registration fee for this MBS course?

  10. Edward Ajayi says:

    I am Edward Ajayi (Nigeria) i will like to be enrolled for the Program. Thanks and God bless

  11. Edward Ajayi says:

    I Edward Ajayi I am from Nigeria, I am with a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Education, I will be Glad if am given the privilege to study Master’s in Biblical Studies with you. I am glad I find this kind of opportunity with you, May God continually bless the team and supporting partners. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you

  12. Jonathan Ritter says:

    I would like take the master in biblical studies,


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