5 Best Free Distance Bible Schools

Free online or distance Bible schools and seminaries has been a phenomenon for long. However, the arrival of  the internet made it fast and cost effective to launch a tuition free bible college and seminary. Gradually many such institutions came up. Their quality varies from institution to institution, and every potential student should weigh each school carefully to decide which one to join. Remember, the time you invest when you join a so-called free seminary to test it cannot be recovered if you decide that it lacks quality. Time invested is irreversible merchandise.

Worry not, we have evaluated all the net-based free bible schools and seminary to find five top ones for your consideration and there we place them in order of merit.

1. International School of Distance Education in Theology and Apologetics (ISDET)

ISDET has a highly dedicated intentional faculty that has only one aim — offer quality theological education, totally free of cost, through this free bible school and seminary. ISDET has the full range of theological courses from bachelors, masters, up to doctorates in theology. Students pay a one-time, small registration fees. NO tuition fees.

2. Trinity Graduate School of Apologetics and Theology (TGSAT)

TGSAT is the oldest and the largest (by the number of students trained each year) free distance Bible school seminary in the world. It has an impressive faculty. What is more, students pay a one-time registration fees, no tuition fees, and get all textbooks via free downloads from the TGSAT website.

3. Biblical Training

Biblical Training has gathered a great number of free seminary ebook. bible college textbook in pdf format. They do not lead to any degree program, but they are good for self enrichment.

4. Covenant Seminary

They offer a large number of free courses for self enrichment. Courses are available in multiple formats.

5. Denver Seminary

They have an impressive array of free courses, and anyone interested in studying on their own would be benefited much

We recommend that you go through the websites of each of the seminaries above and decide which one is best for you. Free illustrations of Sign

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  1. Isaiah Phiri says:

    I would wantto study and understand more about God.

  2. Isaiah Phiri says:

    More understanding of God’s word.

  3. Francis Otanga Makokha says:

    Bible course through online in notes form

  4. Ernest K. Musonda says:

    I want to study Theology and know more about christianity and God in general

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